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  1. Happy Birthday Soyeon ! @sohotmelody

  2. nice video and t-ara performance .. thank you for the video, please add others video, can't wait to see all...
  3. ,, i am really happy to see this t-ara performance... the fanchants so cool... waiting for more peformance of sexy love.. go t-ara !!
  4. Love t-ara not only their songs, more than 87% , still count,,, of my video hardrive , occupied by t-ara hope all t-ara songs, have music video or live perf...
  5. 30.000... whoaa.. i was one , lol, accessing soyeons sexy love picture galery,right-click.. now i ve new 7 pictures of soyeon... curious mystiaue.... hmmm
  6. I love this drama and soyeon, This is the first time I've ever felt this way.
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