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  1. hey diadem staff!

    i've noticed that the calendar barely gets updated. i'm sure many people would love to see it updated as it would be very convenient to see what upcoming activities t-ara has.

    i know t-ara's fancafe updates t-ara's schedule every week, and t-arafan.com keeps a nice schedule as well, but i'm sure many people don't know how to browse those websites as they are in korean.

    it would be great if you could make the calendar user editable (if that's possible) for we could add in their schedules, i believe only staff can add in events atm. i know i personally check their schedule every week on their k-sites and i'm sure a few others do as well so it wouldn't be that difficult to update it whenever a new event is revealed.

    if you decide to do this, it should be fairly simple to come up with a few rules such as to label the events, [bROADCAST], [REC], [RELEASE], etc and to cite a source if you are adding a schedule.

    I think an updated calendar would be very nice because t-ara is always doing something and it's hard to keep track :) (and i don't think there's a good website for checking t-ara schedules in english)



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