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  1. @tiffanyyoung801 Hii from Bali island... ?

  2. I'm listening to " Dessert-Dawin ". Let's enjoy music on JOOX! https://t.co/04m8fLWHEy (#JOOX)

  3. I'm listening to " One Call Away-Charlie Puth ". Let's enjoy music on JOOX! https://t.co/GVlD4SoYUT (#JOOX)

  4. Thank you @IndonesiaGaruda

  5. A.... yoo.. jj.. get well soon. GBU always..

  6. Bull*-+?t about doomsday. Today hard rain isn't the sign for the doomsday. But this hard rain is a showers of blessing from The Almighty God

  7. #Twitition Verify the account of pjy1234 (T-ara Park Jiyeon Twitter Account) http://t.co/lmjYKmHb
  8. Thanks too @/OfficialRCTI for showing the MV and not showing so many sm town stage perform.

  9. wooww.. thats a good news. and one the overseas concert is in indonesia.. i will absolutely watch that concert. \ haters back off, the girls is back.
  10. Thank you SNSD for making meet all SONE around the world, so we can become a family... #5thAnnivGirlsGeneration

  11. and again.... the announcement from KKS about "There is a possibility for Hwayong to re-join T-ARA" becomes a bullpoop announcement again.. but we still hope for hwayoung to become T-ARA member's again.
  12. After halt the activities and then break up... Hhmmm.. Who knows right?!.... Let's see how the drama will end.. :D

  13. And the topic this week is 티아라.... Hhaahaha. Be strong guys..

  14. i don't care with this f%#$#%$ing thing.... all i care is T-ARA and Hwayoung.. i will support both T-ARA and Hwayoung no matter what happen to them.. T-ARA fighting.. Ryu Hwayoung fighting...
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