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  1. Hope there will be a subbed version too.I am going to use the content to fire back the haters in Allkpop.
  2. I hope KKS won't troll us.Otherwise,I will end up waiting for it at midnight.
  3. Another publicity stunt to boost their drama's rating up,I guess. They should have thought that a cameo won't affect the drama that much. And this decision was made based on the protests by the netizens?What if only antis showed up to protest and the Queen's kept silence?
  4. Okay,from a netizen standpoint,what I have noticed so far is K-netizens(majority) are bullying T-ara.And this xxxx sbs intends to join them as well.The whole incident is just too horrendous and ridiculous. As I have said,K-netizens are too busy to bring down the rivals of their biases,they should have realised that they are just digging their own grave by burying their artists.Yes,it is indeed a good initiative to spread the hallyu wave /sarcasm.
  5. Another troll?you are such an eyesore,you can troll in any sites but not here.
  6. Well,allkpop only cares for the profit.Allkpop authors and netizens should be ashamed of themselves.Human is supposed to be the most civilized species in the world.
  7. I have heard this story somewhere.Undoubtedly,it is quite meaningful...haha
  8. I defend them like crazy in allkpop but i think my struggle is in vain.I feel like I'm talking to the animals....
  9. Straight to the conclusion,True or not,the public will noly believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation.The antis or haters are desperated for any decent reasons to bring down T-ara.Hope T-ara will stay strong!
  10. CEO Kim Kwangoo said on the 3rd, "I'm proposing to meet with three representatives from T-Jinyo. All their questions and curiosities can be cleared without a doubt if they meet with me. I'll also listen to what they have to say." I doubt it I never expected this xxxx comes from a mature adult.
  11. I am a Malaysian too.Majority of Queen's are demanding the truth,minority of them leave Queen's fandom.At least they don't deteriorate to be an anti.Sigh
  12. Stay strong.This controversy will eventually fade away.I will give my full support to T-ara as always.
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