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  1. KKS,don't mess with our 7-ARA

  2. I really think CCM and that scumbag need to look up the definition of "vacation" because from my point of view,this ain't a vacation to me.Vacation is basically no cameras following them around and they are free to do anything.You can be sure it's not a vacation. Hyomin is working as an assistant photographer while the rest are filming a documentary,music video,photoshoots and much more.Heck,that's a lot of work to be done.Even hearing it is tiring enough.If you guys read the news on AKP,all news about CCM is involving money. 1.They treat their artist like slaves. 2.spreading rumors about kicking members 3."treat" them for a vacation 4..Creating a new group as if in Korea is not enough. 5......and more nonsense are coming. 6.Job well done in managing your artist,KKS. Travelling overseas to 4-5 countries back and forth is super tiring.Now,Soyeon is sick and couldn't tagged along with the rest of the members to Seoul Main Customs (to help children with disabilities).Luckily it's just a volunteering work.I can't imagine they're having to perform without our main vocalist.
  3. Wow,I'm glad to hear all 7 are tagging along.This news making me more confident that all 7-ara are staying despite all the rumors saying the CCM is going to kick a member(s) out.I think it's just a gimmick or something.Going overseas to 4 countries,sounds really fun.Envy... Girls,have fun there and don't stress yourself!Take this chance to have a good rest. Hyominnie,I know you can do a great job
  4. They have always being so caring towards children,disabilities people and love doing volunteering work.This is one of the reasons that I love about T-ara.Although they didn't have enough rest (damn you KKS) due to the hectic schedules but they think about others. I'm proud being a Diadems.
  5. LOL,you can easily recognize Boram because she always have that hairstyle lately and Soyeon because of her front bangs. Others are quite easy too.But,Eunjung's hair is too long
  6. Wow,all of them looks pretty Lol,those golden pants Hyomin was wearing looks so tight.
  7. She looks like an angel falling from the sky.Absolutely stunning.. Too bad We Got Married chinese version only aired 1 episode!
  8. LOL,Soyeon and Boram looks like one of the kids Poor Eunjung always miss out going out with them due to her dramas..
  9. Her eyes is one of her big attractiveness Of course,besides her amazing singing abilities
  10. Wow,everything needs to be done in June and July,their first major concerts,musical,Japanese album,etc. Well,I expected more trips to the hospital especially our 2 actresses.I hope our leader won't collapsed from fatigue. Yeah,hearing this news making me guess that the Big 4 is save from becoming KKS' victim this April.
  11. Congrats to Hyominnie..~~Wow,going to Italy,Switzerland and Austria..Sounds like a hectic schedule.I hope she didn't fall sick. Meanwhile, Hyomin is preparing for a new album release with T-ara and their first concert and establishing a fanclub in July. Hurm,isn't this mean Hyomin wouldn't be kick out by CCM?
  12. I don't have any comment about Boram and Qri move to Co-ed,they already have tons of members.I think 12 members is more than enough. Now,about Soyeon moving to Davichi.Although we all know that Soyeon has a great vocal,but no one can deny how powerful Min Kyung and Haeri's vocals are and they are in the TOP 10 most powerful (girl) singers in KPOP.So,if Soyeon is in the group,I'm afraid she'll "sink".Davichi is doing great now and I don't think adding a member to the group is necessary.He just love messing up with the artists,so I hope he'll leave Davichi as the way they are now. I rather see them "dump" that stupid CEO and sign with another agency instead.Now,I really want to see how our girls (especially the leader) handle all this crap.It sickening me to see the devil keeps torturing T-ara both physical and mentally.
  13. Soyeon is my bias too but I don't think any members is lazy.If he says didn't work as hard as others,I can still accept,but lazy,Heck NO.They worked their butt off.I can't recall how many times Eunjung,Jiyeon and Hyomin were admitted to the hospital due to injury or fatigue.I pity all of them especially our 2 main actresses and Boram since she has a weak body. However,"prideful" member might be her.We can still remember how she grabbed Hyomin and Boram in front of the camera and told the whole world about how they did not have a break since debut a couple times.As her fan,I think that is one of the bravest act but in KKS's eyes,her words might have offended him.He just never admit his own mistake.I hope she can stood up for the girls.Be strong and fight back.Please give him the taste of his own medicine.
