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  1. I have never heard of the association's existence, but I'm glad there's such an organization in Korea. Eunjung hwaiting!
  2. Hypocrisy and unprofessionalism at a new low. Whoever is responsible for this needs to face the wall and reflect, even though this is a business decision.
  3. Please let her stay! I can no longer be rational about this anymore. Acting has always been Eunjung's forte and dream. She is like the hilt of a sword while the drama is the blade; if they decide to pull her off the drama, she'll feel powerless as if the blade has been shattered into many pieces. Why ruin a girl's dream over some unverified rumors?
  4. Actually, Queen's is leading ahead of every other fandom in that poll, but it isn't any indication of strong fanbase though.
  5. I really hope she stays. No matter how I look at it, the only harm that could possibly be inflicted on this project is by her departure.
  6. I don't know what to say. It was a drama featuring a T-ara member which I anticipated the most. I'm not even sure if I have the mood to watch it now.
  7. I'll be looking forward to this. Eunjung + Piano = a drama I will regret if I fail to watch.
  8. I won't rule out such a possibility, but all those reasonable doubts brought up by netizens have already been explained. The 119 Emergency Rescue team has already clarified with the public that when they arrived at the scene, Soyeon claimed that she was suffering from back and neck pain, so it was only right for them to put on that neck brace for Soyeon. As for that 'patient's account', I don't even want to describe how feeble an evidence it is. It's highly similar to those backup dancer's account and Nigerian scam emails.
  9. I will be inactive until 28th of August 2012 due to exams.

  10. Soyeon, please get well soon and take good care of yourself! I'm quite convinced that you're trying your best to shut those netizens scumbag up and show and motivate them what real determination is, so that they will stop being parasites of our society. However, health is of utmost importance. Recover soon and you can continue to fight for this noble cause. Edit: P.S. I bet those people who mock at Soyeon's determination don't even have the will to go to school when they have a slight fever.
  11. Oh my freaking goodness! I did consider journalism as a career, but after seeing how cruel one must be to work as a journalist, I'm having second thoughts now. I know it's their jobs, but I'm still going to say this again: "Leave T-ara alone for Mike's sake!"
  12. He just said whatever I've been trying to tell everyone, but apparently people nowadays do not empathize anymore. The society has all along been breeding distasteful creatures who feed on the sorrows of others.
  13. Hyomin, be strong! We will surf though this adversity together! I feel like punching that reporter, but he's doing his job after all....
  14. It hurts me to see any T-ara member having to work while being in such pain, let alone my bias If this wasn't forced by Core Content Media, then Soyeon has to be one of the strongest woman on earth, not that she isn't already.
  15. Hey, I just saw what you posted on shoutbox. What happened? Don't leave Diadem.:(

    1. Melonhead


      Oh no man ): I won't leave Diadem, this is a place to support T-ara and I would never leave.

  16. I hope she gets well soon. The more news I hear about this, the more heartbroken I am. Soyeon hwaiting.
  17. As much as I would like to listen to the new song, I hope she'll have a chance to rest well first. She's gone through too much recently:(
  18. When I first saw this news on AKP, I really hoped it was just a mistranslation or a troll. But it's not. Omg Soyeon, please be alright. ;(;(
  19. Eunjung is going to attend the press conference today? As in 10th of August? Oh god.... Eunjung, please be safe.
  20. Oh Hyomin, please be safe! Let's hope the whole controversy will die down before the 14th,
  21. I heard the staff who posted this up on the site by mistake was fired. :/
  22. Yay, I can't get enough of Sso. By the way, you can watch the drama when it's showing in Korea here: http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/kbs2-live2.html Since it's live stream, the quality is pretty bad.
  23. I have posted this on other forums, but I would like to state my point of view here as well. It was Core Content Media's CEO Kim Kwang Soo who kicked Hwayoung out. I believe you would know that Kim Kwang Soo is a very powerful and influential man in the Korean entertainment industry. If the bullying did happen, the best way to salvage this outbreak is to make Hwayoung stay and deny the bullying. Kim Kwang Soo definitely has the capability to do that; in fact, he could have easily done that. Hence, I believe the conflict has nothing to do with Hwayoung and the rest of the members of T-ara. The way I see it, the problem lies with Hwayoung and Kim Kwang Soo. Something must have happened between Kim Kwang Soo and Hwayoung, and he's determined to ruin Hwayoung's career, even at the cost of T-ara's. Either this or he really needs to set up a public relation department and go for critical thinking lessons.
  24. Damn, such bullies. Did you know that saying Happy Birthday is also an extreme act of bullying since you're reminding them of their age XD
  25. The media tortures the thoughts of people during the day, and poisons their dreams during the night. T-ara has already fell victim to gutter journalism. It's going to be hard to convince the public with the truth, especially the blood-hungry Koreans.
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