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    scrent reacted to Mllktea in [OFFICIAL] Sexy Love concept photos (09/03)   
    [OFFICIAL] HQ Sexy Love concept photos (09/03)
    For the rest of the images : http://www.tiaradiad...34-mirage-2012/

    For the rest of the images : http://www.tiaradiad...34-mirage-2012/
    Download this photo set: http://www.mediafire...39rqrhm64hz6izh
    CREDIT: sexylove.ccmnet + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com

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    scrent reacted to klee95 in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    This will contain some sensitive topics, so if I offend you, please be aware that that was not my intention. Furthermore, because I’m sure that members of this forum are reasonable people, most of this will not even apply to you. However, there are some things I’ve noticed around the fandom that I believe require addressing – namely, anti-Hwayoung sentiments and “defending” T-ara from haters.
    First of all, there’s one thing I’d like to make clear – Hwayoung is a victim. I’m not saying she was the sole victim in this controversy, like she was a perfect angel and the rest of T-ara are complete monsters that bullied her and forced her in a cupboard like Harry Potter or some farfetched story like that. BUT, in the light of recent news, a lot of people have forgotten one thing – Hwayoung was actually kicked out of T-ara. She is definitely a victim.
    As such, it is very upsetting to me when I see fans bashing on Hwayoung; she is entirely undeserving of it and should instead be supported like the member of T-ara she is. I will list here the general things I’ve seen and make my rebuttal:
    Deserving to be Bullied: This one is undoubtedly the rarest, but also the most disgusting. I am not kidding you – I have actually heard (or read, really) that because Hwayoung was the new member, any unhappy things she may have experienced were entirely justified. I honestly feel that I shouldn’t have to counter this one, but suffice to say that that belief is so vile I’m not going to get into that mess. No one deserves to be unhappy, and anybody who says otherwise…I recommend counseling.
    Beauty Salon: This is a little more ambiguous. Because of Hwayoung’s injury, she was handicapped and unable to practice, and as such she was granted time to rest. The general belief is that because Hwayoung chose to go to a beauty salon, this generated ill feelings between the members – leading to the tweets that started all this.
    However, in this case I don’t see any fault in Hwayoung’s actions. Note that she was handicapped and that staying for practice would have been highly illogical when she could finally rest for once. The argument against this is that Hwayoung should have been at home resting and not at a beauty salon, implying that she was lying/faking. However, Hwayoung had a hurt ankle. She didn’t have both her kneecaps shattered or something; she was not immobile, and resting does not have to be lying in bed 24 hours a day. Hwayoung can do whatever she wants in her time off.
    Another argument I hear is that doing so was “bad timing” and that Hwayoung didn’t show “team spirit.” Again, this is fairly illogical – what could Hwayoung have even contributed to at the practice? Not to mention it’s hard to rest in a dance studio, as that was what she was supposed to be doing. When a highly overworked idol is given time to herself, she rests. The only bad timing in this is that we happened to find out now.
    Tweets: Aha, the tweets, one of the things that most aggravates people for some inexplicable reason. The reason these tweets upset people are because they are considered, and I quote “immature, hateful, arrogant, etc. etc.”
    Of course, a lot of us forget that the whole tweeting fiasco was actually started by Hyomin with the determination thing. I firmly believe that any problems between the members, if dealt with maturely, should not have been solved (or vented) on Twitter, but once someone starts…you can’t exactly just blame someone who follows. If Hwayoung’s tweet was immature, then so was everybody else’s, no?
    As for Hwayoung’s other tweet on the 28th (“The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me.”), the same logic applies. Furthermore, most of us say that idols have the right to tweet about their feelings too, so I don’t see why this only doesn’t apply to Hwayoung. Now would probably be a good time for me to say I do believe Hwayoung was unhappy – and no, this does not mean I think T-ara are evil (do not be black and white about this, I can support both sides). The T-ara members might not even have realized they were ignoring Hwayoung in ways that hurt her, but nevertheless, she was unhappy – hence that tweet.
    The tweet on the 31st (“…facts without any truth”) was NOT immature, in any way. I am still incredulous over the fact that some people actually believe the crap KKS spewed, especially as most of the people who choose to believe him this instance are the same people who hate on him the loudest. KKS is a horribly incompetent liar, and seeing as he was flat-out slandering Hwayoung in his statements, Hwayoung had every right to fight back.
    Acting the Victim: I admit I don’t entirely understand this one, and I am definitely slipping into sarcasm here, but – sure, Hwayoung is acting the victim by throwing herself out of T-ara and quite possibly getting blacklisted in the entertainment industry. Read that to yourself and say you agree. Can’t do it, right? It’s just like saying that Eunjung’s acting the victim by throwing herself out of Five Fingers. It doesn’t make any sense.
    Again, Hwayoung is a victim, and T-ara is as well. There is no acting involved.
