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  1. AHHHH NICE pic, Hope to find those as my wallpaper soon XD
  2. Nice pic of Jiyeon u have there, but one thing i notice, she alwasy have a dark eyeliner, does she alwasy have that?? lol sry just been a T-ara fans not too long
  3. Wow, that why sometime i dont really mind been in korea army, artist do go there to perform
  4. Lol does she like to open her mouth that much?? LOL only like two of the pic are with her mouth close XD
  5. Lol nice album pic u have there, really make me wan go to to a real club XD
  6. nice dress they have there, lol honestly, some of the dress there do look like pajamas to me XD
  7. Lol nice spoiler u have there, have been waiting for ths to come out XD
  8. Gorgeous Jiyeon XD lol those sparking item on her eyes looks nice on her
  9. They really look gd on those blue uniform,Lol and who is that doing the punching?? hyomin?? LOL
  10. Wow she look more mature and older when she in this outfit, looks gd on her XD
  11. lol didnt know she have that thin leg, man she really need to gain some fat on her leg XD
  12. Wow dream High 2 offical poster??? Man i really hope that i will really be able to get it
  13. Hmm, actually this is quite gd cause i did see some ppl their pic or line is really very ......
  14. zzz i not old enought to have paypal and my parent dont allow me cr8 in their name -.-''
  15. Nice performance and pic, congrate to the award that they recieve, hope to see more pic
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