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  1. RT @SteelSeries: We've partnered up with @PUBATTLEGROUNDS to bring you some exclusive branded products! Also, to celebrate PUBG's 1 year an…

  2. https://t.co/a5LUtwOf4l https://t.co/JYVn0eUXEk

  3. @wizards_magic Pet of another Eternal?

  4. RT @carterjwm: HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS https://t.co/4SrfHmEMo3

  5. @Apinkpcr Hello!! Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a nice day!!??????

  6. @SaffronOlive any plans for brewing the new Commander sets?

  7. @I_nanaaaa hei!! Merry Christmas!!

  8. T-ara fan made lightstick... :) one of my favourite @QriPretty http://t.co/8bAfZtkq

  9. Some of my photos to share.... thanks to myt-ara.com staff preparing the cake!! awesome night!!
  10. Heavy rain in penang... my flight divert to langkawi.... :(

  11. Gonna celebrate my birthday with a bunch of new friends... gonna enjoy tonight..

  12. Great... cant wait to see a great show later in the evening... T-ara FIGHTING!!!!!
  13. Use my referral code!!! yzp58111 Aug 27 04:52:36 PM #rageofbahamut @rageofbahamut

  14. Use my referral code!!! yzp58111 Aug 23 03:14:30 PM #rageofbahamut @rageofbahamut

  15. i think they should sort this out and give Eunjung her justice... but i guess for her to return... it is not a good idea... will she be able to give her full performance and how will the production crews look at her... she might have a totally bad time during the shooting
  16. Show your friends some Bahamut Pride! Aug 22 11:17:13 AM #rageofbahamut @rageofbahamut

  17. i guess those people have no brains!! the stun that they just took might get worse ratings for the show... i mean if the rating is really good... then i am sure it will stay on... suddenly they pull this sort of stupid and immature move, i am sure it will get worse and to hell with the sponsors... with no viewer, ghost will buy your products!!
  18. i dont think the protest is necessary.... things are starting to get better... if the protest went a little wrong... it will start another problem and this will get worse.... i am not sure bout you guys... this is my thinking... cheers... i hope everyone here continue to support t-ara....
  19. i sent an email to the company in charge of Malaysia concert.... apparently they say it is still on... at the mean time... but with today's announcement... i am not sure... but it is still long time... so that time might be ok...
  20. Why spend another minute at that 9-5?! http://t.co/wGjAi0KE

  21. Listening to cry cry by t-ara... Very nice and soothing.. dunno the meaning though:)

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