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  1. aww this Bunny Style so lovely - i mean white font and pink backgroung. hope that concept will be beautiful. but i have a question, i usually order from cdjapan and there isn`t any information about sign mv on dvd limited edition as well as dangerous love and other, there is only additional dvd with バニスタ!mv. Do anyone know about it? Are these mvs of Soyeon+Areum, Boram+Qri and Eunjung+Hyomin+Jiyeon really exist? xD or maybe i read wrong or something like that.
  2. it reminds me about blow of fresh air))) light and bright colors, simple poses, so girlish style i like it
  3. another portion and still Areum is so lovely)))) cute maknae with two rabbits)))
  4. they are all so cute! but this photoshoot i prefer Areum. she`s like innocent child... like Bambi :333
  5. i like the photos where they are staying next to blue wall *O* so simple and gorgeous at the same time
  6. lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! girls outfit like Alice in wonderland :3333 where are white rabbits?))))
  7. lovely christmas version! all girls are so beautiful and their hairstyles just gorgeous, Hyomin i like the most here :3
  8. queen of fashion Hyomin)) but this dress is so interesting, and suits her very well
  9. both so different and still beautiful. Eunjung so cute, like ordinary girl came to vote))))
  10. Eunjung`s and Qri`s outfit the best! *O* pretty suit Eunjung :3 and Qri looks so lovely with this hat, like a part of her style))
  11. Hyomin eats junk food... it`s lovely but i think it`d be good if they had more time for proper dinner or lunch... still, some junk food is not bad ^___^
  12. so lovely and again my favourite hairstyle))) she`s like a little kitten and bright outfit :3
  13. young and sleepy)))) seems that she was trying not to fall asleep, so that`s the reason for taking photos. this eternity problem of sleep :/
  14. awww so cute! remembering childhood))) and she recommend Lego like remedy from stress and worries, lovely Qri)))
  15. poor SoYeon. just one-two words and you`re almost a criminal... this is not fair. and this warning just ridiculous. "be careful in future"? okay, then, prohibit her using blogs :/
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