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  1. thanks a lot...I've missed them so much!!! I wish to see them again soon!
  2. It's good that he apologized but it won't change anything... I'm just concern about girls... they have been in too much stress through this mess!!! I think they shouldn't have comeback in this mounth, it takes time for people to calm down, like Big Bang that it took 1 year for them to comeback... I hope they be strong to start over and become more successful.
  3. sigh....... this issue is going too far! I wish a day without rumors toward T-ARA!!!
  4. Yes I think she needs to relax too... I'm sure she is tired mentally & physically! I wish her the best
  5. I can't believe he can do such thing... Finally he is doing a smart reaction! as all friends said I hope AKP will be in the list too...
  6. although I hate to say this this time I agree with him! Oh my god I'm agree with his decision I think meeting with them will be good if they agree to meet him...
  7. I cried when I read this... yes Eunjung has a great personality and is so kind! I always believed her & I will always believe her... unfortunately she is gaining the most hate during this issue! I appreciate Jaemin's courage... thank him so much! He is a real friend that didn't leave her in bad condition like this.... T-ARA Fighting! Eunjung Fighting!
  8. Finally there are some articles that talk fairly... I really feel sad for girls, some people judged them so easily I know that this really hurt them... I hope this wound in their heart heel soon! Real Queens will always support you & Hwayoung! Remain strong...
  9. Poor Wooram... Everything will be fine maybe it takes time & by the passing time they will heel! They just need to be strong...
  10. Predictable... I'm so worried, number of haters are increasing & Eujung- Hyomin- Jiyeon are gaining the most... It really breaks my heart!!! They need to clarify!
  11. oh my God... he really needs to shut up! He don't know how to speak... his statements make me laugh! why did she refuse to perform? why she was crying? maybe she had a reason... have you spoken with her before kicking her out? this isn't logical reason for kicking her out of group!!! why can't he respond to this mess clearly? why don't he let girls & Hwayoung speak infront of reporters CLEARLY? he just makes trouble not solving any problem... I really feel sad For my precious T-ARA...
  12. Eunjung please tell us what happened!!! you will always have my support... Eunjung fighting!
  13. I think with all of these things even if T-ARA members have press conference people won't believe them....
  14. T-ARA & Queens be strong... we shouldn't be like those who just stayed with them when they didn't have any problem & they were in happiness, we should stay by them NOW that they need support...
  15. I,m so disappointed of them... Do they really name themselves Queen? Please They need their fans... how will they survive if no one support them?!!!
  16. He apologized on twiter... http://www.allkpop.com/2012/07/sbs-pd-ryu-chul-min-apologizes-for-his-tweet-regarding-hwayoung-t-ara
  17. He show that he is crazy... he himself didn't value his before statements! I really hate him!!! I really want to see her again in T-ARA... I love her but I hope she won't do it! because if she apologize it proves me that she was the one who play this game to gain more attention all over world but if she won't apologize it proves that there is sth that made her behave like that in musicbank performance...
  18. Oh my god! what's going to happen to my precious T-ARA?!!! Poor Eunjung! no matter what i will always support Eunjung & I won't watch this drama if she leaves !!!
  19. In my opinion nothing will be solved until T-ARA members clarify everything...
  20. I'm so happy... It's so professional regarding them! Eunjung eunie Fighting<3
  21. Oh my god... I just can't believe this!!! I just blame KKS & Netizens for adding fuel to fire! I didn't become their fan from their debut but when I start to become their fan I do it with all my heart... I didn't become fan of T-ARA because of one person & I won't quit to become their fan because Hwayoung is leaving... please don't take sides, we already don't know BEHIND THE SCENE!!! please Queens let's support T-ARA & Hwayoung... T-ARA Fighting Hwayoung Fighting
  22. she looks so cute... her aeygo is so sweet! I can't wait to see her in drama! Soyeon unnie Fighting!
  23. because of this I wrote that we just know one side of this and we are unaware of the other side!!! I just see them as discussion between friends I my self didn't like Hwayoung's recent tweet! it seems she wants to gain attention during this mess instead of adjusting things.... it's just ruining their friendship! it's not good! I hope this problem get solved & see all of them together laughing!
  24. I really don't see any point of bullying... in my opinion they were just discussing generally & it's misunderstanding! esp while Hyomin wrote Fighting at the end of her statement of course she didn't BULLY Hwayoung !!! they won't get angry to her because of injury of course.... they are professional, not kids to fight esp in tweeter where all people are able to see! they are like family & family members won't bully each other esp in public! no matter what I really believe in T-ARA, we all know them they won't do such things. to the people who called the other members b*tch, i'll tell i'm really sorry for you, you're just reading such things from internet, no one knows what really has happened! only GOD knows... shame on such persons for worsing the situation! omo, I'm stressed because of KKS announcement... he always make me sick! I hope everything become clear soon. T-ARA FIGHTING <3
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