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    j4trail reacted to JiyeonHolic1100 in [OFFICIAL] T-ara Bikini Concept Photos (08/02)   
    [OFFICIAL] T-ara Bikini Concept Photos (08/02)                        
    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2048-bikini-082013/

    CREDIT: T-ara's Official Site (sooyoungbok.com) + JiyeonHolic + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    j4trail reacted to Jy_t2907 in [PIC] Soyeon's new selca (06/09)   
    [PIC] Soyeon's new selca (06/09)

    CREDIT: Melot
    P/s : Does she look different to you ?

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    j4trail reacted to nathaniel in [14.04.28] T-ara N4 reveal their true feelings on the path to their debut   
    [14.04.28] T-ara N4 reveal their true feelings on the path to their debut
    "Since our debut, we constantly have the task of changing our image. From animal costumes and gloves, to Christmas tree costumes and Indian costumes.. once again, please look forward to T-ara's bold and unique concept hehehe"

    TV Daily met with T-ara N4 weekly to show off an exclusive honest and funny disclosure of an idol's POV. We dug deep to find out their true feelings and get intimate for the readers. Ah~

    T-ara N4 consists of T-ara's members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum. Their title song "Rural Life" is different from anything else and the attention towards T-ara has always been hot. Sexy, chic, lively and beautiful girls.. this is what T-ara will portray with their concept this time.

    T-ara's first stage will be on May 1st. Since this debut almost four years ago, this will be the first time they'll promote as a unit and there is much anticipation. Choreography practice, interviews, music video shoots.. so far they have had busy schedules with no rest already. If there are misunderstandings or prejudice for T-ara N4, now they will honestly reveal themselves~

    Eunjung, "I'm here to film the music video~ But it's too cold so only a bit of my face is showing hehehe"

    Hyomin, "In the most comfortable position before recording kekeke With shrimp cakes in my arms kekeke"

    Jiyeon, "What was this taken? Transformed into Santa Girl Jiyeon~ Ulzzang angle hehe"

    Areum, "Refreshing drink~ Soon spring will go away and it'll be summer hehehe"

    Eunjung, "In a good mood with a camera I received as a gift~ Happy right now hehehe"

    Hyomin, "Today I'm wearing a pink sweater for the spring atmosphere scene~ I'm not really mad hehe"

    Jiyeon, "Wondering how T-ara N4 turned into hip hop warriors? We'll make a public appearance soon hehe"

    "Our dinner is cherry tomatoes and rice cakes~ All four of us made cute poses hehehe"

    Hyomin, "Break time during choreography practice~ Aigoo it's difficult ㅜㅜ But I have to cheer up for the first stage hehe"

    "Earlier we took a proof shot during dance practice of us streching our bodies~ Are we flexible? Hohoho"

    Eunjung, "During recording. For the music video concept, I transformed with mushroom hair! kekeke"

    Hyomin, "While recording some songs? Shh! It's a secret~ I'll let you know soon hehehe"

    "Eating a late night snack to cheer us up. Today we work hard! Everyone, T-ara N4 will come soon. Coming soon~
    Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=339416 / http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=339417
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    j4trail reacted to Felixng in [13.04.03] T-ara to release 2nd Japanese album on July 31st!   
    This isn't quick at all, if you consider that none of T-ara members has any short or long run individual project except for Eunjung, who is hosting Show Champion. Hence, their income is reduced significantly compared with their previous years. If people don't come knocking on their door to offer jobs, they need to go all out to earn more money.
    Their average age is quite high compared to other idol groups. Their activities as an idol group are now limited to singing only, hence, they need to make the most out of it. Moreover, unlike music bands, they don't compose their own music, so they don't really need to take a break to find new inspiration. As long as their company can find new materials that they think the group could help sell well, they will go for it.
    Edit: After giving the news another read, I think that 2nd album could be just the compilation of the songs from 10 singles T-ara has released recently. Well, let's wait and see.
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    j4trail reacted to craZy in [OFFICIAL] Hyomin in the recording studio (01/27)   
    [OFFICIAL] T-ara Official Japanese Blog Hyomin Update (01/27)

    "Please wait. ♥"

