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  1. gonna watch the performance if I have the time!! looking forward to the other twin, dancing!
  2. wow!! another cafe! wothoo! T-ara are really into business! online shop, cafe, and another cafe in Tokyo!
  3. hahahah, so cute, really looking forward to the next episode., Jiyeon-ah!!!
  4. thanks for sharing the pic, ha! loved her pictures and thankful that she really enjoyed the foods. watching DH2 cause of her,.
  5. oh! reporters really make small things into a big deal and making other people look bad! Himnae T-ara! Fighting!
  6. she's really pretty, much more appreciated in the drama too. hahah, love her character that she's playing! Well, watching it anyway just because of her.
  7. wow! an all rounder ha! Now anticipating more, cause she said so... really can't wait to see the MV, hope that there are more Ryu twins interactions. Feb. 13, 2012 marked!
  8. cute!!! she's the only reason why I'm watching Dream High 2!
  9. okay., ~~~ really waiting now, it's already 02-10-12, when they really gonna release it??? come on!!! just for more minutes and it will be 11th already,. okay~~~ extend you're patience.....
  10. oh~~~ it's gonna be on 10 thought it's gonna be today (2.9.12) OH! well, it's not gonna kill me waiting for another day.. so excited.. Ryu twins fighting!
  11. same height level??? hmmmm, virtual character, that's why...
  12. so pretty~~ can't wait for the Ryu twins., which is who???
  13. its kinda cool but kinda sound weird... maybe I'll get used to it.
  14. their agency should give them some rest, seriously they need it. Even though they so popular right now, their body is their source of income so please take good care of it. T-ara hwaiting! Please enjoy you're upcoming promotions and please do stay healthy always. Loving Queens.,
  15. ughh! dying to watch it with subs of course... T-ara fighting!!!
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