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  1. wait, sp jiyeon's might not have recovered yet? but, i thought during the fan sign she was alright? or was that also b4 she injured it?

    Yup.Her knee is not recovered yet and I doubt it gonna heal fast with all the non-stops performances.And those high heels...Auuch..Anyway,I believe she was still suffering from knee pain during fan sign today.Because on Music Bank yesterday,she was still wearing the bandage.However,they didn't really do any vigorous activities during the fan sign event.Don't worry much :)

  2. Is Jiyeon's knee better now? Please take care of yourself

    All Queen's always send them lots of love. <3<3<3

    If I'm not mistaken,this was pre-recorded so that probably explains why they were doing the original choreography in this performance.

    Anyway,I truly admire their determination.It's not easy to change choreography in a short period of time and not to mention the maknae's professionalism as well.I can just hope this is not a case of KKS forcing her to perform despite injury.Nevertheless,I really hope she can heal quickly.Get well soon Dino.

  3. This song is very catchy.And I'm glad that the music video doesn't change every 2 seconds.It just that I don't like the beat at the beginning of the song and after the chorus.Sounds a bit annoying.The "I'm addict" part was lol.It wasn't necessary.But other than these two complaints,the song is great.And the song "I know The Feeling" is like We Were In Love.It reminds me of them back in 2011 where they promoted Cry Cry and We Were In Love at the same time.

    Does anyone know when they are going to release the drama version?I'm looking forward to drama version the most.

  4. is it really a photoshoot? hehe the girls seem to have fun with it ^^ Jiyeon OMG i worship you :wacko:

    LOL at

    1) Hyomin's arm muscle :))

    2) Qri's T-shirt....what the... :ph34r:

    Drooling at Hyomin's biceps,lol :P

    At first I thought Jiyeon didn't suit short hair but the more I see it,the more I think it suits her.She pulls it off nicely. I'm pretty worried about Boram though.She looks pale and extremely skinny....

  5. Can i say "as expected of CCM"??

    Using T-ara name in titles, MV .. etc, but the actual MV dun show any T-ara AND worst of all, in the songs T-ara might just get 10% of lines..

    I don't know about you guys but the MV is boring as heck.Considering that CCM always make good MV (if you minus some of T-ara's MV that made us feel dizzy),this is a big disappointment.And the song was flat.I don't even remember how the chorus sounds like because the entire song sounds the same from the beginning until the end.But then again,I think it's just me.

    It's a good thing this is not their comeback song or else I'd flip a freaking table.

  6. Well no offense but keeping on with the "Position of Leader in T-ara is a weekend job" routine isn't a great idea. Don't get me wrong I like Qri, I like her a lot, she's my "bias" if you will but still this gimmick of shuffling the job of leader around, ... I don't know it's just doesn't seem to be the best idea, I mean they have been doing it for quite some time now and it hasn't made T-ara anymore special or helped them to stand out anymore then they already have.

    Yeah,I agree whole-heartedly.I don't see the purpose of it and a lot of fans and non-fans say that its rather confusing.Honestly,I believe that either Soyeon or Eunjung should be their permanent leader as I can see a leader vibe in both of them.They can be scary sometimes.I remember in one scene where they were arguing and they look intimidating.Jiyeon is too young (and she's a little childish) to hold a leader's position,Boram and Qri are too quiet while Hyomin is somewhat in the middle.

  7. Now today, Areum is leaving too and now there's possibility of Dani replacing her spot in N4.

    If I'm not mistaken,Dani is confirmed (unfortunately) to be added into T-ara N4 although I was hoping that it didn't happen.That little girl is still young and she still has a bright future ahead of her but she screwed it up by joining this crappy company owned by you-know-who.

    Furthermore,I heard that T-ara as a whole,will be now promoting as a six-member group.I'm not even surprised if July next year,we'll be reading the same type of article again - only this time,it's a different person.

  8. What,13 songs but only 4 original Japanese songs?Damn,what a disappointment....And I don't understand why they put Bunny Style,Soap Bubbles.Dangerous Love and Sign when these songs were already in their previous Japanese album.If they want to do a remake song,I'd prefer choosing a non-title track songs from any of their album such as Ma Boo or Fallin U Jap version.That would be daebak.

  9. Hmm. Soyeon doesn't seem to be in the mood; her dancing is quite lethargic compared to the other girls.

    When it comes to dancing,Soyeon is probably the least energetic dancer in that group and I've noticed that a long time ago.She should put more energy to it but considering how tiresome their schedules are,I don't blame her entirely.In fact,all members look like zombies.

    Although they used a lot of backtracks,but I can still hear them singing live although it's not that clear.They should reduce that and try singing louder than the backtracks.

    On a side note,I really miss seeing them performing on stages as a whole!!! :D

  10. and I'm glad for that lol. I don't want my Qri to spend even a minute with those hiphoppers/rappers :/. So unless CCM can find some proper artists in the US, I would rather see those 3 not involved in this.