    CREDIT: http://ameblo.jp/t-ara777 + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    j4trail reacted to xbot in [12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine   
    Sorry.... I just couldn't help myself
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    j4trail reacted to Elienore in [12.11.13] T-ara's sleepiness on the plane attracts attention   
    It's like looking at some of their older airplane pictures.
    They sure as hell are gonna be busy for a while now, good luck to them.
    Also, boss Sso is boss.
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    j4trail got a reaction from CHUMMii in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    I dont consider myself either an idiot or an anti, but Hwayoung not specifically denying that there was bullying involved annoys me. In fact, her whole recent behavior and the consequences it had, is rather annoying. Why can't she be explicit to quench those rumors?
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    j4trail reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.23] "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"   
    "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"

    Regarding Tara Eunjung's receiving of an unilateral notice of termination from the drama production company, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has expressed its position.
    The KEMA on the 23rd published to the media an article titled "Opinion on the Unreasonable Unilateral Breach of TV Drama Contract"
    According to this article, for the success of Five Fingers, Eunjung had given up her other schedules, including overseas activities, showing her sincerity to fully participate in the drama production, but the production team of "Five Fingers" on the 21st, requested with no legitimate reason, that Eunjung leave the drama on her own accord, mentioning that if she did not comply with the request, they would put pressure on Eunjung and her agency.
    Eunjung's side did not understand this, and requested for a reason for withdrawal, but the production team only referred to the modification clause of the contract stating that the situation was not in the best interests of the drama production.
    The KEMA stated "If it is necessary to change the cast during drama production, it should be be discussed with the actor under the premise of mutual understanding and negotiation, but the production team and SBS on the 22nd did not relate any information to Eunjung about her withdrawal, but announced her termination through the media"
    It also stated "Through various evidence and proof, this association has verified and is shocked by this oppressive act of the production team."
    The KEMA said "This association works to improve the practices of drama production and to develop a healthy industry by eradicating old practices. Therefore, from a few years ago, starting with the problems of unpaid acting fees, this association has worked to improve such unreasonable contracts and practices." "Such efforts can been seen in the 'Drama Production Standard Acting Contract' project developed along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
    KEMA's article concluded by stating "We will advocate for Ham Eunjung's rights to restore her reputation as she has been unreasonably harmed as described above. To ensure that all relevant parties in this incident will not be harmed, we anticipate a reasonable solution from the drama production team."
    English translations by @kclalala via Chinese translations by Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar)
    Original source: http://sports.chosun...ceDate=20120823
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    j4trail reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.08.22] T-ara's Eunjung walks away from her role in SBS "Five Fingers"   
    Jesus Christ, fellas, enough of the rage here.
    What would YOU do if you were in the shoes of SBS or the PD of this drama? Hm?
    Eunjung and the rest of T-ara had gone through a massive scandal - mind you, perhaps the biggest scandal of 2012 and probably of all female idol groups and it's not SBS's job to care for whatever they think. What right or say does a broadcasting company have in regards to T-ara's internal affairs?
    SBS is a goddamn broadcasting company appealing to the masses' entertainment, not a bunch of humanitarian workers. To say you're going to boycott all their shows over something as this is just irrational idiocy at best and it's not like KBS and MBC are any better, considering both companies underwent two massive strikes over legitimate reasons. I say again - It's not SBS's job to be concerned about T-ara. That's CCM's job, which regardless to say is doing a pathetic job at it and is better off being run down by a whole company of tanks and bulldozers.
