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  1. oh my god... I really loved Eunjung's rap & she also did great job with soyeon's part! she should get more lines!!! but i think it would be better if Boram & Qri have sang Soyeon's part... they are awesome vocals and they need opportunity... anyway I really missed Soyeon & Hwayoung's voices... I hope Hwayoung get well soon!
  2. love you t-ara... I always support you and wish all of you the best! t-ara fighting...
  3. beautiful princess... <3 I start to like Areum! what has happened to Hwayoung?
  4. wow... so beautiful! love her long hair... Can't wait to see her in this drama & I love drama's style! my Eunjung finally get the lead role, so happy for her! Eunjungah show your amazing talent as an actress...
  5. Love all of them! the best performance of DBD... They really deserved to win & in my opinion it was really unfair... I'm really sad:( but no matter what, they are always no.1 for me!
  6. Wow!!! I'm really happy for them, they're gaining more attention & they really deserve it! T-ARA Fighting!
  7. I think the members that will participate in this performance are: Jiyeon , hyomin or maybe Areum... Waiting for this special stage!
  8. It's really good!!! It isn't much time passing from their debut in japan and their album is working well! t-ara fighting...
  9. Poor Jiyeon!!! She hasn't get well yet... I hope she get well soon! on the other hand I'm excited because of seeing Eunjung in RM... girls are busy again, I hope they won't become sick! T-ARA Fighting
  10. Oh my god... It's obvious Soyeon was suffering while singing high notes I Hope our Sweet leader get well soon... their Day By Day performance was improved from yesterday... t-ara fighting!!! why Eunjung's lines become less & less??? At their first album she had both singing & rapping parts but now she barely get both!!! I'm really unhappy with this. why CCM can't manage to give all members equal lines! they don't use girls talents??? All of them have good voices, but ... Boram & Qri don't get more than 2 lines, Eunjung is joining them! If adding new members cause the others to don't get lines to sing I really don't ship it
  11. I'm so excited... I wonder how it will be! all of them are like angels... T-ara Fighting! please gain no 1 in charts again...
  12. All of them look beautifull, cute, cool at the same time! I love their feature... Eunjung, oh my god! she is so sweet! Girls just go & beat Su Ju & 2NE1! T-ARA Fighting!!!
  13. Eunjung looks so tired... poor girls!!! they'll become more tired from now on because of their comeback, rolling in dramas & for eunjung filming WGM...
  14. I want Full Album... The names of songs are amazing...Can't wait! I want to hear them NOW!
  15. I'm So excited, can't wait to see them! I hope they become no.1 in music charts...
  16. I'm soooooooooo happy, Can't wait to see her in Drama! Is she the lead role? I hope so... her acting skills are enough to get the
  17. the poster is Awesome! they look cool. I'm really curious how the MV will be?! I Hope they release dance version too...
  18. I'm so excited... can't wait see her in drama, I hope her acting skill will be as amazing as her voice! Soyeon Unnie Fighting!!!
  19. In my opinion all of them have a awesome voice... I think it's unfair that some of them don't get lines to sing!!! so I think they don't need new members but it's going to happen!!! I think Areum can match the group but Dani NO... SM can manage 9 member of SNSD with letting all of them sing but T-ara's girl don't get equall lines with 7 member & now what will they do with 9? any way as a fan I just hope they become more successful & become no 1...
  20. she is cute & pretty... I'm ok with her but Dani is kid, i hope these changes will be good for them! T-ARA Fighting!!!
  21. They are angels! I really appreciate their volunteer works! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  22. Wow!!! she looks so beautiful as always
  23. Soyeon & Eunjung!!! superb... I'm waiting willingly to hear Soyeon's perfect voice & see Eunjung's perfect acting skills in MV...
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