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  1. RT @sitijawiah: 지연이! 생일 축하해! May you have a great career this 2018! ? #박지연_6월의기적 #HAPPYJINGDAY https://t.co/G3E8YiTGxE

  2. RT @GoBillyKorean: I've been working on this LARGE project together with TalkToMeInKorean for the past several months, and finally it's rel…

  3. RT @SONGdotcom: ? sing a song ? https://t.co/WVD2aZjk2A

  4. RT @SONGdotcom: [SOYEON INSTASTORY] https://t.co/g8tbbPWQXb

  5. RT @Thaiaraclub: T-ara - ' The Best Hit ' OST. preview https://t.co/LsXcU1twrq

  6. RT @batButt_bb: Where's ninja Soyeon these days... Miss you, hope your well ? https://t.co/dmoHzTMPLH

  7. RT @AMAJING93: 170618 인가 미니팬미팅 지연 프리뷰 잠한숨도 못자고ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 사녹하고 피곤할텐데 팬들 보겠다고 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ 귀여븐 내시낑ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ https://t.co/E0CEo3aTZT

  8. RT @officialmbkent: [T-ARA] 내 이름은? T-ARA COMING SOON 20170614 What's my name? #티아라 #TARA #QRI #EUNJUNG #HYOMIN #JIYEON https://t.co/RSO…

  9. RT @jikadeudeuh: PRETTY!!! https://t.co/SqdJzw4qJs

  10. RT @Na_NoOn_: บะบุยยย :) หวังว่าจะได้เจอพัคโซในไทยอีกนะะะะ #TaraFanmeetinginBKK2017 https://t.co/obcHQZ9b67

  11. RT @SONGdotcom: 170402 인천공항 입국 소연 직찍 업뎃! https://t.co/w87ZXS5cQK #소연 #soyeon https://t.co/i9SPlugPc5

  12. RT @craZy18gurl: T-ara's upcoming album will have 6 tracks including a 6 minute medley of previous 24 songs https://t.co/IlqQuYNH8w

  13. RT @ileead_zephyr: [VID] #에일리 #ailee - 낡은 그리움 MV https://t.co/45tsNKv4QV

  14. RT @jijijiyeonnie: I'm dedicating this video to all Queen's around the world. We may not know each other but thank for always believing in…

  15. RT @tiaradiadem: Jiyeon's My Runway is available to watch on Netflix Korea with English subs. Other regions are still unavailable. https://…

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