    Not Speaking Up: A lot of people argue that Hwayoung, if she really loved the T-ara members, should speak up and dispel all the rumors so everything clears up. I see this type of thing a lot: “Why doesn’t Hwayoung say something so people will like T-ara again?” or “The bullying isn’t true, so if Hwayoung would just say that then everything would be okay.”
    The most obvious reason Hwayoung hasn’t said she wasn’t bullied is – she was bullied, or was unhappy about bad communication within the group (more likely). Now, before anyone flies into a rage, I’d like to say this is all about perception. Hwayoung didn’t feel happy, ergo she doesn’t say anything. This is a very understandable reaction.
    Also, we can’t be sure Hwayoung even has the ability to speak up. Seeing as Hyoyoung is still in CCM, and combined with the fact that the company is a lot more powerful than Hwayoung, she may not be allowed to speak on the issue. Just because she hasn’t come out to clarify the issue (just like how the T-ara members didn’t until just recently) doesn’t mean Hwayoung’s some evil monster who enjoys seeing the group suffer.
    And again, I understand that some people are upset that Hwayoung’s fortunes seem to be better than T-ara’s, especially with her selcas and such – but, would you really rather see Hwayoung act all depressed?
    With that being said, I hope people can continue to support both T-ara and Hwayoung.
    However, supporting T-ara doesn’t mean flaming the haters.
    I wholly advocate stepping up and calmly and logically defending T-ara; but there is one thing I’ve seen that should not happen – fans banding together, intentionally seeking out the “haters,” and then attacking in a group. This is practically the definition of cyberbullying, and seeing as that is precisely what fans accuse the haters of doing…why sink to their level?
    There’s nothing wrong with defending T-ara, but the way it’s happening isn’t going to change any minds. I’m not going to name any names, but a large majority of the “defense” is comprised of vulgar insults and immature bashing, like calling them retards or b*tches. This. Isn’t. Helping. If anything, it makes us fans, and T-ara by extension, look even worse. What’s happening here is that people are using “defending T-ara” as an excuse to vent.
    I realize that fans are angry about these antis, but that isn’t an excuse. If I’m supposed to just let it go because fans are doing this out of anger, then that would mean condoning haters as well, and I try not to be a hypocrite.
    Please stay calm. And I apologize for this super-long post; I realize I’m being very verbose.
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    scrent reacted to Mongrolian in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    Yee hee hee, we agree on something. It's nice to agree with smart people, it validates me.
    Except that you seem to hold T-ara more culpable than I would (taken as a whole), given that half of them were teenagers when they signed on - and even Eunjung seems to have started her entertainment career as a minor, and under what sorta sounds like a, uh, "helicopter mom" or something, I forget what they call it. Anyway, a kid gets raised to make certain assumptions, and I assume they've never taken critical thinking courses or one whit of what gets called a liberal education, so to a certain extent... yeah, but that's not a big deal. And anyway, they all still abide by the game, but again, blah blah.
    Anyway, I guess as for the older thing, maybe, "if you were an actor" and "you'd appreciate being dealt with in this way." There is a certain appreciation for a job well done (and I wouldn't go so far as to call this quite that) - of the game being well played.
    But I don't know if a sports analogy would do? Like this wouldn't happen, but a great soccer player getting benched and then transferred because the kit sponsor disagreed with the player's stance on a political issue and threatened to withdraw their support. Would that player have professional (and not just emotional or personal) grounds upon which to disagree with the decision?
    But even that's just sake of argument stuff, not what I want to get at. Almost PMed, maybe will if you want to continue along this line, but I'd be satisfied if we just disagree on this or that.
    I guess there's also the question of things being the way they are, and what we should do about it (things being the way they are). I've had the thought, the problem with being a good guy is that you've sorta got to succeed in spite of being a good guy, otherwise you're just a guy who makes it look like being a good guy's not a good thing to do (to the people who wouldn't choose to do so themselves anyway - you won't change any minds, maybe, being what I mean, or you'll just dishearten people who want to be a good guy).
    As for the corporate side, from a certain standpoint, the most effective way to win a war (and to keep from having to fight future wars with the same people) is to kill all of your enemies - like, all of them, without considerations of age or gender or whatever. But, we have, like, the Geneva treaty, or whatever kind of agreement it gets called, that keeps things from reaching that point - and international pressure from people more or less on the sidelines to remind everyone to play fair. Or now we do, anyway. It may be not so clear in the various areas of business, but there is some level of agreement as to what to call "business ethics."
    Like, the business world could be called the eternal struggle between descending into the absence of humanity and ascending into business models that would be unviable (and so leave everyone to starve, taken to a certain extreme). Like, hopefully we can still get all the things we want without just always being total jerks to each other, say, meet somewhere in the middle.
