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  1. @edXOnline @lifehacker link die?

  2. yeah! let's vote for our Queens every day ^^ T-T-ara T-ara T-ara !
  3. Yeah, our Queens are back, so cool, sexy, T-ara fighting!!! but i really miss hwayoung, i hope she can come back!
  4. what do you say??? " will the mmber accept her again ??will other mmber treat her well ." i think if they treated her well before then after this scandal over and if Hwa rejoin they definitely accept and treat her well, because that is not her fault but antifan. BUT if 6mems didn't treat her well in the past so she will not rejoin, i think...!(sorry because of my English, it's not good...)
  5. " Kwangsoo stated again, the reason Hwayoung was removed from T-ara is because of her decision to not appear on Music Bank." do you believe this???
  6. http://t.co/keNE3qSN Qri-my Venus! T-ara at first fanmeet!
  7. OMG. why did that happen, T-ara will never like the first time, will never be the same T.T!!!
  8. OMG,OgO, poor Hwayoung, don't know what to say, hope that she can rejoin T-ara but it seem like CCM bully her into leaving, Hwayoung pls Don't leave!!!
  9. thanks guys! Qri is so so so pretty, i wish i was there,oh my Angel Qri !
  10. T-ara(티아라) _ DAY BY DAY, my Queens are back! http://t.co/5lSi1SnD via @pinterest

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