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  1. So basically,the unemployed members in T-ara are the oldest members of the group I take that as a positive way.At least they can have a break while the other 4 girls promoting their new single.But then again, knowing how KKS's brain works,Soyeon,Boram and Qri would probably attend variety shows or something like that to keep them busy.
  2. LMAO,you got that right XD But since this is a subunit, Kim Kwang Devil probably want a concept that they rarely portrays or do.Cry Cry and Day By Day was still considered as relatively new.I don't know,just my thoughts.When they "revealed" that they gonna do hip hop concept,everybody accused them of copying 2NE1 and bla bla bla.But nah...I don't really give a damn about it.I'm already immune to it,lol. But yeah,Cry Cry was the best concept ever,in my opinion.I love every single costumes that they wore on stages.It looks really elegant.In fact,I don't really like their Sexy Love and Bunny Style concept. p/s: It's been a while since we last quoted each other post,lol.
  3. Well,I'd prefer Hip Hop over overloaded aegyo concept or another Yayaya-ish concept anytime,LOL.
  4. Seriously,why would Dispatch mentioned Big Bang and Lady Gaga?I don't have problems with it but this line is enough for more antis and haters to create a fanwar especially since most VIPs are really "protective" over their idols (but of course not all VIPs are like that though ) Boy...I hope not.It will be a total mess.I'd say 3-4 backup dancers are enough.Or better,none.Just the 4 of them is good enough. The only thing that is positive with this news is that IF it is a Hip-Hop style,then this style really suit EunJiMin.I can't say the same with Areum though because she's new but I hope she can adapt well.T-ara is the chameleon of KPOP so girl,you need to keep up with it.
  5. LMAO...If I have a chance to visit Vietnam,I'll visit this museum for sure!It looks so cool!!! And,LOL,the picture of Hyomin and Areum were stabbed by those man looked so real.
  6. I was practically face-palming when they did the squat thing.I was enjoying the song when BAM!! That move was totally unnecessary.Others are fine though.I used to hate this song when the teaser came out but after the full version came out, I love it,especially the chorus part.I love the distribution of the lines of the song.Apart from Qri,all got to sing the chorus.
  7. Thank God this PV is not as boring a Lovey Dovey PV, Lies PV or Sexy Love& Day by Day PV. Although I can never like a cutesy and bubbly concept, this song is very catchy. Aah,it's been a while since Baby Dino got to sing the chorus part and the first time for Boram,lol. Eunjung is not my ultimate bias but I'm happy to see her getting more lines in this song because she's a good singer too. The choreography was somewhat embarrassing,Lol.
  8. Why??Why??Why only one???!! T_T Hyomin is my #2 bias and every time seeing the QUEENS promoting Bunny Style,I can't help but feeling sooo empty without her. (LMAO,I sounds like her boyfriend or something ). But seriously,I missed her a lot.But then,it's good for her as she won't feel as tired as always.I can still remember in 2010,Jiyeon was struggle to juggling her variety shows and dramas at the same time (God of Study, Hello Baby, Dream Girls and Heroes). On a side note, she looks very pretty
  9. What do you expect from Leader Sso, the main vocalist of the group? I just love the song if it's not even a minute long.The reason why she's my bias is because I fell in love with her ballad (of course,ballads is her forte!) and hearing that song makes me love her more. And her voice in Sign is awesome too. EunJiMin on the other hand.....was a bit bland?Not really feeling anything.Gotta give them more time since this is only a teaser.
  10. For me,this song is just ALRIGHT but who knows,maybe it could hit as big as BPBP Jap. Version or probably just below it.(Though there's a low chance but there is always a possibility).And I believe this cut/chorus was sang by Hyomin isn't?She won't be able to participate during the promotion.I wonder who will take her lines... p/s:Am I the only one who hate the "banisuta" part??
  11. LOL, Hyodork always has the troll/smiley face at the end of her letter.I can't read Hangul but from what I can see, her handwriting is very neat and pretty.Minnie ah~It's been awhile since the last time you wrote a letter for us..
  12. They have being like this since 3 years ago - basically right after their debut.That idiotic CEO never once let the girls rest - let alone allowing them to have a vacation (and NO,the Europe Trip is not exactly what I called a vacation).They're basically been treated as slaves by the company.They are mentally and physically tired right now..Poor Girls...T^T..
  13. Yeah..Just figured that out after posting it but I forgot to edit it here.Now I look like an idiot,LOL.. I knew LD would be honored as Song of the Month because that song was just phenomenal.And thank God they didn't include fan vote because it's kinda unfair to groups with smaller fanbase.
