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  1. happy birthday!!! :D

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. THEY'RE STILL HANGING OUT?! /SQUEALS. i'm so happy right now knowing that. that's like really good that they're still good friends. /squeals the original t-ara (except one)
  3. couple pictures already. ahahhaa. they look alright together.. haven't really gotten around to watching their wgm yet.
  4. oh. my. gosh. they look completely fine without makeup. the same really. their skins are so nice looking. D:
  5. ngaw, poor soyeon. don't worry, i believe in her~ ... and many other fans too (probably) ahahhaa,
  6. dayum, nearly three million dollars in just three months. D: i wish i could make that much in that amount of time..
  7. omg qri! D: i never really thought of her like this. D: i see her in a completely different light now. ahahahha.
  8. tbh, i never really thought there was anything going on between eunjung and soohyun. :S but maybe because i was biased towards suzy and soohyun? ahahahah.
  9. ahahah she seems so innocent. that's so cute. talking about skinship already? ;D oh ho ho.
  10. OMG, how cute! I haven't started watching their WGM yet (tbh, I wasn't particularly planning to ><) but now it's sounds pretty cute. I want to watch it now.
  11. ngaww. poor jiyeon. she's so young as well.
  12. hmm. you can't really judge her on this picture. :S sigh. thanks for sharing nevertheless.
  13. nooo. i like eunjung as the leader! no offence, but i don't think boram should be the leader. :S and why are they getting a new member as well? i don't like this "new" t-ara.
  14. woah, that's great! t-ara & girls' generation being recognised.
  15. ahaha, i love the sunny-hyomin moments. hyomin's infinite love for sunny. :L
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