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    Farnaz reacted to kkyc222 in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    T-ara's Tears Have Become Pearls

    Girl Group T-ara welcomed their 4th anniversary recently. Once having enjoyed top popularity, this gemstone-like girl group has suffered hurt. The arrival and departure of some members (Hwayoung and Areum) and unconfirmed conjecture was discussed fervently. Their popularity that was not easily accumulated over the years seemed to have been destroyed in an instant. They seem to match the “5 year crisis” that idol groups commonly face in the Korean music industry where idols’ contracts [last around 5 years].

    To say that they are not burdened must be a lie. After the controversy that broke out in July last year, T-ara did not respond to any Korean media interviews. Because they believed that if they silently continued their own way, one day, their fans will understand them and any momentary misunderstandings will be resolved. In this case, we are not here to pick at their scars. To talk about T-ara’s past, present, and future – something that they will have to face sooner or later – we carefully conducted our interview.

    T-ara’s Eunjung who found courage to meet with Billboard Korea said “We cried a lot.” But they still continue to smile brightly.

    Q: If you were to think back to the past 4 years?

    A: We don’t feel like it’s already been 4 years. It still feels like we are rookies who’ve just reached 2 years. Compared to the actual number of years, we’ve been busy with a lot of activities. Other than music broadcasts, member’s individual acting activities, sub-unit activities, and musicals, we’ve lived such busy lives that we couldn’t even sleep a lot, time just passed by in the blink of an eye. Thinking about being able to achieve today’s position and to receive our fan’s love… Our fans’ congratulations have made our shoulders feel heavier, and our sense of responsibility has grown as well. In the future, we will be more careful about every word we say and everything we do.

    Q: The most memorable activity is?

    A: Bo Peep Bo Peep. It was a song that showed off the charisma that only belonged to us. The first time we put on the tails on our costume and wore the cat paws, we really didn’t like it. We wanted to be a cool and pretty girl group, and we wondered, do we really have to do this? But it was through this song that we achieved our first number 1 and even made it to Japan’s Oricon chart. If we used this song as a starting point, all of T-ara’s other concept and music were never too over the top. It was the song that allowed other countries to know our name.

    Q: From debut to now, things that have changed and things that have not changed are:

    A: The way we think has changed, and we’ve become more mature. When we first debuted we did not have our own goals, we were just like kids who did whatever our company told us to do. Now, we will positively think about everything we do, and we also understand the preciousness of fate that allows us to meet even the strangers who pass by us for a second. The things that have not changed is, even though we are no longer that young, the members still love to joke and play. Everyday is a continuation of a sitcom. This is what motivates us to stand on stage happily.

    Q: Thoughts about the “5 year crisis” that idol groups face

    A: Our crisis seems to have come a bit early. Haha. This seems to turn out for the better, it’s as if such a crisis does exist as people say. Although the sayings about members’ conflict and bullying will follow us around like labels, we think that as long as it is not true then it is fine. We won’t worry too much about it. If such sayings were true, then it would be very distressful, but the stories are all different from reality. It is not something that we can resolve even if we worried about it.

    The motivation for the T-ara who has become mature.

    T-ara is truly the “Korean Digital Sales Queens.” Lovey Dovey was number 1 on Gaon Chart in the first half of 2012, defeating Big Bang. In 2011, they also achieved number 1 on Gaon's Annual Aggregate Digital Chart through Roly Poly. That year, their Japanese debut track “Bo Peep Bo Peep” also made it onto the Oricon weekly chart.

    Even when involved in endless controversies, T-ara’s music and stage performance were also recognized. “Sexy Love,” which was hesitantly released when T-ara was surrounded by a lot of rumours, and the summer track “Bikini” also charted and achieved a “long run.” Their recently released second Japanese album “Treasure Box” also charted number 1 on Oricon on the day it was released.

    Q: What is the secret to popularity?

    A: There is no special secret. First, we have to thank the composers who give us good songs. And also the fans and company staff who support us by telling us “everything will be better,” they’ve given us a lot of motivation. As a result, we gained confidence. We work hard on stage to compensate for our inadequacy, these all seem to have a combined effect. When speaking about T-ara’s energy, we have also borrowed from the popularity of the retro dance and the shuffle dance. Unknowingly, our performances are able to show off “T-ara’s image” and “T-ara’s concept.” To have a defined colour and flavour, we are really happy.

