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  1. I really like those 'in Tokyo'. We got to see the girls in between events and recordings and that's pretty cool!
  2. The more, the merrier, right? But sometimes I wish they would put those efforts towards some of those great b-sides....
  3. I can understand the concern that parents have of children dancing to a song named 'Sexy Love'. But common! I believe that on the slightest sign of inappropriate content the TV Station itself would be against the concert. Haven't they changed the choreography of various songs before? Also, I believe in the end the kids all end up watching and learning the dance themselves.
  4. Well remembered. Now even if this move may be seen as too convenient for some people, past concerts confirms that this isn't so odd to happen.
  5. Those dramas has made me really interested on the new girl. I'm looking forward when she joins the group at stage!
  6. Looks great! But... Sexy Love isn't supposed to end the story from Day by Day? I'm missing something here?
  7. I'm not fond of those retro styled covers... But I liked the in vitro style photo. I hope this comeback goes well!
  8. That's somewhat reassuring. Even though we learned from those past days that we can't be sure until it's very end. Dropping a question here for those willing to answer: What's that busan dialect? It's like a redneck way of talking?
  9. Why couldn't they do it before? It could have avoided a lot of problems from those past days... Well, what's done is done. Let's hope that this will start to bring them back to the right track. We already had enough disappointments from this!
  10. What this KPOP Nature+ is all about? It's a concert on the woods or something like that?
  11. I'm well aware of this and agree. But again, what I'm trying to say is that keeping Eunjung from appearing on the show would mean keeping the interests of investors first. But assuring that she will have the role while scouting for a new actress is not. This has nothing to do with the investors' interests! If they had to drop her from the show, they should do it. We can't help but agree to the situation. But pretend that nothing is happening and suddenly make their move... that's cheap. Remember... this problem towards T-Ara happened days ago. And yet they waited until the last minute to announce their decision and, by the reported stories, they didn't even talked with the ones involved, neither Eunjung or her company. The least they could do was to tell first to those involved!
  12. I also don't see them as supervillains and understand the whys behind it. But, like Mongrolian said, you seem to understand the word 'professional' solely on the meaning of someone capable of doing a specific job while the word imply much more. As quoted from wikipedia: Due to the personal and confidential nature of many professional services, and thus the necessity to place a great deal of trust in them, most professionals are subject to strict codes of conduct enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations. Thus, calling them unprofessionals for the lack of ethical and moral on their recent actions is quite justified. Again... I don't condemn their decisions, but how they handled the situation.
  13. This is bad... Should we start to worry about Soyeon's apperance in Haeundae Lovers too?
  14. Sorry, but I think that when you redeem someone as a professional you expect at least a ethical job. Sure, they played the best cards they could. But those moves where unethical towards the ones involved, so I can't call it a professionals move, but a move of opportunists trying to benefit the most from the situation regardless of who they should shove to achieve it.
  15. The act itself is not unprofessional, but how they handled it was. I understand that if they predict Eunjung being part of the show would bring more harm than benefits to the show they can replace her. But why wait until now? And why don't be honest with her and make it clear of their decisions or doubts? Why keeping pretending that she would be part of the show when at the same time their are looking for a new actress? That's why this was unprofessional.
  16. Woa! What a dirty move... Not only this delayed decision was already bad. But now we heard of such backstabbing actions... Even though I don't agree with them, I can't really blame them for taking Eunjung out of the show, because I understand the motives behind this. But the way that they handled the situation couldn't be worse... It just made everyone have bad feelings towards all this situation at hand.
  17. Not really... They said that people might not buy the products advertised by the drama. What they really strive for is more sells. Increasing the audience is just a way to increase sales on advertised products like cellphones, clothes, etc.
  18. Well... those shows are sponsored by the same people that used to sponsor T-ara. And to be fair, i think their concern is valid to some degree, since they should predict the response of the masses regardless of the truth involved. What I think its a shame it's to wait until now to make that decision. By doing it so suddenly it just arise problems and discomforts not only for Eunjung, but also for the whole cast and to the one replacing Eunjung (if it comes to happen). With that said, I do hope that they reconsider it. I wouldn't care for the show without her.
  19. Isn't this description of Dami (except for the talent) on par with Eunjung's character from Dream High? And yet by the time we hit the middle of the show her character had transformed from a pitiful girl to a villain.
  20. I first watched them without much confidence on the show, but I got hooked by the couple. Too bad it's coming to a end... maybe it's time to give a try to another couple...
  21. Just watched the mv and I really can't tell the difference between Hwayoung and Hyoyoung... If someone tell me that just one of them is on the mv I'm prone to believe.
  22. Not sure why, but her eyes always draws my full attention. At first I thought it was because of the make up, but even without it, her eyes still enchant me.
  23. Woa! Some days ago I read that they sleep 2 hours max. When full days, half a hour or no sleep at all! This mean that they are going through this deadly schedule all year long? This idol world sure is harsh... To be fair, they frequently appearance was what made me more aware of them. While other groups stopped they activities on music programs, they just keep coming back again and again! By the way, what is the 'normal' gap between new singles/albuns? The time between Cry Cry and Lovey-Dovey seemed really short.
  24. Glad they made it! Hope after all this CCM will finally let them get some deserved rest.
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