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  1. Is it just me or Hyomin kinda look like her forced her smile here? It's totally the opposite when she attend an event with Eunjung a few days ago with absolutely no smile on her face and suddenly here she's like....I don't know..unwillingly?Pardon me,it's probably just my wild imagination.. But I was surprised to see only Hyomin AND Qri because I don't remember seeing her attending an event/variety show alone or accompanying by only 1-2 members.Qri and Boram might not be my most favourite members but they deserved to have their own solo activities too like the Big 3 (while Leader Sso is somewhere in the middle).
  2. To be honest,I am really disappointed with Sexy Love Jap. version. I was really hoping that they won't recycle the Korean Version.At least do something different.But...Haish... And the scene change abruptly (although not as bad as Day by Day and I Go Crazy Because of You).Oh well,knowing that they always do things like this since Lies Jap version,I shouldn't have put my hope too high.Only BPBP was quite okay compared to others. Anyway,thank you for uploading this
  3. "To see how the public, without understanding the circumstances, became so sure that there must have been bullying between them. I don't understand, there have been incidents in the past that were much worse, idols who have done illegal things, but why only treat T-ara with such harshness?" "Although we should criticise acts that are wrong, but to see people carelessly criticise and condemn acts that are right simply because of their own subjectivity and bias, I really could not carrying on living pretending that I did not see this in our society." Aah,I simply love these quotes.I hate it when T-ara's scandal were never confirmed but received hatred from almost all citizens in Korea (another example is Tablo) while some who involved in scandals that are far more serious can easily get away with that (but of course,it's not 100% true). Although more than half of Korean citizens and KPOP fans still haven't forgive T-ara,I'm glad to see that these people (e.g: him and Hyomin's 1000th Man PD) still support T-ara through highs and lows.They know that even though they will get a lot of bashing for backing them up,they're not afraid to do so and I respect them for doing that. We,QUEEN'S,just want to say thank you for still supporting our girls.I'm sure they really appreciate that. "After Eunjung was forced out of I had once worried that she would do something stupid." Whoa,that line scares me....Luckily she didn't.
  4. Wait,is this mean the music video that they gonna do it is pretty much like the Sexy Love Kor. Version?
  5. Considering that the place was big,it was good enough for us to hear the fanchants/people screaming and they didn't experience black ocean or something similar than that.
  6. LOL,for Soyeon's chorus parts,they change it into English lyrics like Hyomin's part.I just hope they won't recycle the PV like Day By Day Jap Version.
  7. YES.Something is fishy though.Lovey Dovey was undeniably Song of the Year for the first 6 months of 2012 (until the recent scandal struck them so bad and the fact that Day by Day didn't really do really well certainly did not help either) and I was extremely taken aback when I noticed that LD wasn't nominated for that category.Their Black Eyes and Funky Town albums sold more than 120,000 thanks to the epic flawless Cry Cry,We Were In Love and Lovey Dovey.They have won 12 number one awards on various music shows but......... Whoever did this was so bias. And yes,once again I agree with both of you.We're really sorry to any 4 Minute's fans,but Ice Cream was only recently released not even more than 1 week and suddenly POFF! it was nominated in one of the most important category in MAMA Award.Regarding f(x) and T-ara's popularity,I guess T-ara isn't popular enough globally and f(x) being in one of South Korea Biggest Entertainment Company,more or less help f(x) to boost their popularity.But to be honest,T-ara is way more popular in my country.Oh well,I guess,it's just in my country. *shrugged* But of course,all these happen probably due to their scandal that shocked the whole KPOP fans especially in SK so maybe the authorities don't want citizens to complaint about how they are been nominated in too much categories.I guess they gonna take a lot of time for the Roly Poly era to return. EDIT:People say it didn't only happen to T-ara but a few huge names in Korea also weren't nominated in Song of the Year while songs that didn't even manage to get to TOP 100 are there.
  8. As far as I know,the suing thing was split into three stories.The first rumor is that an association forced the PD to step down so he did.He eventually stop working as a producer and CCM take back the hearing.The second rumor that I heard is that hearing is a time consuming.CCM did sued the Five Fingers authorities but before a case can be discussed in court,there are lot of works that need to be done.It can't just happen within a few days or week.The last rumor that I heard is that CCM only exaggerated things and he never sue them because some say that the chance of winning of quite low and of course,being a greedy man he is,he don't want to waste money on things like that. Actually,I don't even know which one to trust since knowing pretty well how the brain inside KKS works, which putting more layers of lies to the point that it's difficult to believe any word from him.