  14. Absolutely agree with you.Putting aside my bias,your expectation seems correct.Although Jiyeon is busy filming her dramas (and doesn't has enough rest),I highly doubt she'll leave.She's the most popular members and the visual of the group. But I also think the Big 4 looks pretty safe (especially Soyeon.Considering she's the new leader,the main vocalist and official spokesperson).To be honest,almost 40-60 % of T-ara's fans are The Big 4,including me.Removing any of The Big 4,and the impact will be immediate,NATION WIDE.However,I agree with some saying that the vocalist of a group is easily replaced.But,I don't like that idea.It's like listening to a new group's song! On the other hand,the other 3 do seems shaky.I still can't accept the fact that the CEO added Hwayoung just the reduce the age average of the group.WTH?If she's kick out,I pity her.She's is consider new to the group.So,seeing him wanna reduce the age average,there's no surprised he'll kick out the 2 oldest unnies for his own sake!He's greedy,selfish and a cuckoo.Talking trash to his own members,is..........rubbish. Please,stop thinking nut,Mr CEO.I'm just getting to distinguish their voice in a song,and now you're trying to make them in to SNSD-alike?I have to admit,I am a SONE too.But changing them into 9 membersSeriously,my heart is about to explode reading the news,and I mean it literally.
  15. *Nod head* Has he forgotten Jiyeon and Hyomin collapsed from exhaustion and were rushed to the hospital a couple times?Eunjung injured her knee and unable to shoot her drama nor performing Lovey Dovey on stage?I strongly believe he does not want the main vocalist to suffer from that too,does he?On second thought,maybe he will.Because what's on his mind is just MONEY and trust me,with his nutty mind,the nightmares might happen. "....disciplined them..." HELLO!!!!You're the one who needs to be disciplined!!These girls have worked their butt off for 3 years non-stop and you just giving them a break which is barely a week and you call them lazy??Wow,if I'm one of the members,I'll be hurt so bad by the mark he just said for all the hard works I did.Is this how he treat the girls?Job well done,Mr Kim.... So,the new members will be performing on stage this June with their seniors who have worked for 3 years while they just debuting for 3 months.Urm,this just sounds crazy.What's more,the new members have to learn all the lyrics and choreography in a short period of time.What the H?? To be honest,I have a feeling that apart from Soyeon and Hyomin who are main and lead vocalist respectively,the other are quite in danger.Maybe he can kick Jiyeon and Eunjung because KKS think they too "busy" with the acting.Or maybe the other 3..well,you know why...But,please don't add another members who will become another lead singer.Even when Soyeon is the main vocalist,I don't think she deserve enough attention like the Big 3.However,he is the CEO and anything can happen.
  16. Didn't he know that all T-ara's fans are talking about how..urm,how do I put this in a good way.."irresponsible" the CEO is? First,I was highly expected T-ara get a month or AT LEAST 2-3 weeks for years of hardwork they had done.But,like you said,they barely had a week.I was furious.I'm sure whatever the big change is especially if it's involve kicking out a member(s),the fans will decrease immediately. Yes,I'm quite positive too that The Big 4 will remain as they play huge role in T-ara and they make what T-ara is today.Although the other 3 didn't contribute much compared to The Big 4,but they deserve some credit.They haven't had enough rest since 2009.I pity anyone from the group that become CEO's victim.They worked their butt off. And,please don't change the leader.Soyeon barely become the leader for 4 months..Man,I had enough with this KKS.Changing any of the member of A BIG FAT NO! I can go crazy because of him...
  17. Agree Replacing any of The Big 4,the impact will be immediate. And yes,we should.Some of them barely had any lines.Now,with the new members...hurm.. *Nod head* This just isn't fair to the old members.I seriously want KKS to resign.I wonder if T-ARA members already know about this.I bet each of them is feeling nerve wrecking like we are.
  18. Reading the news make me really nervous.I hope CCM don't add nor remove any members.I like the way they are now! If they really add another members,that sucks because some barely had lines to sing! Gee,what concept they will be using next....I hope I don't l hate T-ARA just because of the new concept.. Rather than changing the members and concept,I want the CEO to be change. Seriously,he brings trouble to everyone.
  19. Sigh....I think they deserve more than a week.2 or 3 weeks,perhaps? But,it's better than nothing.Girls,get enough rest and take good care of your health!! Poor Jiyeon :wacko:
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