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  1. the article is misleading as it suggests that Eunjung actually made the choice to leave.. which isn't the case! hope she stays strong during this period of time!
  2. dani's rap was pretty good considering her lack of formal training!
  3. they are so weary yet beautiful in this performance.. hope they rest adequately!
  4. than Nah, its just a series of "documentaries" of T-ara. i reckon it will have several more episodes, but it isn't a show per se
  5. cool! i actually thought we'd have to wait a week for each episode to be out... hahas! the wait could have killed!
  6. AHHHH! hyomin's picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so hot. hahas! on a side note.. "Free time in paris" does sound a little.. weird doesn't it; given that they were so busy throughout the trip.. hmmm...>_<
  7. cant wait to see this! hyomin always looks like she's having so much fun! which is of course, a good thing
  8. hyomin's legs looked weird at first glance in the first picture! hahas, unique stockings ftw!
  9. haiz.. they both look tired despite their facial expressions... can't be helped i gues.. REST WELL!
  10. thank you for sharing! its a nice touch to see TARA performing Roly Poly with their new Day by Day look! hahas!
  11. the first picture actually looks kinda creepy... can't wait to see the lives of tara offstage!
  12. Cant help it but... THAT AMOUNT OF VITAMIN WATER!!!! guess they need all the vitamins given the comebacks! and and and! they look like they are enjoying themselves! cant wait for more!
  13. if only i understood japanese! hahazzz. its still awesome nonetheless! the host/mc was SO funny! his entrance especially.. hahas!!!

  15. poor thing!! hope she recovers quickly! must be sad to be unable to give their all at their comeback stage.. nonetheless, TARA HWAITING!
  16. wahhh.. looking forward to seeing the subbed version here soon! so much tara goodness...
  17. sobs.. it was just epic-ly great.. plus everyone looks so so beautiful in both performances!!!
  18. undoubtly due to tara's popularity and eunjung's personality!!!! hahas! awesome!
  19. The album was really really extremely well composed! ALL the songs are potential title tracks!!
  20. slightly off topic, but eunjung looks awesome in that picture... ^.^
  21. Tomorrow!!! But frankly, the dance was just.. weird. it might have actually been even better without it.. >_<
  22. it was so AWESOME! too bad jiyeon wasn't present for the Don't Leave performance..
  23. soyeon's attitude is just so daebak! reflects a lot on her ability to lead with a heart
  24. hyomin's my bias but honestly, jiyeon looks smoking hot with her lip biting.. XD
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