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  1. I don't see the pictures as bullying, maybe hwayoung just wants to isolate herself somehow. . . its just her personality i think sometimes fun sometimes serious no one to blame >< "just media and netizens"
  2. Good thing Hwayoung tweeted again I hate how people create false rumors / news just to destroy others. . .
  3. I don't know why some people think that new members are bad. . . For me, as long as the original is their or as long as their songs are good its good
  4. the first time I heard it I danced =)) It's really a good song, nice tune actually every song that T-ara comes up is good
  5. Wow, Qri is so gorgeous in both pictures @.@ specially the one in the bottom @.@ thanks for sharing this
  6. im so excited for this video, but im also waiting for the remaining 2 versions of lovey dovey @.@
  7. congratulations t-ara! hope them to achieve more #1's and awards im always full support!
  8. boram, for me, looks matured in the pictures @.@ she's becoming cuter and cuter as time passes =))
  9. i love this video, they're all in 101% effort and performance level i wonder why they changed 1 of boram's parts
  10. when i saw this, I felt a little bit closer to the girls they don't forget to say something about them to their fans thanks for the translate also
  11. the casts are great looking forward for this drama
  12. they deserve it, they totally kicked up their activities last month up to this month and I really think that they are tired
  13. this making film video made me more excited >< btw, may i know the name of the lady above? she's also beautiful ^^
  14. T-ara, now, is really perfect for my taste adding another member is ok (for me) just don't try to remove anyone still, rumor is a rumor let's focus on their lovey dovey promotions
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