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  1. I'm really proud of them! They went through so much difficulty and so much hate but they keep going strong and they didn't show how much they're hurt! I Love You Girls!!! I hope you get what you really deserve... T-ARA Fighting!
  2. Good Luck Both T-ARA & Aruem! I Wish T-ARA Get To The Spotlight Again & Areum Has a Successful Debut!
  3. when will all these dramas finish? when? I'm just worried about girls! how far will they stand hates? I hope they stay strong... KKS is just ruining them:(
  4. we're talking about my angel Eunjung, She is really kind hearted person and treat all people well! I hope she recieve a awesome offer for a leading role and show them who she is, they will regret being so cruel to her... they should be ashamed of their behavior toward her, they remove her from drama in a bad way & she just forgave them!!!! I'm proud of you unnie, Fighting <3
  5. May he rest in peace! please be strong... Qri unnie Fighting!
  6. Congrats to our sweet girls & Queen's all over the world. T-ARA Fighting<3
  7. That's too harsh... they don't deserve it! they even thanked them... I just want to give all of them a comforting hug, oh my god poor girls! it will become better. this happened to SNSD too and the next year they had a great comeback! T-ara, Queen's stay strong...
  8. Take it easy guys, it's not the first time these netizens bring up issue for T-ARA! From now on I won't pay attention to them & what those stupid people say! I will just enjoy their come back performance & watching their beautiful faces while performing on stage again...
  9. In my opinion it's a good idea... I was so worried because of their performance & that they have to face haters but now that there will be kids that perform with them I think haters wont do anything to them in their live performance because of kids! I hope so.... T-ARA FIGHTING...
  10. Awesom, perfect! I can't even describe it... and yeah it's the power of T-ARA, the power of our girls...I hope they get all kill the charts Does anyone know about other charts?
  11. I want T-ara members to sing in "Day & Night"... why is it to be just Ahreum?
  12. I'm so excited... the photos are awesome! wow! Qri's hair style is killing me, can't wait for their comeback! T-ARA Fighting!
  13. thank you girls, thank you so much! you finally broke the silence... I'm happy that this make them more stronger! I'm proud to be a Queen's and i'm proud of my Girls! T-ARA Fighting
  14. will our gils be able to stand strong in front of people though they know that they may bash them? I think the good time for their comeback is when they are mentally & physically ready (ready to perform, ready to show their cheerful faces again, ready to answer so many questions & ready to the worse from haters) but I don't think they are ready specially Eunjung, Soyeon & Hyomin ... but in the other hand they need to show up & speak. no matter what, T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  15. thanks to her for supporting our Soyeon by her wise interview! I'm happy to read such articles among the bad news! I hope more people in industry open up and support our girls like Che Euntaek and she
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