    To say there's no actress capable of matching Eunjung's level is also sheer idiocy as well - Korea has a plentiful pool of actresses around, some who are worse, some who are better. For that person who's thought that Korean society is the same as how it's portrayed in dramas and TV programs - I won't even get started.
    Regardless of Soyeon and Hyomin, it's simply unsuitable for all of T-ara to work at current circumstances - Eunjung can use this time to reflect, rest and refit both mentally and physically. If you people can't be patient with not seeing your favorite idols appearing on screen in TV, smartphone, tablet or computer, then by all means, that's just downright immature of you.
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    j4trail reacted to scelesters in [12.08.14] T-ara's Soyeon determined to film for "Haeundae Lovers" tomorrow   
    I can totally understand where she is coming from. This scandal has not been easy as T-ara has been under the scrutiny of MANY individuals so she wants to do well and to top it off, this is her first drama that she has been eager to star in. Factor in that these girls have truly been workaholic to perform the best that they can, I can see her feeling a burden of her own creation to be at the set. She probably already feels a huge burden because of the scrutiny she has brought to the drama already and does not want to impose anymore.
    KKS may or may not approve of this but I think she has a big part in wanting to go on set too. It's 11PM here and both my boyfriend and I are still working for our separate companies because we feel obligated to get work done when it is being asked of us too and I do not have nearly the same dedication as she does. I really do want her to rest but knowing these girls, they will keep pushing themselves to do their best and put in more than the body can physically handle.
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    j4trail reacted to fransium in [12.08.14] T-ara's Soyeon determined to film for "Haeundae Lovers" tomorrow   
    I’m so tired of the word determination.
    just focus in your treatment.
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    j4trail reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.08.13] T-ara's Soyeon rushed to Seoul hospital for emergency medical treatment   
    Assuming this was directed at me since I said the word 'karma', I'll give my answer.
    Arguably, yes, I would say the 'universe' is punishing T-ara for their past (or current) mistakes - or if you look at it in a wider picture, punishing CCM for its past and current mistakes with T-ara as part of the collateral damage, since the latter is CCM's only real form of revenue. I don't believe in spiritual or superstitous stuff but it's pretty clear that this year is arguably perhaps T-ara's worst year overall - and whatever crap they or CCM did is coming to bite them in the ass.
    Soyeon even mentioned in her recent interview that the relationship between the members isn't exactly perfect and that the Tweets to Hwayoung were definitely unwarranted for - which does speculate or imply that the atmosphere within is not so nice, which is a given due to the inhospitable environment they're in. T-ara ain't angels and saints, regardless of how hard they've worked to get where they are.
    And you've got a lot of guts to accuse me of being an anti of T-ara, mate. While I may be a pessimistic asshat and had my ups and downs with the fandom as well as making fun of the members often, that doesn't mean I'm an 'anti'. Hell, I sure as hell didn't turn my back on them when the craziness of the scandal erupted, unlike many others who did and became antis themselves.
    Being a fan doesn't mean I have to be optimistic, happy, cheerful and smiley 24/7 for them, if that's what you're trying to say.
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    j4trail reacted to Grimlock in [12.08.03] CEO Kim Kwangsoo to T-Jinyo: "Come meet with me"   
    T-Jinyo has the right idea of getting the truth about the situation out. However it's unfortunate that it's mostly composed of casual Kpop fans who only joined in for the heck of it or to stir things up. It's a mob mentality. Join a cause just because. And such mentality has very poor followup.
    At this point IDC about the truth anymore, we won't ever get the full facts. As long as KKS has a hand over T-ara, anyway. Even long after T-ara is irrelevant they'll prob still have to keep it in secrecy. What does matter is that the girls are on good terms with one another.
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    j4trail reacted to min young in [12.08.02] T-ara to reach 150,000 fans in Japanese arena tour next year   
    Written by a Woojung fan about Eunjung and the recent T-ara controversy:

