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    worst place to live in FL
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    reading, listening to music, trying (i fail) at learning t-ara dances XD. i like making my own edits and my own gifs. if you have any questions you can ask me :)
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  1. T-ara never disappoints me with their new songs ;--;

  2. Ahreum left t-ara T--T even thought she wasn't my bias, i was starting to like her.

  3. still waiting on sso, princess, and rambo sub-unit ;---;

  4. aww sunny bunny hugging eunjung XDD, i loved seeing them smile like that.
  5. kqueens are lucky :/ i wish i could get an autographed hat from them.
  6. Why you hating Why why you hating lol XD

  7. minnie looks so pretty *________* i would be surprised if i see eunjung teaser pic and she has long hair :0
  8. they look beautiful and i really love minnie's red hair color
  9. Minnie does look beautiful but i agree she doesn't look like a boy to me, she looks elegant.
  10. this is when they perform on mbc right? seoyeon has the same pigtails. she looks so adorable ><
  11. I agree, i love this remix instead of the other one from yesterdays performance, but they all look beautiful
  12. thank you for the scans , i also have the album but it must have been difficult to scan them .
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