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  1. 김종국(Kim Jong Kook) - 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐(Men Are All Like That): http://t.co/8JVTkM2JFa via @youtube

  2. Shinhwa’s “Venus” music video released! http://t.co/hB20g6H via @allkpop

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  4. T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa concert, “K-Pop Power & Beauty” canceled http://t.co/9EgApSU via @allkpop

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  6. aigoo ..for my opinion this is not such a big deal. i don't thing there are only several reporters there maybe have more and we aspect the T-ara to greet all of them? For me they are lucky the T-ara have greet or thank them. And one more thing if we like & love T-ara we should know how T-ara abilities. right? any way T-ara hwaiting!! Good Luck!
  7. Hyomin and Soyeon pose in front of Eiffel Tower http://t.co/O7M6YUc via @allkpop

  8. Chinese special of ‘We Got Married’ to air in Korea http://t.co/IqWEQ8z via @allkpop

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  11. 또 하루는 .. 이야기를 찾을 수 ..


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  14. T-ara dominates MelOn’s monthly chart http://t.co/yYwaw3e via @allkpop

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