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  1. I did a rough translation: 1st pic: "Who's this.. T-ARA's Ham Eunjung wearing a Decke bubble bag!! Of an enthusiastic performace from the SBS weekend drama 'Endless Love'.." 2nd and 3rd pics: "Eunjungs head is the size of a fist. She's slender. To be honest She will have success even as actress !!!" I'm not sure of that "to be honest" anyway <.<
  2. I like it!! Even if I prefer the korean version but...sounds so sweet *w*
  3. Great job Russian fans!! OMG, I'm crying TwT T-ARA FIGHTING ♥
  4. I saw a lot of cover dance of Sexy Love on youtube. I'm really curious ^v^
  5. Poor Hwa D: KKS didn't try to let her stay. After all, it's fine for her sake LOL. But I had high hopes for her comeback TwT But WHY she didn't appear on stage?! ?w?
  6. Eunjung TwT Really, I'm so sad for this situation and for my bias. But we want to know more. Please KKS devil...we want listen what the girls think about this sad story
  7. Who knows, the leg seems injured...dunno! Maybe tomorrow will be an answer
  8. Yeeeeee, T-ARA fighting!! OMG, I'm so curious now *W* Who knows what happened...
  9. I always knew that it was a fake news. How sad person .-. Get a life, you and all ant-fans are ridicoulous!!
  10. It is a question or there is really one?! If there is, I want to sign this petition to support them in some way
  11. If it is from AKP, it's definitely xxxx LOL. Thank you ;D
  12. What do you think about THIS?! I think there is more about this story...but what?! Let's fight and hope for our Queens. Let's join the @QUEENSARMY ;D
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