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  1. RT @lovin_n_time: 2018 HAPPY N DAY 학연이의 생일을 함께 축하해주세요❤️ #학연이와_함께하는_시간 #HAPPYNDAY https://t.co/W7QZl1SdcJ

  2. [NAVI] 楽園 - Eden - [CHAPTER XXXIII] A Little Surprise #wattpad https://t.co/TPuwf98dou AFF Link - https://t.co/g3W07WpgKE

  3. [SKETCH] 180526 - NAVI for DoWonKyung/Shangri-La Another quick one before I go sleep.... I want to color this but… https://t.co/Dva9YQ93uN

  4. [WIP - QUICK SKETCH] VIXX OT6 - LIVE LOST FANTASIA #fanart #sketch #vixx #livefantasia #ot6 #lostfantasia https://t.co/LHIc5SVSWX

  5. 14 people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/t774Rzz4CW

  6. This is my WATTPAD link to my WP followers~ [HaKen] WHITE - CASE 1 - The White Rose #wattpad https://t.co/pocl8zzk39

  7. @yakusoda Right? I laughed so hard like Jaehwannie and than went awww~ so cute~~ then my HaKen heart started flutte… https://t.co/0sj6HWLej4

  8. @mayfairemoonB Blossom tears for life!

  9. I've reuploaded the video cuz the previous one had some issues with it TTvTT [SpeedPaint] EAU DE VIXX - OT6… https://t.co/hxju3NbRef

  10. @Taek_myheart @JUNGTW_LEO Soo good <333

  11. Everyone is in Gucci and Balenciaga, then you have NBin who’s like ‘what’s that?’

  12. Watch the next comeback is a futuristic dystopia ~ since it’s supposed to be the complete opposite of ShangriLa

  13. @daeseungs So you live in SK now? If I go Seoul or something this year, we should meet up again :)))

  14. Hakyeon lost so much weight... and you can tell because his long neck is even more apparent whenever he's skinny...… https://t.co/MEEZL1xmKw

  15. 4 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/t774Rzz4CW

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