    Right now, it is as if we are in the centre of a vortex, in the midst of a temporary peace, unsure as to whether we are situated in the darkness before dawn, or whether we are about to face a greater storm.
    I’ve followed the recent news silently, watching as things turned for the worse, and watching as Eunjung lost, one by one, all her work…losing the things that are the most important to her, things that she has worked for all her life. The hard work that this girl has put in for the past 3 years, all her sweat, determination, painful and sleepless nights, in exchange, she has received the label of “evil.” It’s unfair, really unfair. Too unfair.
    But things in life are always as such. Because she is the most hardworking, because her work has had the most exposure, she was hurt the most. Had she been out of the spotlight, the harm to her right now would not be as great. But what did she? What did she actually do? These past few days, people have been trying to find blemishes on Eunjung’s profile, and what did they find? An edited video of her feeding rice cake. I cannot help but not say this, but Ham Eun Jung, your blemishes are so small and little that it pains my heart. But just like that, this one example was used to determine a person’s character and to deny her of everything. For a small act of horseplay. Is it fair? No it’s not.
    But the world does not care about fairness, and it is likely that only the people who love her will care whether this is fair. I am a Woojung fan, but I hae always focused and praised Jangwoo and rarely Eunjung. But today, I want to talk about Eunjung.
    A lot of people may not know it, but the thing about Eunjung that touched me the most was not her appearance, not her cuteness, not her aegyo. It was something unrelated to appearance, it was what she said: “I’m T-ara’s Eunjung.” It was the “T-ara” that she talked about all the time that made me look at her seriously. This girl, though participating in an individual programme, never forgot to mention and bring up her group. She came to participate in a solo programme that shows off a person’s individual charisma, but it seems as if she also carried the task of getting her group noticed. What impressed me was that she did not treat this as a burden. She really put in all her effort. She asked ahjummas, “Do you know T-ara? T-ara…” When she Roly Poly started playing in the car, she said, “Everybody quiet, listen to this!”
    Girl group idols who participate in We Got Married are many, but comparatively, T-ara really has been mentioned the most. Roly Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Lovey Dovey…each title song has followed along in We Got Married. Adding to that was the scene in MBC Gayo when Woojung Couple MC-ed together, where Eunjung fought for a chance for T-ara to have screen time. Eunjung weaved through the crowd just to bring her group to the front [T/N: this was seen in a fancam taken just before the countdown]. She was not the only female-idol MC there at the time, but she was the only one who, while participating in a solo activity, thought not of how to get more screen-time for herself, but of how to get more screen-time for T-ara.
    At the MBC Gayo, Eunjung hurt her ankle…and the result? In less than a week, without rest, Eunjung went on stage to perform after receiving painkillers. This was not some large concert performance, but only a small stage on Music Bank. But for T-ara’s first comeback of the year, she pushed through. Compared to this, filming her drama [Queen Insoo] with a cast is nothing. Such professionalism, pain and determination, her achievements gained in exchange for her blood, sweat, and her own health. In return, she gained this label of “wicked” and “bully”. Is it fair? No it isn’t.
    Some people say, she came in last at the Idol Olympics, so what does she know about determination? But those people do not know, or pretend not to know, that the day before Idol Olympics, she filmed Running Man until 3am. For a 25 year old girl who has injured her left leg three times – having torn her ligaments, received surgery, received multiple doses of painkillers to perform on stage, having appeared on shows on crutches, having filmed running and jumping the night before until 3am only to wake up early in the morning with a smile on her face to participate in the Idol Olympics, for a girl like this, does coming in last place really mean she has no determination? … Really?
    Her leg… it can no longer withstand such intense sports anymore. She is only a bird with clipped wings and can no longer fly around easily anymore… This is why I have always looked at this girl with fondness. If she was wicked, lazy, black-hearted, went around lecturing people while not working hard herself, then I would not have nothing to say. But the truth is not like that. Even if only from We Got Married, I can see the effort she puts in to maintain and safeguard T-ara. Even if only from We Got Married, I can still see her professionalism and perserverance for her work. Even the Korean press has reported before that she has the busiest schedule. Let’s look at what the press have said before:
    “Schedules that even popular SNSD members, IU, and even male idols have found difficult to complete, even when she has completed such busy and hectic schedules, which is by itself not an easy task, there has been never any news her fainting or falling unconscious. Even when she is tired, she has never been called out for attitude problems. This is the ‘woman of steel’, T-ara’s Eunjung.”
    Enduring the craziest schedules, always undertaking superhuman amounts of work, yet never complaining or slacking off. Always the optimistic and bubbly one, the one who would step in for other members if anything happens to them. This is the Eunjung that makes my heart ache. The achievements that she has gained using everything she had in her life, all destroyed just like that… Rumours and insults, just like that, destroyed a girl. But, what exactly did she do wrong? What did she do wrong to ever have to suffer such accusations?
    She was clearly the last to tweet, and yet it was reported that she was the first one to do so. Why did people have to photoshop those screencaps like that? I don’t know. But let’s look closely at her tweet:
    “A person’s status is created by people; determination as well can also be created… Aigoo, it’s upsetting. Should be considerate to those beside you”
    What I want to say is, regardless of whom this tweet is directed to, I first have to say that coming from Ham Eun Jung, there is nothing wrong with it. Because her status was indeed created from her own struggles, from her own hard work all these years. Indeed, she was not given this status, but created it herself. Because she used her determination to complete the busiest schedules. Because she is clearly not a selfish person. If she were one, she would not have performed on stage while injured. So what she said, she did. She was not being scornful or taunting. As one of the longest T-ara members, the first leader, and the member with the greatest responsibility, she has the qualifications to say these words.
    Discussions always tend to support the weak, but what is right and wrong is not measured by a person’s strength or weakness or pity for the weak. Behind those who are strong, are also blood, sweat, and tears.
    Ever since I have slowly come to understand this girl, I wished for her to go solo and to find her own path and success. But I also realize that she is the one least likely to leave T-ara even if she has the most potential to succeed in doing so. I have always thought that she has a sense of stubbornness and determination towards T-ara. In Star Life Theatre, when thinking about T-ara 10 years from now, she cried. There will come a day when all their current glory will eventually fade away, and what brilliance she can hold onto and make into reality now is only temporary. Yet knowing this, she is like a moth to a flame, and will continue to try her best. Because, for this, she has already put in too much effort for too long. Eunjung has said before self-deprecatingly: she is destined to work forever. I agree, she is. Her stubbornness and determination: to get T-ara to the top.
    But when hope is near, it is completely destroyed. I feel saddened and heartbroken for how cruel fate is to this girl. She should not be treated in this manner. Did she do anything wrong? I would not say that she is a flawless goddess. She isn’t. Everyone is responsible to an extent for T-ara’s current situation, but the blame and criticism she is getting is too much. She has become a figurehead for netizens to express their anger on.
    Yesterday, I told my friend, let this be an once-in-a-lifetime life lesson then. But I know this is only something said in optimism, something that is easily said. I worry for Eunjung, but I also believe that she will grow stronger and learn from this experience. This girl, who hides her weakness in an outer appearance of strength, will either collapse or get back up stronger. I believe it is the latter. I too am looking forward to the return of a stronger and more determined Ham Eunjung. And more importantly, I know that she is not alone: she has her family and people who admire and believe in her.
    Written by 梅花肚 of 鯨魚夫婦吧 (Baidu WooJung Couple Bar) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1764520968 (Part about Jangwoo omitted)
    English translation by @Citrus_Angels and @kckclalala (twitter)
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    j4trail reacted to min young in [12.08.01] T-ara's concert postponed until the end of the year   
