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  1. "There's a reason for everything."

  2. @NadiaNazira1199 i laugh when read your post "LOL! Eunjung was like "OMO! father-in- law!" jiyeon's appa looks like a really good dad, he hugged & kissed her hand..awww~ that's really touching :') love to see their reunion♥
  3. the second pic is so cute! Hwa looks very happy while hugging gifts and the third one, she looks cute & pretty
  4. oh my gawdd!! hyomin and jiyeon are so HAWT!!!
  5. LOL!!! that's a good idea! actually i'm too lazy to find a name for the group, i just want the photobook ccm is smart, their using T-ara for promote a new group
  6. wow! thank you so much i'll wait for next wallpaper for each member
  7. poor eunjungie...when i read this, the first thing that cross my mind is "thanks god she didn't get hurt" $30,000 is a huge amount, i feel sorry for her..but still i'm so glad that she didn't get hurt..i would be very upset if she gets any hurt
  8. awesome pics!! they need to make their own photobook in europe!
  9. so hyomin and eunjung are team nikon and jiyeon is team canon? we're on the same team, jiyeon!
  10. i start becoming 7-ara fans early this year...... 7-ara is my first girl group that i like....i love the members, love their songs, love their performances...... <3 <3 <3 but then......................BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! that troll made this stupid decision with his unidentified brain........................ i really don't understand, he wanted to form a new girl group with 7 members and adding 2 new members into 7-ara.... why he didn't just form a new GG with 9 members and leave t-ara with 7 members????????!!!
  11. this...i dunno what to say........ shocking & heartbreaking when heard this... i hope there is no members remove from the group KKS, 7 isn't enough for you?????!!!!!
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