    If it were someone else who has at least a better reputation than Chris Brown,I'd not be this upset but combining them together is just no.And another thing that bothers me why they need to have 5 different rappers to sing the rap part?As if one isn't enough. Wouldn't it be better if they omit the rap part and change it into "singing normally"?

  11. First thought when seeing the title before reading the article: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    After reading it: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo.... eh?

    Isn't "Jeonwon Diary will be released in 5 versions" a bit over the top? From what I understand, they're having 5 different American rap artist do the rapping part in English.. I don't know.. it just seems.. weird.. :blink:

    Regardless, I'm quite happy about them coming to the US.

    It seems that they'll be in Las Vegas on the 25th of this month? dang... If I had known sooner, it would've been my graduation trip/present to myself :< Partying in Vegas and meeting T-ara.,. two birds with one stone!

    Don't get me wrong guys.I love them.I really do.However,I do feel little a doubt about this.I mean,with the language barrier and so on,will they succeed in the U.S?I don't know but I think it's too early to enter the U.S Market.As much as I love them,it's better to stick to Korean and Japanese Market.If you guys noticed,all of Korean Idols who had tried to break into the U.S market can speak English well,quite popular and etc but they still failed to achieve it.

    And the 5 versions of Jeon Won Diary is just way too much.Oh gosh....I can't even..And,only T-ara N4 will enter the U.S market right?Once again,the 3 least popular members were left behind.I know Dani can speak English but she's in T-ara (well,will be) NOT T-ara N4.KKS,don't tell me you're gonna add her in the sub-unit just because of that.

    Nevertheless,as a fan,I support the girls and hopefully,you can prove me wrong.

  12. Wasn't it supposed to be called "T-ara Effect" or something? Really looking forward to the girls performing as a full group again.

    I believe I have heard "T-ara Effect" somewhere but not sure if its their Album name.. Same here mate!! 7-ara!!

    I'm not sure about the season because I don't live in a four-season country but I remember that they gonna make a full comeback with T-ara Effect this August.Is it still Summer though? :huh: Wow.They are really busy this year.First with T-ara N4,and then QBS and the next is T-ara full Japanese Comeback.The gap between Bunny Style and their next Japanese Comeback is still too narrow.I'd hope for Korean Comeback rather than Japanese CB.

  13. W/E the outcome is I will stand by their sides till the very end but arent they rushing things?? Well, lately this thought is crossing across my mind. What's the possibility of KKS planning this all along and the very reason he not giving a DAMN about the scandal and creating mess himself?? I mean, being in the industry for so long, even if he has become insane(which he was from the very beginning), shouldnt he have learnt his ways of image management and PR tactics during the whole scandal if not at the very beginning?? Making news time and again and on top of that, he, himself adding fuel on the fire was a bit over the top and somewhat fishy..

    T-ara N4 visited CB on 12th and they are planning to work on Collaboration on June.. Short-Gun Collaboration!! But I seriously hope our girls to go Viral world-wide. Its the only thing that can help them to be loved again back in Korea..

    Not to burst everyone's bubble, there may not be much to this (i.e. one-time thing). All I'm saying is, don't be too hyped than things will go big (it all can go bust instead). T-ara still lacks in a couple of areas (language barrier and Dani's inexperience comes to mind). But, if the girls some success in that side of the world, then why not?

    PS: as Eunjung attested, face bad news/rumors with indifference. A worthy thing to emulate (to all Queen's). :)

    Yes,I agree with both of you.

    I'm really shocked at how early KKS made his decision.But knowing how greedy he is,I'm not surprised.To be honest,if it wasn't with Chris Brown,I'd probably accept it but with both of them having a HUGE scandal that probably won't disappear, to collaborate together is a NO NO.T.I seems a better choice.This does seems a little bit rushed.Geez,have mercy Mr CEO!!!
    I don't know about you guys but I believe Dani isn't just been cast out of nowhere on a street.KKS must have known her before this....And it'll be weird if all questions are to be answered by Dani.In one of the interviews recently,the interviewer asked her about T-ara N4 first single and she had absolutely no idea at all.
    Even some huge Korean celebrities failed to break into the U.S markets successfully like SNSD,Wonder Girls,Se7en and boA.To be frank,I doubt they gonna succeed in the U.S.Nevertheless,I wish the best for them.Although I do hope that this June,ALL members can attend the invitation,the three oldest members will probably be busy with the latest sub-unit so...
    Pwahaha...look at Eunjung trolling us in the end :P

  14. Im not positive about that,CCM and KKS probably want to ride the publicity for as long as possible. But i doubt debutting in the US is his and their goal at all.

    Well,I hope he's not going to make them debut in U.S because the percentages are pretty low.However,I just read somewhere that they still gonna make Korean songs but by using the American producers as the songwriters and music producers.Nonetheless, wish the best for the girls.

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