    《T-ARA Malaysia Showcase 2012》 Press Release.
    This is an announcement for the public that 《T-ARA Malaysia Showcase 2012》will be remain unchanged , so the showcase still will be held at Dewan Wawasan PGRM, Kuala Lumpur on 3rd October 2012 (Wednesday), starting from 8.30p.m. There’re alots of rumors out there regarding T-ARA’s member leaving and the show will be cancel in certain places , but in Malaysia the show will be still going on without any interruption.Come and enjoy watching their great dance performance and amazing voices that will definitely entertain you throughout the night.
    Stay tune with Jazzy Group Facebook and official radio station One FM for their latest news update.
    For more information, please visit our website or contact enquiry hotline.
    TicketCharge 03-9222 8811 / JazzyGroup 03-5622 1600
    (www.ticketcharge.com.my / www.jazzygroup.com )
    Thank You.
    The Management
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    j4trail reacted to djschlotte in [12.08.01] Hwayoung says to a reporter before apologizing to Kim Kwangsoo, "I'm alright"   
    See, kks is a good boss. Everyone should show him s lot of love.
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    j4trail reacted to PrincessT-ara in [12.08.01] Hwayoung apologized to CEO Kim Kwangsoo in tears   
    So is she not being accepted back into the group? If that's the case, he pulled a bait and switch on her. He told her that she could rejoin the group when she apologized and when she did apologize, he didn't keep his word like he said. All he wanted to do was have her apologize to make her look like the bad person with no real intentions of taking her back. That was a shiesty move on his end and quite low, even for him. To dangle the opportunity of a 19 year old to continue her singing career if she apologized and then change his story when she fell for his antics is very sad and makes it look like he played on her emotions and took advantage of her. And to be quite honest, she really had no reason to apologize as she never accused T-ara of bullying. She never said anything bad about them even when her name was being dragged through the mud with press release and press release coming out with KKS criticizing her character. There's no word to describe how sad this is.
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    j4trail reacted to anuhhx in [12.07.31] CEO Kim Kwangsoo, "Hwayoung brought this upon herself"   
    thank gos there's this blog for all these T-ara updates. I can't stand comments on allkpop. People don't see two sides they only see one.
    Anyway, I'm really really hoping this is all a big joke. please. I need to wake up from this nightmare.
    Can Mnet fire KKS? please...
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    j4trail reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.07.31] T-ara's largest fansite, T-araDotCom closing down   
    All the more reason why I believe they should simply just say "F**k this sh!t!!!" and get out on their own, whether if CCM will allow it or not. If not, they should simply fight their way through.
    KKS clearly has proven to be inept at this and I have no doubt that the current members are desperate to end this on their own. Everything is just way beyond any form of control.
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    j4trail reacted to envY in [12.07.31] Core Contents Media trainee's post about T-ara becomes a hot topic   
    The biggest problem with rumours like this is that they can and will cause controversy whether they're true or not. The large number of antis will say they're true - regardless if they know it's highly likely to be false - just to cause more issues. And the moment KKS says these rumours are false, the antis will once again say something along the lines of "KKS/CCM is just trying to cover up the truth to protect their image."
    At this point, anyone can claim to be some sort of "insider" and falsify another statement to keep the problems going for the reason I just stated.
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    j4trail reacted to min young in [12.07.30] T-ara's CEO, "Hwayoung's contract has been terminated"   
    T-ara fans
    Hwayoung is added to T-ara: wtf no seriously what the xxxx this is ridiculous. Haven't there been enough lineup changes already? T-ara is fine as they are. CCM is ruining T-ara.
    Later: Hwayoung is actually useless. Like actually useless. What the xxxx does she even do? What the xxxx is all that Konglish xxxx? Likey likeu dis? ugh awful. Hwayoung is ruining T-ara.
    Two new members are added: T-ara should be seven just like it always has and forever it should be. 7-ara is perfect. It's a sisterhood of love. KKS is ruining T-ara.