    Q: Don’t you feel tired to have such active overseas schedules?

    A: Although getting used to the time difference is always difficult, it is the most difficult when the food doesn’t suit our tastes. In the end sleep become our best medicine. Actually, every member seemed to have lost weight without intentionally dieting. Like a normal girl group, we eat well and don’t pick and choose when it comes to food.

    Q: What do you do when you rest?

    A: Watch movies, eat good food. When we are in Japan, we often go to Harajuku but we have not been there recently because we’ve been busy.

    Q: Isn’t this just the right age for dating?

    A: Although the work we have now is good, we still want to date. Just like a normal university student, a romantic stroll around campus while holding hands, a date in the library. It seems like the more we are not able to do it, the more we want to do it. My ideal type is someone who has a manly side, but who also has the soft side of someone young, someone who is kind and well-mannered. Appearance is not important. It’ll be great if it is someone who is able to let other people feel his charisma and charm that is unique to him.

    Q: What kind of artists do you want to be remembered as?

    A: The strengths of artists who have been active for 1 year and those who have been active for 10 years are different. I hope when people think about T-ara, they will smile and say “Ah they really had a difficult time then” or “They were really great then”, I hope that we can be a familiar and warm group in their memories. A group that is able to show off different styles like a chameleon. Or even to the point of getting critiqued by people “Do you have a split personality?” A group that doesn’t stop changing and is able to show and convey a message through their music.

    Q: To T-ara, CCM’s present Kim Kwang Soo is:

    A: The only person who can make us happy and feel tired at the same time. He has weakened a lot. He used to always lecture and scold us, but recently he asks us for our opinion and shares with us his difficulties. He has the feel of the powerless arms of a father who is growing old. His emotions are also becoming very rich and abundant, it seems like it is time for us to take care of him instead.

    Q: A word to your fans?

    A: Thankful. For always believing and watching over us no matter what. To be able to lay aside right or wrong and to believe and wait for someone is really something that is not easy. We don’t look at our fan club as one group, but now we see each fan individually, one person by one person. They are all precious. Even for those who cannot support us as fans until the end, we won’t feel sad or resentful. We won’t forget those people who have given us love up to this day.

    T-ara has become stronger, their hearts steadier. They are no longer a girl group that has an extravagant exterior, but have become a pearl that shines quietly and faintly. The beginning of a glistening pearl is also created from a wound. Famous Korean poet Jeong Ho Seung said “A beautiful gemstone can only be created with time, brimming sincerity, and the embracing of trauma.” It is time for the future of T-ara, who will soon enter the US market, to catch the eyes of the public once again.

    Original article: http://www.billboard.co.kr/?c=v&m=v1&idx=37066
    Translated by via Chinese Subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556657897
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    Farnaz reacted to kkyc222 in [13.08.26] T-ara N4, December US Billboard Debut   
    T-ara N4, December US Billboard Debut

    T-ara began subunit activities in the beginning of this year through T-ara N4 and QBS. Their styles are different. T-ara N4 is targeted at the American/European market while QBS is targeted at Asian countries like Japan and China etc.

    Eunjung explained "If you say that you can feel the unique and true colors of the 6 members of T-ara when we are together, then the subunits are a different side of us." T-ara N4 gathered together the "strong" women and their music is filled with a strong and hip hop atmosphere. QBS is the opposite, very feminine, and is made up of the members who fit the image of white dresses by the sea and under the blue sky. Eunjung smiling, said "Both images are very good," "Because we can't do both at the same time, we don't feel greedy about the subunits."

    The subunit that has received special attention is T-ara N4. They have knocked on the doors of the US market, and received the praise of hip-hop star Chris Brown. Previously in May, they went to America and set up their future music activities with Chris Brown and T.I etc.

    At their interview with Billboard Korea, T-ara revealed for the first time parts of their plan for the US market. Their US album is starting to take shape. Their debut date may be December of this year. In their single album, two new English songs will be recorded along with the new version of Jeonwon Diary. The English version of Jeonwon Diary was arranged by Chris Brown personally.

    The title song has not yet been determined, but it should be one of the new songs. Jiyeon said, "We've finished recording it and it is a very exciting and electronic dance genre song," "There will be a featuring by a pop star which will surprise people."

