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  1. Why did they come different time than Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin??
  2. I wish everyone could get past this already... I don't want T-ARA to always have to talk about this all over again... It's making me so sad I want to cry.
  3. I haven't seen Boram or Soyeon in any of the new photos, aren't they going to be in the mv??
  4. Woah 13!? That's a lot I'm so excited, especially about the english version.
  5. T-ARA deserves to win on a music program with Sugar Free. I'm sure it would make our girls so happy. Let's all remember to vote for them a lot, right?
  6. Definitely Shinsadong Tiger! this 'heavy club-based sound' sounds good to me.
  7. I'm so happy that she has a new account now she takes so pretty photos
  8. I don't have money to buy all these I need to think which I can afford.. I really want that Qri version They all look amazing ^^
  9. T-ara's leader Boram?? Is there a mistake? I envy the people who got to be there.. I want to be there too :3
  10. Every Do You Know Me performance is awesome! Birthday Girls look so pretty I love Qri's outfit and hair so much. And Boram looks so cuuute! T-ARA
  11. Does anyone know if the x'mas edition is going to be released at all? My x'mas edition order in Yesasia was cancelled ...
  12. their voices Soyeon looks so cute doing Eunjung's high note part in the end
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