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    j4trail got a reaction from neelie9891 in [12.07.28] Core Contents Media's CEO to make a very big announcement regarding T-ara on the 30th   
    I don't buy that especially Soyeon would publicly insult any member on twitter. Apart from being the current leader, she's rather mature and a good speaker, she knows better than this.
    I just don't buy the whole incident. Haters gonna hate.
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    j4trail reacted to FreakyFlyBri in [12.07.28] Core Contents Media's CEO to make a very big announcement regarding T-ara on the 30th   
    To be honest I'm not really blaming anyone more than the other right now simply because I think there was a point when all parties involved could've stepped back, reviewed what was going on, and sooner or later deduced that they needed to be proactive and either a.) stop the craziness before it spiralled out of control or b.) once it did indeed get to this point they should have had the foresight to know that they needed to step up and set things right. Whether that be apologizing for any perceived transgressions or just clearing the air and letting everyone know it was a big misunderstanding, I just felt like it was handled messily on their part.
    Of course, I've read a lot of REALLY great deductions on some fan's part (mad props to you, Mongrolian) that explain just where they may be coming from and what may be the causative factor for them to do what they did. Still, I can't help but feel disappointment in the whole matter. I'm not really sure who I'm disappointed with at this point, either...I don't know if it's the members themselves, or KKS for basically putting them in a situation where they may have already been combustible to begin with, or the netizens for taking the whole matter to entirely new levels of insanity. I'm partially mad with myself as I was hoping to keep a fair distance from threads related to the matter that were created by non-fans and antis, but I failed in that aspect. Still, sometimes it's a good way to get a better perspective from a casual onlooker's point of view, and right now, it ain't pretty. Still though, it's infuriating to read commentary from the peanut gallery...most of the people throwing in their cheap two cents have little to no background knowledge of T-ara as a group and are just there either because a.) everyone loves a good drama, or b.) they've never been fans of the group to begin with and they think it gives them credence to spew the nastiest, most hateful vitriol about the members that they can. They want to get all up in arms about cyber-bullying, yet they're even worse than the people they're lashing out at, and I just find it to be utterly hypocritical.
    Ultimately I'm not indefinitely calling them immature, I just wished that all of this had been handled in a better manner. One thing that the last two days have proven to me is that sometimes the supposed strong friendships people like to boast of their bias groups in K-Pop are as manufactured as the concepts and music. I used to think that the girls in T-ara were all really close, and to see the cracks in their already fragile image showing (hell, not even cracks at this point, it's downright shattering) is just a wake-up call to me, and really, it should be a wake-up call to ANY K-Pop fan who thinks this could never happen to their group, because it can, and more than likely it's been closer to happening than people want to believe. It's just that they aren't incompetently managed, and their label knows how to nip a problem in the bud before it gets to this level of ridiculousness.
    Ultimately I hope for the best possible resolution for all parties involved. If that means some members need to leave to be happy, so be it. If that means the girls take a break for a year, even better. God knows they need it. But I can't be excited for Sexy Love or anything else because as far as I'm concerned the rest of this year has been tainted for T-ara. And that's a damn crying shame, because I remember that in the beginning of the year most people were pegging it as their year to finally come into their own...and it probably would have been, had KKS just LEFT THEM THE HELL ALONE. Lovey-Dovey was a great way to start off the year for them, after their Japanese promotions ended they should've just taken a break and come back at the end of the year (if even that soon) and all would have been well...the sad thing is that I'm taking some sick pleasure in knowing that this has probably fecked up KKS's day majorly. The master troll has been trolled by his own damn creation, and I can't help but feel giddy about it. The student has surpassed the teacher. I just hate that it means T-ara as a group is destroying itself in the process.
  25. Like
    j4trail reacted to maknae23 in [12.07.28] Core Contents Media's CEO to make a very big announcement regarding T-ara on the 30th   
    I am trying REALLY REALLY REALLY hard not to post any comments and speculations about this matter before the "truth" which will be revealed tomorrow but I just can't.
    I found it amusing how most of you are so analytical here. Whatever small trivial matters were even brought up i.e how Jiyeon didn't "interact" with Hwayoung when she was playing bowling and how she "insulted" Hwayoung when Hwayoung was reading a book in Star Life Theater. Oh, you guys forgot that Jiyeon called Hwayoung "Babo" in Pretty Boys Ep 10. I am sorry but I find all these to be normal for friends. Don't you have any friends who will ignore you when you talk too much or call you stupid when you are acting as one? Well, maybe all these normal situations don't apply to IDOLS who are deemed and portrayed to be PERFECT FLAWLESS GODDESS?
    Anyway, I don't deny the fact that Hwayoung may seem to be not very close with the original T-ara and often seen to be isolated. But isn't it normal? Let's say in a group of friends, you have known A for 10 years and B for 5 years. A and B are still your friends but sometimes it's human behavior to lean towards people who have been through thick and thin with you and people who understand you very very well. That's EunJiMin for me. And when someone enters your "circle" (Hwayoung), of course you will find it hard to adjust initially but after all those years of being together, I am sure there will be a certain bond even if it's not that strong compared to the first few friends.
    You guys forgot that Hyomin hugged Hwayoung for countless number of times, Jiyeon fed Hwayoung in Pretty Boys, Hwayoung hugged Jiyeon during One Million Quiz Show and Hwayoung danced in front of Jiyeon and finally hugged her during their fan club opening ceremony. I am sorry that I can only quote certain examples cause I don't normally follow all the "couplets" but you don't need to cause I am sure all of us or maybe most of us know and acknowledge all these interactions. If they are indeed faking all these moments, oh well T-ara deserves the Grammy Awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. What I want to say is some of you are digging those moments when EunJiMin were not interacting with Hwayoung but you guys neglect those moments when EunJiMin were having fun with Hwayoung.
    I seriously have no idea how this topic of bullying came in and some of you are so quick in making judgement on EunJiMin and Hwayoung. I don't deny the fact that SOMETHING is going on but Hey, nothing is confirmed, yet. Call me delusional but before anything is confirmed, I wouldn't dare to mention anything like, "Hwayoung should be blamed" or "EunJiMin are just fake b!tches" or "Soyeon and Boram should have kept their mouth shut" because I am not in their shoes, I will never ever know the true situation and WHO AM I to judge them? As a fan? If you are disappointed in them, then stop being a fan and go find someone else to idolize.
    Really had a fun time spazzing about the announcement on the 30th in the shoutbox yesterday. So by thinking positively, tomorrow's announcement will be either KKS announcing his marriage with Qri (ewww ...) or Boram/Qri/Soyeon getting married or Ji and Hwa doing a subunit or Queen Ice Qri as our new leader (YAY!!).
    Everyone should just chillax. Drink a cup of coffee and PEACE.
    EDIT : Happy 3rd Anniversary to T-ara !! May the years get longer.
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