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  1. I can see when Qri ask eunjung what to say.....soyeon help Qri....
  2. WOW!!! I'm happy for t-ara but izzit the V-QUEEN'S is over reacted // the security problem... how can the mc still talking and the fan rush to the take... hope nothing happen like this again.... for me.. abit of kind of scary... and this remind me of the man kidnap taeyeon...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iEKfHe_JrxA
  4. If anyone selling t-ara merchandise... PM me...

  5. If anyone selling t-ara merchandise... PM me...

  6. DAEBAK!!!! I hope they can come to malaysia again....PLEASE...
  7. Making Film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osvMS15IL5Q&feature=player_embedded Hyomin's Promotional Video credit:t-araworld.net
  8. [12.09.10] Quick News - T-ara releases Official 'T-ARA' 3D App on Android Android users got it first this time around, its T-ara's official 'T-ARA' app which is packed with their videos, pictures and promises to give access to the latest updates on everything about T-ara. Before anything else, you can check out T-ara's Making Film and Hyomin's promotional video http://www.tiaradiad...-for-t-ara-app/ NOTE: This App is in Korean Language. The application which costs almost $9 is filled with the latest (and some exclusive) profile info, music videos, 3D characters, exclusive photos, schedule updates, and other news. You can read more about this app on its description page here. FEATURES: - T-ara (Profile) : Accurate and detailed profile on each member (connected to their personal SNS) - 3D Character : See your favorite members’ pictorials in 3D with zoom-in and auto-rotation functions. - Photo : Latest, exclusive, and unique still image photos. - Video : From music videos to unreleased ‘making-of’ footage, get access to exciting and exclusive video clips. - Schedule : Up-to-date feed on their schedules of live performances, tours, and even TV appearances. - News/Notices : The latest tidings and event notices from Core Contents Media and the official T-ara App. - Future Updates : New uploads of 3D Character and Photos every 1~2 weeks. : Continual updates on Schedule and News/Notices. : SNS functions to be added so you can communicate with T-ara directly. : Links to upcoming T-ara related applications and functions *** Full credit to: t-araworld.net
  9. *ah!!!!! i'm speechless.... i want to kill all the anti-fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* T-ara stay strong....QUEEN'S WILL SUPPORT YOU...
  10. WTF!!!!! KIM KWANG SOO.... Izzit t-ara going to riun / GETTING WORST then you feel guilty about hwayoung being leaves...so you ask hwayoung to re-join T-ARA?!! WHAT CEO IS THIS ... THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER IN THE WORLD... HWAYOUNG DONT JOIN T-ARA*even i want you to join back t-ara*IF YOU RE-JOIN T-ARA EVERYONE WILL THINK THAT YOUR BEHAVIER IS SAME AS WHAT CCM SAY AND YOU WILL GET BULLIED BY OTHER MEMBER AGAIN...*HOPE NO...*...
  11. WHAT!???!?!? I don't understand what did hwayoung do .... Can anyone tell to me... I need to think twice for continue to be QUEEN'S or not... This is ridiculous!!!!
  12. [12.07.19] Video - T-ara's greeting to Malaysian fans and showcase promotion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTFye5JmvNc&feature=g-all-u CR: Jazzy Group of Companies, dumbledorez2
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