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  1. Well,I hope he's not going to make them debut in U.S because the percentages are pretty low.However,I just read somewhere that they still gonna make Korean songs but by using the American producers as the songwriters and music producers.Nonetheless, wish the best for the girls.
  2. This is pre-recorded right?Because there's no way they performed this in Korea when they're still in U.S right now.Am I right?
  3. Well,looking at it,it's pretty positive that CCM wants them to debut in the U.S.It may be not anytime soon but I believe that what's he's aiming for though.I guess Dani will be the only one who talks during their interview after this (even though I don't want the addition ><) I mean,even I still have troubles whenever I need to speak in English since it's not my first language - let alone them.And,like you've said,will T-ara produce an English song?Unless the lyrics were to be translated from English to Korean by the music producer/lyricist.
  4. You got that right.Any sane person would have done much better PR than CCM PR team.To be honest,even though I'm a hardcore QUEEN'S,I just don't see the success of T-ara if they debut in U.S.A few big K-idols have tried to debut in the U.S (like Scatter just mentioned) but they failed.Let alone T-ara.Not to mention that they're still suffering from those baseless rumors and then BAM!! you heard the news of them of the possibility to collaborate with Chris Brown - whose reputation is even worse. Even though Davichi is doing great with Turtle,Just The Two of Us,Be Warmed lately,but it's undeniable that T-ara is CCM biggest moneymaker.That's why even with the biggest controversy that ever hit T-ara,they still make a comeback because if they did not,KKS would have rotten in his house eating grass,lol.
  5. You two just said what I wanted to say. WHAT THE HELL KKS IS THINKING??? This is NOT a good idea.Not at all.I can accept it if it were someone else but Chris Brown?Seriously?That dude went to jail for beating a woman not to long ago and the bullying scandal still follows T-ara like a shadow that won't go away.This is a bad PR.These two don't have a good reputations to begin with and combining it together just make the matter worse.And,if I'm correct,he only interested in the Big 3 + Areum right?I can see the three other members's populations slowly dying away............ Wait,SNSD is going to debut in US this year?I'm a SONE but I didn't even know this .But at least I can see some hope since two of them are native speakers. Call me a hater but IF T-ara make a debut in the U.S,I doubt it's gonna work especially when none of them can speak English fluently.Dani probably can but isn't it a bit awkward when the youngest and the newest member gonna talk the whole time during an English conversation? And I thought KKS couldn't get any worse.Heh.
  6. The video worked fine with me. It just that this morning the video was currently unavailable.Thanks for your concern anyway
  7. Oh my God...Hyomin's abs..... I thought they only performed on those 4 music shows.Glad to see them on Show Champion.But the outfits were exactly the same as Inkigayo's.
  8. Yeah..I was acting immature.I sincerely apologize.I certainly didn't have any intention in offending anyone.Gosh,all this long I've been holding into the principle of "Everyone has their own opinion" but I broke it.Damn it.You know,it is hurtful to read all those malicious comments regarding T-ara and at first I restraint myself in reading it but curiosity kills it.That's why I just can't imagine all the hatred comments and reactions from the netizens if that happen. And yes,the main factor why the scandal blew up ridiculously is the way of KKS handling the case.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he's the culprit who has caused this trouble.Even before the scandal happened,I've always dislike how KKS does his job as a CEO of a company.They need a new CEO ASAP. Although I'll stick to my opinion that it's highly unlikely that she'll rejoin T-ara anytime soon but I won't argue or question you nor QUEEN'S who wish her to come back.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that .Again,I apologize.I seriously hate making enemies especially when I considered all Diadems as my acquaintances.
  9. Yes.I've seen many QUEEN'S who,until now wants Hwayoung to rejoin the group.Sorry to burst their bubbles but it ain't gonna happen no matter what.IF she rejoins,the netizens will go gaga and it will just brings more damage to their already-tarnished reputation.And,just like what you've said,people will find more excuses to bash T-ara. If I were Hwayoung,I wouldn't rejoin T-ara because it certainly won't overcome the awkwardness among them.I mean,of course they had countless of good times together but after the whole controversy,it must have been quite awkward for both parties to work together.But the sole reason why I/Hwayoung won't rejoin T-ara is because I don't want her to be under CCM again.That infamous company is well-known for its incompetent so-called CEO and how he treated his own artists. Yes,there are quite a number of QUEEN'S who don't like Hwayoung after the scandal happened.In fact,I,myself don't considered her as an angel and the rest of them aren't innocent either.There's always two sides of a story but there are more QUEEN'S who started to hate T-ara and support Hwayoung.But then,the numbers of people who jumped into the bandwagons and accused the girls are much much more.