    Their contract is signed with America's Empire Records. There are still some who remain doubtful and refuse to believe this, turning up their noses at the news of T-ara entering the US market and even making fun of their outdoor performance when they were invited by Chris Brown, saying that they've only performed on a small stage and whether all this hype is an exaggeration.

    At this, T-ara did not have any response. Because of some controversies, their music achievements has been downplayed and belittled. T-ara lightly said, "Theres nothing we can do about this, it seems like it is something we must face," "If we were to explain, why not perform to our best instead, and make those who like our music believe us. We cannot force the public to like us."

    Very frustrated. Not every performance is a large scale performance. "Whether the performance venue is big or small doesn't matter. Even if there is only one person in the audience, standing on stage itself is something to be happy and excited about" This is what they think.

    That there were some problems of communication is true. Eunjung said, "Honestly, we were alarmed when we saw how narrow the stage was. But this was not anybody's fault. It's just that we should have carefully asked for more details, there was just inadequate flow of information prior to the performance. Chris Brown also performed on that stage the same way we did. But our performance seemed to have been distorted and misrepresented, as if we performed on a stage that was not meant to be stood on, we are a bit sad about that."

    Chris Brown is still a supporter of T-ara. Chris Brown and T-ara member Dani are close and this along with some musical aspects of T-ara N4 is why he came to this decision. T-ara said about themselves "We are lucky." Reviews of T-ara as the "Girl Group with the Most Korean Flavour" plus the use of Tae Pyeong So (traditional Korean music instrument) in Jeonwon Diary caught the interest of the relevant people involved with their overseas album.

    Recently, T-ara has been busy learning English and Japanese. The members expressed "We never even dreamed that we could enter America," "Because we could not adequately prepare/learn foreign language like other groups, and because an opportunity like this is rare, we will work hard," They are not afraid of failure. T-ara said "We might not succeed. If we started to have these worries, then we should not start altogether." "If we continue our activities with a sincere attitude, then we should be able to achieve a good result. After Japan's Oricon chart, we want to leave a mark on a page of the US Billboard chart too."

    Original article: http://media.daum.net/m/media/newsview/20130826171510678
    Translated via Chinese subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556263953
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    Farnaz reacted to migger in [13.04.30] T-ara's "Rural Life" reaches 1 million views and it's composer explains the lyrics   
    Great comeback, what else there's to say?, the only "bad" thing is that it isn't a full-length album with 2 CDs and 24 songs with a Blue-Ray 4k and on a limited box autographed by Jiyeon, but still it's quite a solid single, 5 stars man, 5 stars all the way.
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    Farnaz reacted to nathaniel in [13.01.17] T-ara wins the Digital Bonsang award, "Please continue to love us"   
    [13.01.17] T-ara wins the Digital Bonsang award, "Please continue to love us"

    Girl group T-ara won at the "27th Golden Disk Awards" in the Digital Bonsang section.
    T-ara was awarded the Digital Bonsang on the second day of the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur.
    After getting the award, T-ara said, "We're so honored to be able to get the Digital Bonsang. Thank you so much for the award. We will work harder to become a better T-ara. This is our second time in Malaysia after we had our showcase. Next time, we want to meet fans with an even better image."
    T-ara sang their hit songs in Malaysia on the 16th at the event including "Sexy Love", "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey".
    PSY, f(x), G-Dragon, K.Will, SECRET, Big Bang, Miss A, SISTAR, 2NE1 and Huh Gak were also awarded Digital Bonsangs on this day.
    Source: http://www.t-arafan.com/zeroboard/zboard.php?id=news&page=1&sn1=&divpage=2&sn=off&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=12280
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Farnaz reacted to craZy in [EVENT/FANTAKEN] T-ara @ Golden Disk Award (01/16) - UPDATED 01/25   
    The girls looked lovey today.
    And oh my gosh...

    Hyomin looks so cuuuute!
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    Farnaz reacted to xbot in [13.01.01] T-ara Top Female Group at 2012 Soompi Gayo Awards   
    They were also named as one of the Top 10 artists of 2012 and Lovey Dovey got #8 in the Top 50 Songs of 2012 category.
    I always did prefer Soompi compared to a AllKpop..
    Source: http://www.soompi.co...awards-results/
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    Farnaz reacted to xbot in [12.12.29] Video/Chart - 3 T-ara Songs in Billboard K-Pop Hot 100's Top 50 Year End Chart   
    It's true!! And it's actually FOUR songs if you add their "We Used to Be in Love" collaboration with Davichi (he he I don't know how to edit the topic title)..

