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  1. twist and twist i think everyone hsould try to analzyed the situation first before calling out on the PD and the crew members/staff/actors/actressing other people gotta get paid for this drama too its like saying all the people who worked just as hard on the drama will get curse just because Eunjung left....i feel bad for eunjung but some of you guys are a little munch ne?
  2. like i've said before and will continue saying the girls needs to rest for a couple of month for this to die down more esp since netizens are cra cra yall know
  3. I'm really glad shes not doing the drama..it looks boring to me haha buuut anyways i think it was waaay too soon for al the girls to go back on screen so easily and quickly i think they ALL should had just rested and preapre themselve for their comeback only like what KSS said earlier this year but nooooo.........i really think KSS is up to something lets see what happens to HyoMin
  4. Can i just say that KKS WTF ARE YOU DOING!?!??! okay! i've been in an accident eearly this yeart and SHYYYT my body still achs badly and my car didn't even flip! Soyeon needs to rest at least a month before going back! Determination is one thing but taking care of your health is another. i was angry when i saw that she qas gonna go back so quick early
  5. i think it was too soon for the girls to appear on TV cause we all know how crazy fans are...... i dunno
  6. *squint evil eyes* suuuure I hope this never eveeeeeerr happens again or else KKS i swear
  7. Fighting to EunJung I feel like all the girls are wonderful and sweet but maybe this time they were just a little careless about the suitation
  8. so glad shes not going back! makes me happy that she will at least feel a little more relief
  9. there has to be more to this! her rapper coach can not just twit those things for nothing either *evil mind impowering logical mind* must kill kks must kill kks (kidding)
  10. *strangles oneself* WHYYYYY are they sooo AMBIGUOUS?!??! Shall i sang the chinese saong by Rainie Yang? Ai Mei?
  11. Why am i laughing so much? why? HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH HA HA HA I dont believe it one bit! hes just trying to make hwayoung look like the bad one and peope could forget about him! im a little sad people thinking that way with him..aigooo
  12. ahhhhhh *stressssssss* so many stress i don't want to believe anything but slowly i am
  13. Doesnt sound like hwa someone must had threaten her no way in hell anybody with that much saddness n anger would go say that esp to a reporter if this one days becomes a public stunt only i will be so piss
  14. Eunjung please shove a ricecake onto your presidents mouth im sick of him he just keeps makin the girls sound worse
  15. I like to drop the big f bomb word on kks.....i dont believe anything from the company anymore unless i see the girls say it n i ptay to god ypungie doesnt go back
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