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  1. there's a audio clip of the fans shouting telling the girls to get off the stage as well.... this is pretty harsh for the girls =[ But they are still professionals performing under that circumstances XD
  2. really need to get a hand on those!! XD still no preorder links yet are they? =[
  3. lol this is not a bad thing is it? crashed because of too many connections XD this is going to be a big hit once again, no doubt =]
  4. She does gave me that looks of the Jung sisters lol! she is pretty and she would probably get prettier after joining the group, and strong vocals would definitely be a benefit to the group XD
  5. there are also men size, since the girls gave those shirts with their autographs to the lucky fans on stage and 2 of them are huge fanboys lol XD!
  6. they were leaving for japan though XD, Delta Airlines DL 284 to TokyooooooO~~~~~~~ and i saw my orange box of macarons in hwayoung's hand yeh!!!
  7. woops i double posted the thai song, still can't find soyeon's solo song though
  8. soyeon sang a Thai song!, her pronunciation wasn't bad at all it was an awesome concert btw XD
  9. she was sick and was out for the conference, but she was awesome at the concert today! she sang a whole thai song solo, pretty awesome XD
  10. well, it wasn't sold out till today, they were still selling tickets at the press conference though XD
  11. its was so awesome! they only came out for a bit though since they have to leave for a fan meeting event later on cant wait for the concert tmrw XD!
  12. oh well, cant wait to see the 2 new members officially and these no point on being upset whether they should be 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 and so on everybody will probably get used to the change anyways
  13. 70000 members in such a short period of time is totally awesome, for those who can't read or write Korean, i think there's a post on English instruction here on the forum XD
  14. it was hilarious at the press conference, hope to see a lot of diadems at the concert XD
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