    Source: Korea Billboard @ youtube
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    Farnaz reacted to craZy in [EVENT] CRA with T-ara DX'mas Party (12/24)   
    [EVENT] CRA with T-ara DX'mas Party (12/24)

    For the rest of the images:

    CREDIT: newslounge.net + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    Farnaz reacted to xbot in [12.12.23] VIDEO/CHART - Lovey Dovey #1 Top 100 K-Songs of The Year 2012   
    The videos were made by KpopItalia but it is based on the Gaon's National Physical Albums Ranking and Online Download Chart from mid-November 2011 to mid-November 2012. Check out their channel for the other parts of the chart.
    Top 20 (Lovey Dovey #1)

    Top 40-21 (Day by Day #28)

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    Farnaz reacted to @Eunjung4eva in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    These comments of K-netizens were taken from Nate and were translated to English!! K-netizens comments are translated and posted in certain site and all haters come there to bash T-ara. Believe me, you will cry when you see that!! Knowing less is medicine!!
    Now I really dont know what to do with KKS. I am just wishing for a MIRACLE with crossed fingers!!
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    Farnaz reacted to lillollipop12 in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    Comment by rarakhunnie @ allkpop
    CCM responded: "It is true that T-ara shot a CF for Pachinko but Pachinko is not gambling. Song Seung Hun, Bae Yong Jun, and even KARA shot CFs for it in the past."
    I had no idea what Pachinko was so, "Pachinko (パチンコ?) is a mechanical game originating in Japan and is used as both a form of recreational arcade game and much more frequently as a gambling device, filling a Japanese gambling niche comparable to that of the slot machine in Western gaming."
    1. [+905, -10] I feel like I'm watching a sitcom whenever I read about them... A sitcom called Kwangsoo and the 7 idiots ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    2. [+700, -9] They didn't reject the alcohol CF because they didn't want to promote the wrong image to teens. They didn't do it because they knew they'd be hated on no matter what they did in Korea ㅋㅋ look at them trying to grab a piece of the pie in Japan now
    3. [+595, -11] I honestly don't understand how what they're doing is logical at all. Don't they know that this is the time to quit the entertainment industry and try to find a career elsewhere for their future?"
    Those comments by k-netizens made me cry... This year unfortunately went downhill for T-ARA... Even though Eunjung thought this year would be T-ARAs year. I'm so sad right now...
    Japan, please love T-ARA right now^^
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    Farnaz reacted to xbot in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    <facepalm> CCM.. when are you going to learn. Get proffesional help for public relations!!
    Pachinko is actually more like the game machines in arcades that give you tickets that you can exchange for prizes (dolls, cigarettes etc.) only in the form of silverballs.. It's legally not considered as gambling but illegally you can exchange the silverballs with tokens/coins instead of prizes and usually in the back alleys near every pachinko shop you can "secretly" (though everyone knows) exchange the tokens with hard cash...
    .so legally its not a gambling machine (gambling is officially illegal in Japan) but they are being used by the Japanese underground for gambling. But since it is common knowledge for Japanese (doubt the girls know this) CCM should've known better.
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    Farnaz reacted to CHUMMii in [SPAZZ] Has Your Favorite Ever Change After Know Them More??   
    i'm the type of person that once someone becomes my favorite/bias i will keep on supporting them and remain loyal..Eunjung is my bias in t-ara(she's actually my ultimate bias in kpop world)...i love her personality,smile,aegyo,looks ...i feel that the more i see her i learn something new about her and like her even more ...jiyeon is second bias then followed by Hyomin
    will always love these 3 adorkable girls EunJiMin
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    Farnaz reacted to nathaniel in [12.11.20] Chart Ranking - "SEXY LOVE" sells 40,835 for debut week on Oricon chart   
    [12.11.20] Chart Ranking - "SEXY LOVE" sells 40,835 for debut week on Oricon chart