  14. Wait,Jeunggie was in toilet at that time??LMAO..She'd probably think "NOOO~~I should have hold it a little longer!" Anyway,congrats to our girls.I'm a bit confused.They won the Singer of the Year right?Is it based on digital sales or both digital+physical sales+fans vote?Is it the biggest award??Aah...Can someone kindly explain to me? It was awkward hearing that T-ara almost got no cheering from the audiences....
  15. I think you meant to say "Hyoyoung" not Hwayoung She's in 5 Dolls so not surprising to see her there too.Though I do agree that I feel awkward seeing them together after the whole controversy.Especially after seeing what Hyoyoung posted on Twitter regarding T-ara... I hope Jiyeon is better now.Get some rest Dino.
  16. WHOA,WHOA...I'm a girl but I prefer this kind of dance rather than dancing cutely,doing aegyo and stuff like that.It makes a girl look 10 times hotter..Or,is it just me?? Aaah...They are starting to appear in variety shows faster than I've expected though..
  17. Nope,you're not wrong,my friend.A few people who have came back from Korea (for business or travelling,etc purposes) say that they too,heard T-ara's songs been played across the streets like Roly Poly,Lovey Dovey and Sexy "Mouse" .In fact,local people who heard that songs were singing along too when they pass by the shop which tune in the songs.Of course T-ara's reputation has gone downhill and their image has been tarnished greatly but it doesn't mean that they have loss 100% of their local fans. And yes,I agree that most people who leave malicious and hurtful comments on Nate,Naver,etc are mostly dominated by teenagers,fangirls and immature young adults.We still see a lot of bad comments regarding T-ara until now on their local websites even though the scandal has been like what?More than 6 months?It is because they are technically the same people and can't get over the scandal.
  18. Dinosour... Oh wait...It's already taken by our Baby Dino,lol Okay,let's be serious.Ahem.. I don't think they gonna do the tiger,leopard or something like that because it's belong to the same "category" which is cat.LOL,why T-ara always transferred into an animal?
  19. @Scatter_88mil Have you heard that Soyeon's Stitch rumors turned out to be completely false?I tried not to be bias but it seems that they WERE talking about Stitch - not an actress.AKP already posted to clarify this rumor a few days back but apparently, AKP deleted that post and I was like, WTF?Why would they deleted one of the only good news regarding T-ara?Uuugh...!!There was a Korean article on that but I couldn't read Hangul so I didn't really know if it's 100% true.I was wondering if you might have known this? One of the things that really bugs me is that,Mr. Pedobear didn't even want to have a little conversation with Leader Sso regarding the controversy and quickly made an official statement saying that they were talking about a normal person,not a celebrity.People still hating on her saying whether it's an actress or not,it's still bad.The fact is,they were not talking about anyone. This is not his first time doing such an idiotic decision. 1)T-ara only know the leader-changes through news. 2)T-ara only know the member-addition through news. He didn't even bother to talk to the girls beforehand!!What the hell is wrong with him?How could someone with this head full of idiocy holds the most important position in a company is a complete mystery.K-netizens a.k.a the FBI should investigate this (and no,I didn't mean to offend you ).
  20. It's been more than 6 months but people are still actively talking about their scandal - practically everywhere.As a fan,it's frustrating to see those malicious comments.I was quite shocked to hear Hyomin will participate in KBS "Vitamin" this early considering that the scandal is still quite fresh.I can bet you that 99% of the K-netizens will comment negative things about that. T_T I know I should ignore it but it's hard to do that On a side note,K-QUEEN'S said T-ara is going to make a comeback in 6-months time which is around June or July.Wow,after a string of comeback starting from Roly Poly in 2011 and Sexy Love in late 2012,this is probably their longest gap.I wonder who is going to be their next leader.....
  21. Wait,I don't get this part....T_T What exactly that she was talking about?
  22. How ironic since both of them are the oldest and third oldest in the group,LOL.
  23. When I saw the first video I'm thinking "Almost none of them cheered for them when they were walking through the red carpet.Please guys,even if you hate them,at least look and them and smile or claps,not looking away from them.It's extremely rude." But then,a boy group went through quite a similar thing.So,I guess it's not really a bad thing though. Fortunately,we can hear fan cheering for them in the performance even though it it was a bit soft.I personally like their today's outfit but the live wasn't as clear as the KBS Gayo Daejun.
  24. I am so happy that they didn't lip sync in this performance.I agree with some of you..I didn't watch other performers yet but the crowd is barely audible and awkward.And yes,this remix was awful.I personally didn't like the remix where Areum dance during the intro but comparing that to this new remix,the former was so much better.I wish they do the remix like how they put in the Day by Day drama MV towards the end.Sounds much cooler. Areum's rap was so clear.It sounds more "humane" and not too robotic,LOL.
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