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  1. Daaammn this video gonna be awesome! I can't wait! I would die to see Jiyeon in this :3
  2. T-ara finally getting a fanclub is one of the best presents I can ask for my birthday
  3. I look at that and it makes me sad thinking about all the stuff I miss out on just because I'm currently living in the wrong country *sigh*
  4. I'm a bit skeptical about it being a "free" concert also. When T-ara promised something previously, yes it was for them to do charity and also meet greet people on the subway... but this is a lot different, a whole different ballpark. A "free" concert? Do the girls get paid for these concerts or this another charity? It amazing that T-ara appeals to their fans, but this concert feels more of marketing scheme rather than anything to me. T-ara has a full schedule already. If this really is just a marketing scheme, I swear CCM...
  5. Fell in love with a cute little dinosaur named Jiyeon

  6. Fell in love with a cute little dinosaur named Jiyeon

  7. As much as I love seeing Jiyeon and T-ara photos, do you guys think it's worth it? I rather see them in a nice photoshoot or somewhere where they are ready to be photographed than this. The girls just finished coming back and seriously moments from getting off the plane, then they get harassed by fifty photographers for shots like this? I know it comes with a life as an idol/celebrity, but I see these photos and see the "Please leave us alone, we just need some rest. We want to go home" look, in the nice way. Just my take.
  8. If I had just one wish, I'd be that damn apple!! Ah Jiyeon, you make eating in bed so damn sexy... if I eat in bed, I'd look like a total slob. Why are you so perfect Jiyeon?
  9. Awesome, Jiyeon looks beautiful as always. Good job with share
  10. Seriously, this is the most amazing photos I've seen of T-ara. Absolutely perfect composition! But no Jiyeon? Really? Serious sad face
  11. Wow did not see this coming. Agreed, but no, then why else would they announce such a thing? It's hype and controversy. I hate it but it's how the agency always announces news like this, most of the time when it's poor or bad news. Think about it, when they announced something like a new album or positive sales, they mention everything down to the very detail with numbers and statistics. But when it comes around to say something that the fans aren't going to like the news always contains vague messages or various information left out. From this nothing can be said until the time comes. Obviously this will affect the upcoming events in July
  12. Ergh really? It was mentioned that the plan was to be granted a 10 day vacation, but they only received pretty much only half a week? What is that? T-ara deserves more than what it's worth, they work hard so a couple of free days is going to compensate for the last 3 years? Also so what happens to Jiyeon? "...it was was inevitable that she couldn't take a full vacation." Does that mean she gets a vacation or not? I'm so annoyed, but I can't complain because it's better than nothing.
  13. Amazing! T-ara's presence in Japan is really paying off! I only hope for more success for the girls, they deserve everything that they get because of the hard work they put it! Go T-ara!
  14. Wow, she's so damn pretty. She would be perfect in a fairytale, great concept they put Qri in.
  15. Loves it. I'm loving the Jiyeon performances. I initially intended just watch Dream High 2 for just Jiyeon, but eventually I got hooked and found myself rooting for YooJin & Rian too! JB has too many mood swings and I can't keep up with him and HaeSung annoys the crap outta me. Rian
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