    T-ara sold 40,835 for their debut week on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. T-ara is #4 on the charts behind 2PM, Kis-My-Ft2. T-ara's "Roly-Poly" debuted at #3 on the charts and "Bo Peep Bo Peep" was #1.
    "Bo Peep Bo Peep" sold 49,712 for it's first week, "Roly-Poly" sold 41,285 for it's first week, "Yayaya" sold 31,801 for it's first week and "Lovey-Dovey" sold 19,245 for it's first week. This is T-ara's third highest selling debut week single release and because they are doing aggressive promotional schedules all across Japan, it's expected to keep selling consistently.
    cr: ORICON + nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Farnaz reacted to CHUMMii in [12.11.16] Eunjung "Want to forget it all. Please withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers' Production Company"   
    Junggie is too kindhearted. I've always loved and respected her and she just made me love her and admire her even more.I know her parents must be so proud of her, i know i would. I'm thankful to Eunjung's parents for instilling all those morals and values- that many people seem to lack nowadays-in Junggie as she was growing up.Also thankful to god that he let such a beautiful person into this world..its people like Junggie that makes this world a better place and restore my faith in humanity.
    It angers me that Junggie is blaming herself and feeling bad for the production team because of the scandal, when she was the biggest victim and took the hardest hit but this just goes to show what a great person she is..always putting others before heself , not being remorseful against those who've hurt but rather be forgiving and kindhearted..It angers me that there are others who take advantage of this..
    I understand that Junggie wants to forget this and act like it never happened but these people not only violated her rights and treated her like sh*it but they also had the audacity to put all blame on EJ, most of all they have scarred Junggie's heart.Yes Junggie says she's forgotten but the truth is you can never forget , she will forever be scarred , the scars will fade with time but the traces will always be there.
    I respect EJ decision but i think KEMA is doing the right thing by putting sanction and boycotting YEIN E&M to let it serve as an example to other companies that you can't just violate a person's rights and treat them like sh*t and get away with. It not just for Junggie but for other actors/actresses.Maybe this is what they mean by everything happens for a reason.
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    Farnaz reacted to kkyc222 in [12.11.16] Eunjung "Want to forget it all. Please withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers' Production Company"   
    [12.11.16] Eunjung “Want to forget it all. Please withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers’ Production Company”

    - Heard about the sanctions against Five Fingers’ production company while promoting in Japan
    - Told the Management Entertainment Association “Want to forget it all”

    T-ara’s Eunjung has requested the Management Entertainment Agency to withdraw its boycott of Five Fingers’ production company YEIN E&M.
    The Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA), in any interview with eDaily StarIn on the afternoon of the 16th, said about its sanction procedure against YEIN E&M “A sudden change in variable occurred after the news spread that we had sent out documents [regarding YEIN E&M to our members], right now, our procedure is put on halt.” A related person from KEMA said “It is because T-ara’s Eunjung, who is currently promoting in Japan, has requested KEMA to withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers’ production company YEIN E&M regarding the dispute about her being forced off the drama.”
    This afternoon, Eunjung expressed to KEMA “Putting aside right or wrong, I want to put down everything related to Five Fingers and forget it all. If the sanctions against the production company can be withdrawn, then let’s just pretend this did not happen.”
    Because of Eunjung’s request, KEMA is currently figuring out how to solve this problem. YEIN E&M had forced an actor to leave after completion of contract signing, poster shooting, script reading and the press conference, so this cannot be seen only as a problem between one actor and one production company. To prevent similar things from happening again in the future, KEMA decided to respond by taking boycotting measures. Another related person said “Although Eunjung’s opinion should be placed first in resolving this issue, but from KEMA’s perspective, some measures have to be put into place to prevent this from happening again in the future.”
    Today, KEMA had delivered documents to its members and member companies (around 130) regarding Five Finger’s unilateral termination of Eunjung. The document said “We were determined to rectify the normal drama production relations and had requested for the actor’s return to the drama and for an undertaking not to allow such things to happen again, but YEIN as usual remained silent, avoiding responsibility and deceiving our Association”, “We hope that our members will confirm with our Association first before deciding to appear in YEIN E&M productions. It is our plan to implement this for 2 years (until December 2014)." [in effect meaning that without any special reasons, KEMA members should not appear in YEIN E&M dramas.]
    This measure is the follow up to Eunjung's sudden termination from SBS’s drama Five Fingers in August. At the time, KEMA and the Korean Broadcasting and Actors Union (KBAU) had, on the 28th, issued its protests against SBS and Five Fingers’ production company YEIN E&M for forcing Eunjung off the drama. YEIN E&M had also expressed its stance, stating that it would take strong legal measures if Eunjung’s side continues to make unreasonable propositions. The two sides were always in opposition.
    Translated from TCN Chinese Trans: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1990256876
    Original article: http://news.nate.com.../20121116n19835
    More of Eunjung's response from other articles:
    "I do not want more people to be harmed because of me. Thinking back, the production company could have suffered a lot of damage because of me. Although I am grateful for KEMA's decision to protect actors, now that it is all in the past, I hope this can end well."
    A related person from CCM said "Although we were very angry at the time, it is already in the past. Eunjung wants to greet everyone in a good production in the future. She hopes that this incident can end smoothly and satisfactorily."
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    Farnaz reacted to candy_floss in [CY] Qri's Cyworld update (11/15)   
    [CY] Qri's Cyworld update (11/15)