    But one of the reasons the SBS producer didn't do a good job, if we're talking about the game, is that he's the only one with an egg on his face (that might be seen as defending their interests, but it's not a very clean victory, as below). I'm not too well-informed, but do we know what product placement people complained about Eunjung's presence? Were they piano manufacturers or something, something relatively difficult to replace? Like why didn't SBS producer guy play a little bit of hardball back and say something like "we'll just replace you with another sponsor and then you won't get seen on tv anyway?" SBS guy dealt that one from a position of weakness, and now he and his production look like a mess, his product, the 5F show, looks at least that much worse, and again, so far he (and his staff, company, to a certain extent his talent) look to be the only ones taking negatives from this. Maybe, it might be said he picked the choice that (from his available intel) looked to lose him the least overall, but I don't know. I doubt that?
    Just before some onlooker gets at me for it, yes, Eunjung did lose the role (and undertook all the relevant shock from the whole situation), but on the bright side, there does some to be a positive spin on the situation. Whether that is only apparent, and whether that will turn into future opportunities for her remains to be seen, but she has that opening to exploit, given enough savvy, luck, and will. As for the SBS team as a whole, they still do have a show to put on, just to be thorough, even if there's a lot of negative publicity - and then the old saying about publicity always being good...
    And just to end, is there the question of being humans first before being executives, actresses, sponsors, or like, scientists and geographers and whatever?
    To tone down the rhetoric a little, I guess it's kind of like being a dad who's fine with his kids hating him so long as they can survive better for it (it does, in cases, and it does not, in cases), or a dad who raises kids who have a healthy relationship with him but are perhaps less ambitious or otherwise able to make it out there (again, it's mostly a case to case thing). Anyway, you do need some of both, but of course, this hypothetical dad probably can't do both very well, and so on and so forth, "choices to be made" and whatever.
    Edit: Further on the SBS guy...
    Developing the idea, looking to the future, that SBS guy, what could he be trusted with? At best he might be useful as some kind of scapegoat guy - and depending on how SBS uses that, they might give him a nice golden parachute if he has to end his career over something like this - but for now he's just a guy who 1) caved under pressure/apparently negotiated poorly 2) apparently bungled in handling the announcement (at least a little) and 3) built negativity around his project. People forget and de facto forgive a lot of things, but at the very least some acting talent will have a distaste for dealing with him for a while. From (my assumption of) the point of view of the sponsors, he probably just looks like a ninny they can use/push around, and who might cave over this or that thing when it doesn't serve their interests, not exactly someone they can trust to do a good job or create a positive environment for marketing purposes. Again, such a person can be used, but...
    And just for speculating purposes, what exactly was it that just had to involve Eunjung's character so specifically? Again, like the pianos that every character uses? Some fashion label? Like if it was just a soda or other food product, one could assume they might not have so much sway in a project like this, or that they could be replaced or might be appeased by just having their product be only minimally associated with Eunjung's character (like she always eats/drinks other stuff, or doesn't stand next to the street-level ad in whatever scene, things like that).
    If we give free rein to rampant theorizing, one might even guess that SBS guy himself wanted to make the call about Eunjung, and built up the idea that he was pressured by sponsors as a mild cover story for doing so.
    Oh, and also on the last thing of the original post, about being "human first," there's also the question of what that means, but yeah.
    Lastly lastly, hopefully last edit lastly, these guys' decisions affect lots of people, and when they aren't "nice," it, uh, affects lots of people. When a person creates negativity in another person, that other person, he could go and get drunk and beat his kids, or she could get dissatisfied with life and start having an affair, or he or she could be a jerk in traffic or to his or her friends and so on and so forth, potentially creating more negativity in the people around them. The specific outcomes, of course, will depend on the proportions involved and the natures of every relevant character and good old chance, but they'll all have their causes (and then, of course, causes for those causes, and so on). I mean, "so people have a bad day," isn't just that. If a CEO lays a good worker off because he wants to put his favorite in the other guy's office, and the laid off guy goes and offs somebody, it's not exactly the CEO's fault (certainly not legally), but, like, there's the grey of everything again. Like the old joke goes, "maybe he just wasn't hugged enough as a kid," if that saying can ever be applied seriously. Anyway, all this as kind of a caveat to the idea of prioritizing profits - again, you said something about that, so it's not exactly for your benefit, but I like to run with a thought.
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    scrent got a reaction from hyominheart in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    The act itself is not unprofessional, but how they handled it was. I understand that if they predict Eunjung being part of the show would bring more harm than benefits to the show they can replace her. But why wait until now? And why don't be honest with her and make it clear of their decisions or doubts? Why keeping pretending that she would be part of the show when at the same time their are looking for a new actress? That's why this was unprofessional.
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    scrent got a reaction from Seorori in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    Woa! What a dirty move... Not only this delayed decision was already bad. But now we heard of such backstabbing actions... Even though I don't agree with them, I can't really blame them for taking Eunjung out of the show, because I understand the motives behind this. But the way that they handled the situation couldn't be worse... It just made everyone have bad feelings towards all this situation at hand.
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