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  1. the reporter should have more respect to her... it's a bit sensitive to talk about the controversy which wee happen recently.. they should give the girls some space and this totally broke my heart... be strong, Hyoimin!
  2. this is actually a good thing since CCM does not focus on their singing career.. as a backup plan, they signed a contract to strengthen their acting career..
  3. credits goes to the photographer for having a great shot on these photo! i'm really greatful for these photos..
  4. pity eunjung don't blame yourself. it's not your fault, it's the robber fault! cheer up!
  5. this is sooo cooooool!! i hope the succeds in this kind of business. T-ara, HWAITING!
  6. i wish boram and qri will not get less and even lesser attention because of the new members.. i wish CCM could equally gives out their part as a 9 member group
  7. wow! as an animal lover myself, i have to say that i'm proud to know that T-ara offer some donation towards stray animal.. good job,T-ara! :')
  8. i'm okay with the addition of members to T-ara(not much), but i'll strongly disagree with the replacement of the group members! just nooo!
  9. i love SPEED version of Lovey Dovey and they do deserved those support from T-ara!
  10. pity hwayoung it's good to know that hyoyoung console her twin sister when hwayoung need her the most
  11. she's a Queen indeed! she can sing traditional, and looks great in hanbok
  12. that arrogant looks drive me crazy! i love her acting and it's very convincing!
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