    Qri shows her collections since 2009

    CREDIT: Qri's cy + candy_floss + tiaradiadem.com

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    Farnaz reacted to nathaniel in [12.11.13] T-ara's sleepiness on the plane attracts attention   
    [12.11.13] T-ara's sleepiness on the plane attracts attention

    After promoting "SEXY LOVE" in Korea, T-ara has promotional schedules for their single album "SEXY LOVE" in Japan being released on the 14th. Pictures of them exhausted and sleeping have become a hot topic.
    On the 9th, T-ara traveled from Korea to Japan to begin their "SEXY LOVE" promotions in Japan.
    T-ara will tour various Japanese regions including Tokyo, Sendai, Fukuoka and Nagoya. They have a total of 12 mini-live events and plan to greet 3,000 to 10,000 fans with each day. They also have a busy schedule for Japanese broadcasts and media interviews.
    A photo released by their agency that was taken by their manager in the plane has caught attention. The T-ara members are all asleep on the plane ride.
    T-ara members have a busy schedule, so they all fell asleep on the way to Japan, but as expected, the leader Soyeon was awake checking the schedules and keeping the group on task. Eunjung's sleeping pictures have attracted attention before since she can fall asleep anywhere, and she's known as the idol who sleeps whenever and wherever.
    T-ara will return to Korea on the 19th.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121113n12214
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Farnaz reacted to Ehlana in [EVENT] Jiyeon and Areum at G.Shop Winter Fashion Show (11/08)   
    [EVENT] Jiyeon and Areum at G.Shop Winter Fashion Show (11/08)
    For the rest of the images : http://www.tiaradiad...on-show-112012/

    For the rest of the images : http://www.tiaradiad...on-show-112012/
    CREDIT : Nate + Ehlana + tiaradiadem.com

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    Farnaz reacted to craZy in [EVENT] T-ara at 67th Police Department Celebration (10/31)   
    [EVENT] T-ara at 67th Police Department Celebration (10/31)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...nt-celebration/
    CREDIT: Nate.com + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    Farnaz reacted to nathaniel in [12.10.26] Quick News - T-ara will perform free mini-live event in Oita, Japan on 11/11   
    [12.10.26] Quick News - T-ara will perform free mini-live event in Oita, Japan on 11/11

    T-ara will have their first public performance of "Sexy Love" in Japan!
    Venue: Park Place Oita, first floor stage in Oita Prefecture
    Date: November 11th at 11:30
    The free mini-live event will be a lottery through T-ara's official website. The details will be announced later.



    Credit: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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    Farnaz reacted to craZy in [EVENT] T-ara @ KBS Workers Cultural Arts Awards Ceremony (10/05)   
    [EVENT] T-ara @ Meritzfire (10/2012)

    For the rest of the images:
    CREDIT: TreAsuRAble.TW @ Facebook + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    Farnaz reacted to randall in [12.10.18] Video HD - T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 (Photobook + Movie) Unboxing   
    [12.10.18] Video HD - T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 (CD + Photobook + Movie edition) Unboxing



    silvergolf @ YouTube

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    Farnaz reacted to Robbe_881 in [12.10.17] TV Appearence - T-ara's Confession   
    This saturday (Oct, 20), on Mnet at 2:00PM KST, will be aired "T-ara confession"
    There are tons of rumor online about what they will talk, like the "well know" scandal and the fact that Hyomin cried.
    Seems this will be also a behind the scene from they showcase in Asia, but we will know for sure only this saturday.
    Meanwhile look at Mnet's trailer: (It was already posted in Diadem, but i put here for more completeness)

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