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  1. Eunjung looks pretty tired... To the reporters, please leave her and t-ara members alone of this subject... T-ara Fighting~
  2. Hope she do rest a lot and get well soon. looking forward for her getting back into filming! Fighting~
  3. Wow... I can imagine sitting in the cafe, listening to all T-ara songs... ok i can't get out of that imagination.
  4. eunjung's sig!!! wow... the pictures all look so goooddd! Jiyeong!~
  5. waaa.... they all look soo good in the pictures!! ahhhh... i want one!!!
  6. their signatures are all so complicated! *wonder how long they took to practice*
  7. wow. hope more of such trucks can be made to promote them more! =P
  8. I love this show! Eunjung and Hyomin look nice together in the last picture!
  9. They all look so good! stumbled when I saw hyomin's pic... hahas! Looks like they are having a good time!~
  10. Thanks for posting! Soyeon looks so marvelous in the last picture! Will catch this episode soon!
  11. Omg!~ She's lovely in every single picture! Gonna catch DreamHigh2 Soon! can't wait to watch!
  12. She looks great! Soyeon looks great in all of the pictures!
  13. woahhh all of them looked so nice in those pics! again! anywhere! forever! =)
  14. wow they are all so nice in those pics!~ Pretty max!~ <3
  15. wow they look unexpectedly good together. =x looking forward for the show.
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