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  1. we're talking about my angel Eunjung, She is really kind hearted person and treat all people well!

    I hope she recieve a awesome offer for a leading role and show them who she is, they will regret being so cruel to her...

    they should be ashamed of their behavior toward her, they remove her from drama in a bad way & she just forgave them!!!!

    I'm proud of you unnie, Fighting <3 <3 <3

  2. will our gils be able to stand strong in front of people though they know that they may bash them? I think the good time for their comeback is when they are mentally & physically ready (ready to perform, ready to show their cheerful faces again, ready to answer so many questions & ready to the worse from haters) but I don't think they are ready specially Eunjung, Soyeon & Hyomin ... but in the other hand they need to show up & speak.

    no matter what, T-ARA FIGHTING!!!<3

  3. Honestly as much as i look forwards to their comeback, i still think its still way too early for them to be back this month, plus soyeon really needs more time to recover. Just read some articles on allkpop and it doesnt seem like the netizens have gotten over the whole issue at all D:

    Absolutely agree with you! their health is The most important thing now, they will be full of stress after their comeback and I think they should delay it!!!

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