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  1. I'm guessing its Qri and Hyomin (she has been wearing a wig recently so...)
  2. Is that a tattoo on her? It looks red-ish around it.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's Qri..She doesn't look that tall. xD
  4. Glad to know that she's being recognized for her talent. It's truly Rambo year. I'm so happy for her and I can't wait to see her musical. Small Rambo and Big Bear Taewoo
  5. Those fan chants ;~; Makes me happy hearing QUEEN's chanting that loud. Wonderful performance~~
  6. I can't wait for their comeback it's been a long time! And personally I hope Dani only remains in T-ara N4 unit.
  7. I really want one of Boram's bracelets! >.<
  8. If only I was from LA I could have been there to see T-ara N4 at the airport. :(

  9. I can't wait any longer for T-ara N4!! T-ara N4 Fighting!!!
  10. Does anyone know if MBC Korean Music Wave will be aired this coming week?
  11. Done voting for today. Strong competition, but lets wish the best for our girls!
  12. I'm loving the outfits! Is the concert being broadcast this coming week for Mcountdown?
  13. My money...T_T I want version A...but at the same time I want version B! Heck I'm going to save up so I can try and buy all three of them.
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