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  1. hyomin noona looks really pretty! nice pics! stars all over her legs..x.x haha
  2. hyomin noona CD! :DD looks really great..btw, hyomin solo shot...hmmm, she kinda reminds me alittle of hyuna..
  3. nice pics, hyomin noona!!! she's looking pretty as always..
  4. hyomin noona looking beautiful as always! ) like her outfit.
  5. aww, hyomin and jiyeon looking beautiful as always..
  6. i find the girls cuter than the babies..:x haa
  7. nice pictures! liked jiyeon pic and the group hug pic(hyomin, boram and hwayoung)
  8. ehh...is the CEO trying to follow after school? divide the group into 2? and try to increase profits, or is he trying to weed out members that he dislike? either way, hope my favourite members dont get axed.. kinda silly move imo..-.- tiara got loads of fans..and they are used to the girls inside, suddenly changing the group might affect their popularity/sales..etc etc..-.-
  9. haha, uee noona sad..:x hmm, well both girls are pretty in their own way..guess jiyeon got more attention cause of her resemblance to kim taehee..:x haha
  10. wow..finally..its about time..:x haha, hope they come back even better and happier.
  11. waa..i want to try the chicken..x.x haha, but apart frm tat, the girls look amazing. like hyomin noona's smile in the second pic!
  12. love the pictures..haha, hyomin noona looking really beautiful as always..&--#60;3 like the ribbon she has on ehr head.. haa, thks for sharing! hmm, they hired her as a model then? to advertise kpop collection?
  13. ncie pictures. haha, hyomin noona looking effortlessly beautiful.. haha, bias..-.-
  14. nice pics! qri looks amazingly cute wif tat dress..:x haha, would prefer soyeon noona wif her hair down, but she still looks pretty.
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