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  1. Well, I'm biased with Soyeon, but Boram looks especially awesome in these promotions
  2. YES! Whoohoo, this collides with my vacation plans on Japan! Anyone has previous experience on reserving tickets (as a foreigner)?
  3. Happy to hear these news This makes a lot of sense for me, as I get the feeling Qri and Boram are more suited for Japan (or at least they seem to be having the most fun), and Soyeon is my bias, so I'm really looking forward to it. So splitting into subgroups like that (N4 for korea, N3? for japan) is probably the best way. Sadly their comeback date does not fall in line with my plans to visit Japan... I was hoping they might be doing some activities around September. Meh.
  4. Is it just me or does she look like Boa in this particular pic?
  5. They look awesome! Especially Boram. Except Jiyeonie looks a bit weird on one, or is it just me? :|
  6. Well, if it wasn't on apple's ecosystem i'd definately buy the japanese version immediately. Hopefully it will be ported on PC as well.
  7. Jiyeon with her icecream is so cute Especially with her rougher than usual voice due to her cold...
  8. And my day has been made. Cheers for Hyomin and the rest of the Japanese cast.
  9. Doesn't Amber kinda look like Michael Jackson in that pic? lol...
  10. Meh... Ridiculously expensive. As expected, since it's Japanese. And you'll still probably be able to find it on digital download for 1.00-1.20 I assume. Worst thing is, I'll probably buy it, especially if there is separate art for each 'subgroup' in each disc. Though I'm not really having my hopes up. But then again it's limited edition and I'm a fanboy :S Grrrrr. That said, cheers for the comeback! Can't wait until it's released!
  11. Waaa, she looks cool... Really looking forward to it, by the way. I tend to enjoy Japanese original releases by Korean artists more, even though I don't even listen to JPop. T-ara never disappoints musically, so I'm certain this will be awesome. I just hope they don't skimp on the art inside the album pages like some other artists (coughcoughgirlsandpeacecough). And I haven't got the Jewely Box so I wouldn't know (got the Budoukan concert instead). Besides, anything even remotely Japanese is ridiculusouly expensive, so I'm a tad worried there.
  12. Eh, well, she'd have been awesome as an agent :| Especially with tight leathers. Ho ho.
  13. So glad to see that half the girls also prefer the same song as me (Like the first time). This was, in fact, the song that piqued my interest about T-ara in the first place. I find it quite an underappreciated song. Incedentally, Bye Bye is probably the only T-ara song that I often skip. But I can understand it hold sentimental value for them.
  14. Oh my, that picture of Soyeon with the umbrella is... *argh*! Must get. Edit: It's pretty natural business-wise that Hwayoung wouldn't be there, isn't it?
  15. I dont consider myself either an idiot or an anti, but Hwayoung not specifically denying that there was bullying involved annoys me. In fact, her whole recent behavior and the consequences it had, is rather annoying. Why can't she be explicit to quench those rumors?
  16. Besides, I thought they weren't they signed up in a different agency as far as acting goes? I don't think CCM really has an official say as far as this press conference goes. Looking forward to the drama, in any case.
  17. Yeah, surprisingly this turned out to be a good move for KKS.
  18. While I would agree on a moral level, directly attacking the media in by itself could be a little dangerous in the long term. Then again, seeing their present anti-T-ara stance, I'm not sure there's much to lose. And by the way, I get the hate against AKP, and I agree, but I dont think that's a major factor actually. I mean yes, we international fans are probably visiting this and similar sites, but the koreans have their own native media, and T-ara reputation in Korea is more important than their reputation abroad.
  19. I have a bad feeling about this. Mostly because KKS is directly involved. Might have been better to just lay low and do nothing, but on the other hand, a direct confrontation (if handled well) could clear things up a bit faster and allow the girls to resume activities sooner, instead of waiting for the matter to be simply 'forgotten'. My understanding so far is that the intention of the group is not to 'end T-ara', but rather to confirm or deny those rumors. Seems pretty neutral to me, and I can't blame people for joining. I just feel it's pointless, as it is probably never going to happen. (And on a sidenote, when I was 16 I was probably doing greater things than I am doing now - disassembling exes and hacking assembly for game modding)
  20. THIS. I had decided to ban myself from visiting allkpop and the like ever again, but (after I calmed down) seeing how ridiculous there articles were, I found some entertainment value in it. I might as well give them those clicks.
  21. Well, hopefully it's next year spring or summer so I can go, mwihihi
  22. Well, of course his voice carries more impact than anonymous back dances and whatnot. Hopefully by seeing this, and if Soyeon performs well (well she's my overall bias so I won't be able to judge objectively), other PDs will take notice and have her in other shows in the future as well. As for myself I'm really excited to see her in a drama, and glad it's not being canceled or whatever.
  23. Yes, it's obviously better to postpone the concert and the comeback. Which is a pity, because in light of people (if you can call them that) burning CDs, I was about to preorder about 10 CDs and hand them to friends. Hopefully T-ara will still be performing when I get to Korea late September/early October. Otherwise I'll probably try to catch some other groups, but I'll be pretty bummed if I can't go to T-ara again. (On the other hand, thankfully I hadn't planned this trip for early August... imagine if i went there and all this fuss happened as I was there. I would probably be joining a riot instead of having vacations. Pffft.)
  24. A formal police investigation has held place, and the rumor originator has been identified to be a teenager in the area of $district posting anonymously. Due to the young of his age, no legal action will be initiated against him.
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