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    티아라좋아해 너무너무사랑해 :D
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  1. hyomin falled on stage o.o someone noticed? hmm..1st time see her falling..hehe
  2. i wan to watch~~~~~ arghhhh can someone get it? sorry
  3. haiz...she has no high sch frens...the circle is so small.. =( maybe jiyeon only have t-ara as best fren?
  4. do you have more? ^^" sorry~ hehe anyway, thx for upload
  5. oh meh~ only 5 members..disappointed >.< but i still love them~ they are busying for shooting hwaiting t-ara~
  6. oh my god..i feel so warm...They are loving each other..I love you hwayoung~ hwaiting~ kekeke
  7. eng sub video will be out soon? hmm i wan to watch >.<
  8. i really feel bad..but i dun wan to talk about this topic..just afraid she will think of it and upset >< stay strong my dear...=) its ok
  9. wearing lens? o.o hehe just asking...But her eyes really so big..SEXY~~
  10. jiyeon is the youngest? jin jja ebbo...
  11. gosh...jiyeon not there what a sad case~ arghhhhh
  12. Im missing jiyeon..is she doing well now? hope so =)

  13. Im here to meet some T-ara's fans~ =)

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