  9. Hyomin,what a bright lipstick you have.Call m crazy but Eunjung's collarbone look sexy LOL. They didn't even mask their expression.Both of them looked extremely exhausted and sad.Hyomin looked like she could burst out crying at any moment while Eunjung looked like she just been discharged from the hospital.I'm seriously worried for all of them. I was quite surprised seeing them attending an event despite the controversy which is still a pretty hot stuff in Korea.
  10. As much as I want T-ara to win,the chance is pretty narrow since both nominations have some serious competitors and the recent scandal certainly didn't help either. And yeah,like some of you have already mentioned,I wonder why they didn't been nominated for Digital Sales considering that they were the Queen of Digital Sales for the first 6 months of 2012,isn't?
  11. The reactions that they received by K-citizens and I-citizens are 90% negative and 70% negative respectively.I'm not surprised though to be honest.I knew it from the beginning that they won't tell anything knowing that this is aired by Mnet Media whose their CEO is you-know-who.
  12. Alright.Let's be honest here.Am I disappointed with the video?Absolutely yes.Am I surprised?Definitely no.They certainly did not clear ANYTHING up. When we got to know that Mnet (aww,no prize for guessing who's the CEO is?I'd win it for sure XD) gonna air T-ara's Confession,we should have known from the beginning that we should not expecting them to spill out some juicy gossips especially when they are still bounded by contracts. Urgh,he's such a moron.Why did he do something stupid like this when people just started to forgetting T-ara's biggest controversy so date?He just rub salt on the wound and people will definitely use this reason to hate T-ara more.Poor girls,they can't do anything as if they're puppets being controlled by an evil dictator. (Oh,by the way Scatter,thank you soo much for translating it to us even if it's not a full one.We appreciate your hard work )
  13. To be honest,I'm not a fan of cute and bubbly concepts (like how most rookies groups do nowadays) and seeing that an underage girl to join T-ara pretty much tells us that they gonna repeat doing cutey songs such as BPBP which,I'm not very keen of.I'm more into ballad and mature concepts such as Cry Cry and Day By Day.IF she was well-trained and at least 17 or above and not just randomly being picked by a pedo at streets,I'd have like it but I'm sorry but I can't even...
  14. Pfft,is it even legal to say a 14 year-old girl as sexy?And yes,they have been doing a lot of sexy concepts and very few cute and bubbly (which is suitable for her,LOL) and seeing a girl doing sexy dances is just...ahem,I'm sorry but,it's disgusting to be honest.Ugh,I can't even... Nope,not at all.In fact,most QUEEN'S (including myself) and non-QUEEN'S are hoping that it didn't happen too but I doubt it.Oh gosh,I'm started to feel sorry for saying trash to a person who is about to join a girl group whom I love the most.
  15. If we are looking at the title alone,it seems like they gonna say something regarding the controversy but based on the trailer,they will talk about both - unless they troll us.Sigh.I don't think this whole video gonna change people's perspective to T-ara.I mean,when the preview came out,98% of the comments are extremely negative.Antis and haters still gonna hate them no matter what they do. Besides that,CCM is under Mnet Media and the CEO of Mnet Media is none other than the infamous Kim Kwang Soo so...Haish...I'd be more than happy if one day I'll wake up and seeing news of T-ara suing the CEO and move to another company but I know it's not gonna happen.
  16. Whoa,Kim Kwang Devil really won't stop the girls till they drop,will he? Come on Mr so-called CEO,they were extremely tired with all those non-stop promoting starting from last year and it's enough that they have to go through rough time due to the controversy.Now,he pushed them to perform overseas.As much as I love seeing them performing on stages and enjoying their music,Isn't too much? Poor girls.They literally look like walking zombies .
