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  1. It's sad that they have to edit them out. But, I actually think it's alright so those anti-bashing fans won't get to bash them. But, still it's sad to hear that T-ara members gets edit out from what they'd already done filming.
  2. I felt hurt at the moment she shed tears. But, I'm also happy that she can smile to the camera with her eyes filled with tears. Hyomin, you're the reason why I've been yearning for this drama. Please be strong and remember that truth Queens will always support you.
  3. That's what you called "Determination" Our leader Soyeon is doing what its best for everyone, I mean the drama staffs that's why no matter how painful she is she's still manage to get up and prove us that she is a strong leader. Although CCM might have force her to do that but I still believe in Soyeon who wants to show us how much she love what she's doing. Soyeon fighting!!! I hope you can recover soon.
  4. This is the most silly case I've ever seen. Why would you apologize when you have'nt even done anything wrong? I won't. Just like @ maknae23 mentioned, "If they didn't like it, why didn't they switch off their damn tvs or change the channel instead of watching T-ara throughout the whole show?" If I hate a person so much and she/he is appearring on the TV, I would've change the channel. Because, I don't even want to look at his/her face. Come on, what so hard about switching the channel. That is just how I feel. I would love to see T-ara in drama and shows. I hope it will pass quickly so our girls can be on shows again with a smile on their face. T-ara FIGHTHING!
  5. I was happy to know that CCM is actually doing something to protect our girls. T-Ara & Hwayoung fighting!!!
  6. Great news but our Hyomin will be tiring over pack schedule. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to watch her in the drama. OT: I saw a picture of Hyomin and Infinite's Woohyun and was curious is it related to the drama. Just asking.
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