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  1. Eunjungah i know its painful. If only i can get all the pain in your heart i will do it. No wonder why your Sunbaes adore you so much,its true that you're such a lovely person inside and out! Whatever decision you make,i will support and believe you. If this is the right thing to do that you already found in your heart to forgive and let go..I salute you! I believe that they will pay for all the harm they've caused you. You just want to move on and live happily w a light heart. God will bless you more for being such a good person! i you 101% Jungie!!
  2. when T-ara smiles ..i smile tooo...love to see them happy... thats what matters to me..
  3. hehehe.... sleepy Hahm Eunjung..i want her to get more sleep.. so im happy seeing something like this..
  4. im gonna look forward for you Dani!! Be a good girl..kekekeke... i will support and love you because you're T-ara! Goodluck!!
  5. OMG!! Soyeon gave me goosebumps the moment i heard her sings 'CRY CRY' ... ahhh what a sweeet voice! i love it...
  6. kabamify


    Jiyeon's super cute eyes!!
  7. kabamify


    Hyomin's pose is nauseous
  8. kabamify


  9. oh dear! ill die agaaaiiiinnnn cz of their Gorgeousness! KILL ME NOW ! <333 :wub:
  10. ilove you Eunjung!you did a very good job.. soon we will claim victory! we will nevr leave you..and we will support you the best we can! Fighting! Five Fingers Fighting!
  11. she looks tired though...but still she stands out..shes pretty n gorgeous ..Hyo Fighting! ILY!
  12. omo! i want to hug her tight.. i want to punch all these heartless reporters! Pls be strong..smile in front of your haters..it kills them..now im very worried about Eunjung,but i know Eunjung is strong and she can handle it pretty well.. GOD BLESS 6-ara!
  13. i want her to comeback..everybody deserves second chance,nobody is perfect..if that would help T-ARA to become better so be it...lets pray for T-ARA's recovery and ressurection lol
  14. oh gosh lets face it//this crap wont stop...lets just hope and pray for T-ARA and stop pointing fingers whos to blame...the damage has been done..lets just continue to love and support T-ARA ....all these things will come to pass...and will soooon forgotten,then lets just wait for a better and stronger T-ARA
  15. TORTURE!!! my poooor babies..why all of these things are happening......all bad and misleading publicities are all over ..this is crazy!! T-ARA are the victims here and not RYU alone...lets stay strong and never leave T-ARA! FOREVER T-ARA!
  16. iam happy to see them having a grand time!! my t-ara are soo prety and cheerfuL! the new GG are pretty too.. hwaiting! Eunjung-ah please be careful.. saranghaeyo
  17. oh my babies! have a safe journey ...we'll be waiting for your updates
  18. aww! that is soo sweet of you Hyomin! ..now missing them so much !!....wanting to see Eunjung my baby! pogoshippo Eunjung
  19. Im really proud of my girls! true beauty! t-ara hwaiting!
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