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  1. Watch the next comeback is a futuristic dystopia ~ since it’s supposed to be the complete opposite of ShangriLa

  2. @daeseungs So you live in SK now? If I go Seoul or something this year, we should meet up again :)))

  3. Hakyeon lost so much weight... and you can tell because his long neck is even more apparent whenever he's skinny...… https://t.co/MEEZL1xmKw

  4. 4 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/t774Rzz4CW

  5. OMFG both BAP and VIXXLR are in Osaka!! Whaaaaaat???! Can LeoChan meet please and also let me run into them?

  6. He shortened my life because of softness~ https://t.co/FR3tcxNcdD

  7. RT @LEOKEN_1110406: 으....앙앜..... https://t.co/w7dva3vjxY

  8. RT @ultkeovi: since cha hakyeon has left online communities shaking after The 도원경 stage, here's a thread to enlighten you on our king's kil…

  9. RT @Kong_ringring: 자리 비운 형아 놀리는 똥강아지's (사실 애들이 말한 캐릭터 뭔지 1도 모르지만 놀리는 게 맞는 것 가틈) https://t.co/uheZgJCVSb

  10. @mathviolet @CHA_NNNNN @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 You’re welcome<33 I’m glad you like them ~~

  11. RT @Ddimkunghae: 수고핬에요 The Empire, 너무 감사하고 그리고 미인하고. The Empire 화이팅! #VIXX #The_Empire #Starlights https://t.co/LaeuyVM1sU

  12. 2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/t774Rzz4CW

  13. RT @pumppumpn: 해가 갈수록 자연스러워지는 요니와 그의 전용의자 https://t.co/Dl2fLyy4ek

  14. Lrt can you imagine VIXX hearing Kong swear from time to time while gaming in his room~ sorry but VIXX swearing is my new aesthetic xD

  15. [SKETCH] D-4 until Taekwoon Day #MataHari #sketch #fanart #taekwoon #armand #leo #vixx https://t.co/9SqwazIDlB

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