  10. I know right.Even the MC of that Japanese Show came out and explained to the public but the reactions weren't positive at all.It was hard for me to read the Rice Cake Eunjung comments - let alone her.Netizens only accepted things they wanna hear regardless of whether it is true or not.
  11. I was about to blow up reading some of heartless comments from the netizens............ Apparently,death threats,physically and sexually assaulting them,cyber-bullying them and etc for 10 months straight weren't enough to do them justice.
  12. Yeah,I blame anyone who agreed to reopen this incident.I'm not sure if this is an Mnet talk show but if it is yes,then I wonder why KKS would do something silly like this.Then again,KKS never did things right.I seriously hate seeing them receiving thousands of harsh comments like this.I doubt this whole confession thing will bring fans back.If anything,it'll just give haters more idiotic things to talk about. Some are wondering why Hwayoung still keep silent about this but her twin sister is still under CCM so unless she wants her sister's career to be ruined,I'm pretty convince that Hwayoung won't say anything about the scandal either.Forgive me,but perhaps Hwayoung wasn't truly innocent too.Either way,we won't know what TRULY happened.
  13. It's been almost one year after that incident happen and yet the two MCs still asked the girls to discuss about it and now even before this show aired,they're already receiving criticism.I think it would be much better if none reopen this case because at this point,everything that they said will be manipulated and become a laughing stock by the netizens.It hurts me real bad seeing and reading that especially when our girls cry. Although I doubt they will say anything regarding the scandal.Remember T-ara Confession,anyone?
  14. Sigh,it such a pity that they haven't grab the first place in every chart T_T. Nevermind girls,even though I'm not really fond of that song,but I'll still give my 100 percent support to you.
  15. YES.Eunjung or Hyomin should have rapped instead the Taewon.I was shocked to hear a male voice,lol.And the beat was more than the singing voice itself.
  16. I'll be honest.This is nothing like what I've expected.The beat is so random and all over the place.Sigh,I guess I expected too much from them.
  17. Diadem Mods,do you,by any chance,subbing this video?? Oooh,please,please..I'm dying to watch this~~~
  18. Aaah, you naughty,naughty!!! I believe she was still filming Jinx while filming T-ara Princess,no?I'm not really 100% sure though.All of them look hella tired so I'm not surprised seeing Hyomin to be in that condition if my guess is true.Remember in one interview,most of the girls especially Boram were struggling to keep their eyelids open? I just can't....... I was surprised to see her cutting her hair short.I love her long hair in the N4 teaser.Aaah,anyway,she's still gorgeous.Right?
  19. Aaah,a collaboration..!Nice one. The girls look pretty too.I know this would be impossible but I really hope T-ara can sing a Chinese song on that day.That would be awesome (although I can't really speak Mandarin) I'm really curious,is Dream Girls popular in Taiwan?
  20. LOL,correct me if I'm mistaken but as far as I know, the person who chose these outfits is none other than our very own Minnie,lol.I love you girl,but let the stylists do their jobs I'm not sure if every outfit was chosen by her but most of them are. And I'm sorry if I offend anyone but the hip hop styles don't suit them.I prefer Lovey Dovey outfit which look kinda similar to this but in a simpler yet stunning way.And yes,I'm not fond of Eunjung's new hairstyle either.Look flat,lol.
  21. LMAO,thanks for pointing that out.After the crowd went silent,Soyeon looked surprised while Boram just laughed,lol.It's like how a strict teacher teach her students to behave properly I am one of the people who believed ostracizing happen in T-ara so I am hoping that all members get along well with Areum.
  22. That's it..I give up.. The title of the song,the sneak peek at the Music Video and the outfits seem to be out of topic.It doesn't really blend well together.I surrender in guessing what are their concept for this sub unit or else I'll go nuts.
  23. Aah,you must be really tired then.I'm the totally opposite situation as you are now For the past 4 months I've been extremely busy that I couldn't post anything on this Forum.My lecturers kept shoving assignments and presentation at the same time to us that I can't keep up with T-ara's news.Now that I'm on my break for 5 months,I think I'm going to enjoy my life to to the fullest before I enter my degree in September (Enough with my pathetic story...) So,are you looking forward to this sub-unit?I hope they don't disappoint us though I'm not really fond of what Jiyeon wore for this teaser...
  24. I agree.Darker-coloured like the one in I Go Crazy Because of You suits her very well.Her bangs doesn't suit her very well too.I'd prefer side fringe hair or none at all.And it not necessary to wear those contact lens.Her natural lens are fierce enough to flush down haters like in Day by Day. Gosh,too many complaints T_T I hope Ms. Rilakkuma Addict, 4D Hyominnie and New Maknae can pull it off nicely.
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