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  1. RT @sejeongdays: [INFO] #Gugudan to film Weekly Idol on the 29th of June #구구단

  2. RT @dengddok: 160619 여의도 팬싸인회 채연이 프리뷰#정채연 https://t.co/FtUd4dfEdC

  3. RT @971201c: 160611 해피투게더 출근 프리뷰 #정채연 #채연 하루하루가 리즈갱신이야

  4. RT @fantalogic_kr: 160604 #정채연 드림걸즈 활동 수고 많았어!! 고마워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 다음 활동도 신나게 달려보자

  5. RT @SCH00L_Lunch: 160520 #IOI #아이오아이 #김세정 뮤직뱅크 출근길 프리뷰 By.연정만보여 https://t.co/fVDFSi07KP

  6. RT @jungchaeyeon_kr: 160518 오늘의 #채연 #정채연 너무 예뻐서 무릎 닳겠다 OTL...... https://t.co/yA1g9JW4zg

  7. RT @teamIOI: [HANTEO] #Chrysalis sales updated as of May 11 https://t.co/Fy6B2CIAme

  8. RT @teampd101: #Chrysalis jacket image! https://t.co/2kavXLnzFt

  9. RT @sejeongdays: [SELCA] Sejeong with a fan - at "Welcome Show" #김세정 #아이오아이 #IOI #Sejeong https://t.co/uicS0LhWaX

  10. RT @teampd101: [ARTICLE] I.O.I reps, “Nothing is confirmed besides 1 mini album and 2 singles for their promotions” https://t.co/zqpkFrG5rJ

  11. RT @THEREALKNOTCH: Great Show T-ara N4 This past weekend! New song almost done #chrisbrown #palmscasino #popular #knotchent @damuer 🎶 http:…

  12. For those who haven't yet to come here, do join us :-) http://t.co/NKr7QoCiZA

  13. One foot stands firm on carpet of success Gratz and all the best for the upcoming releases
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