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  1. I prefer the first one, although I hope that they make it brighter.
  2. The imaginary sight of Kim Kwang Soo crying triggered my smile instantaneously.
  3. Aww, I was hoping for multiple versions of this album (Platinum version, gold version, etc.).
  4. You know how it feels like when the action figure inside the gachaphon machine which you've been eyeing on day and night has been rolled out by someone else? This is it. P.S. Stay together in eternal bliss!!
  5. Your title will change from 'member' to 'Donor'; your name will be highlighted by a pink colour bar instead of a grey colour bar, and you will be able to access the exclusive contents which include having your birthday message to Soyeon included in the message book we're sending to her.You can donate through paypal.
  6. Hurray! My holiday is approaching and there are exclusive contents which I can watch!!
  7. They will be performing their songs in Korean. They have never performed their songs in Japanese when they are outside of Japan before.
  8. SimonH


    She looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning!
  9. Anyone noticed that on the pearl edition album jacket, the compass' North-East is shown as South-North. Poor T-ara needs a new compass T_T
  10. I really like the Pearl edition cover, but the pearl edition doesn't come with as much goodies as the Diamond version... I guess I'll get the diamond version since the cover is nice and it still costs lesser than Jewelry box.
  11. Soyeon^^ She looks more matured and lady-like now. Either way, she still looks ravishing to my eyes:)
  12. This has to be CCM's greatest effort in writing a proper English sentence so far.
  13. As much as I appreciate and believe in the freedom of speech, please make sure that the posts you make are somewhat related to the topic of the forum thread. It is awkwardly amusing to me that almost half of the posts in this thread have nothing to do with the topic. While it may not be obligatory to not talk about certain sensitive issues regarding the group or any individual member(s), I will recommend everyone to practice self-control and avoid certain controversial topics when the need arises. Diadem is a community filled with people from all walks of life and different parts of the world with different age, cultures and beliefs. As such, we should be tolerant of each other, for we may have polarized views at times, most, if not all, of us are matured individuals and hope for the best for T-ara. In the event where members are not able to reach a consensus or agree harmoniously on a point, it is best to respectfully not drive the matter further by debating vehemently with a myriad of posts that reiterate the same points over and over again which were even expressed across several other threads. As none of the posts here include any derogatory remarks or are made with malicious intent, I will leave them as they are.
  14. Most of the sales of an album are usually reflected on the first day since that will include the number of albums pre-ordered.
  15. Listening to Soyeon's voice will revitalize my body and soul and elimate all fatigue after a day of hard work.
  16. I don't think it includes Japanese sales. T-ara's Japanese sales alone in 2012 would have exceeded 188k.
  17. Wow, I really love this song! Perfect transition between different parts of the song! The MV is rather refreshing as well
  18. I only bought Soyeon and Hyomin's cover! I want Boram's cover too T.T heuheuheu
  19. I love Soyeon's solo and group song Can't wait for the full version^^
  20. I am addicted to the song now! By the way, did you guys hear 'stay with me', 'save me', or both?
  21. Banisuta, Banisuta! :D

  22. Wow, the song is so addictive! Banisuta, Banisuta! Banisuta, Banisuta! I hope the full song will be released soon.
  23. I really love the dresses in the 2nd picture! Hopefully, the songs will be even better.
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