  17. Each of them (minus Areum and Dani) has their own fanbase and it's undeniable that if one of them is kick out,T-ara will suffer a great loss of fans especially for the Big 3.If Hwayoung,ONE of T-ara's underdog was kicked out and they already have to suffer this big,imagine what would happen if let say,Jiyeon or Eunjun was kicked out.They are not my most favourite member but they arguably play the most important roles in T-ara. I just hope Kim Kwang Devil won't troll us considering that he's known for being one of the biggest troll ever.Remember back then when a lot of QUEEN'S wanted 7-ara and oppose 8-ara and 9-ara? ( I personally love 6-ara the most even though Hwayoung was already there when I knew T-ara).KKS kicked Hwayoung and kept Areum.Viola,we still have 7-ara!!! All I can say is he better not kicking any of the members (Auntie Qri and Auntie Boram have greater chances to be kick out) and keep Dani for this 2013 so we still have 7-ara.If he did,T-ara will suffer much greater loss both in terms of popularity and their already-tarnished image. This has been used countless times during early in the year - "Why fix something that's not broken?" Why don't we save money and use it for KKS to check whether he left his brain somewhere.He can't even think straight,an awesome dictator for turning the girls into slaves to the point where Boram look like a zombie and others look like they could have faint at any moment and the fact that he's a pedo bear make it worse.Not to mention that his smile is hella creepy.
  18. Trust me,no matter what T-ara does,citizens won't shut their mouth up and they might use this as an excuse to bash T-ara more.Although like you guys,I too,very curious about what they gonna say regarding the biggest controversy that ever hit them,I'm afraid some will say they're trying to bring up the controversy again which at the moment is slowly dying away. The title alone has already tell us that 99% they gonna talk about the scandal.I'm sure Leader Sso,Hyomin and Eunjung going to talk the most since they have been affected terribly.But don't worry girls,as QUEEN'S,we always support you through ups and downs.Right guys?
  19. I still can't forget what she said to T-ara (although she didn't specifically said their name but it's totally obvious).Like you,I would have like Dani if and only if she join 5 Dolls. THIS.When I knew T-ara back in December 2011,Hwayoung was already there but I personally believe that the 6-ara is more than enough.There's no need to add more vocalist nor a rapper.Half of the members can rap and we have a pretty good vocalists too so I don't see a rigid reason to add more member.The reason for the addition of the members that KKS gave that he wanted to reduce the age average of the group is pure BS. I think NO ONE would want any more member in T-ara.Considering her age is still very young to the extent where Boram and Qri can be her aunt and wanted to join T-ara is just absurd.She seems quite happy with 5 Dolls while,the members of T-ara looked obviously awkward to be friend with her.OMG,not only that KKS is a moron but he's also blind.Tsk,tsk.
  20. Despite the fact the most citizens (although I believe it's just immature teens) hate T-ara right now,I find it a relief and glad at the same time that a few producers such as him and Hyomin's 1000th Man PD supported them.It shows that they are comfortable to work with them and they bring no trouble to the crews.Not just the insiders but a few actresses/actors and idols too,showed their support - and of course,QUEEN'S who are still supporting them through thick and thin.
  21. Ouch,is it just me or I find it a little bit awkward to see Hyoyoung there...? To be frank,CCM started to promote the two girls pretty well (trust me,it still didn't change the fact that I hate KKS) because if you're comparing it to Hwayoung back then,she is almost unnoticeable and the rap parts in most of the songs with MV didn't help either (with few exception like We Were In Love,Day By Day,Don't Leave).Areum is still relatively new to the group but she was given a trust to perform for intros,her own song with Gavy and Shannon while Dani,well,will perform together with 5 Dolls. Sigh..I wonder how she would feel.....
  22. Whoa,wait,what? I was a little surprised to see MinYeon MCing together because I wasn't expecting them to do something besides singing on stages this fast.I'm truly happy for them.Well,it probably won't take much longer until we see them back on variety shows/dramas again (although I seriously thought it gonna take 6 months or more).But then,they performed this in Thailand so they won't have to worry about the citizens' reactions.However they already performed on Lee Mija Show a few days ago and they audience's reactions are undeniably great
  23. Tell me about it.To be honest though,for me,Don't Leave is still a better song compared to Day By Day and Sexy Love (but maybe it just me since I love ballad songs).Don't get me wrong!Both of the other songs are very good too. It's such a pity that they only get to perform the song for 2 performances with one of them was when Soyeon had a terribly sore throat but she still gave her best performance.
  24. Hyomin looked so tired and exhausted.About the sexiness,Hyomin is always in charge of that.Even Soyeon admitted that since she's T-ara's fashion leader.She might overdone it,although I don't find it as a problem. Not only her,but Eunjung looked terribly pissed off.She faked her smile and when it's not her lines,she didn't at all Seriously,I'm really worried about her.There has to be something big that was bothering her - which we already know,or probably she was sick at that moment. Well,since Areum was given a trust (which I found it too early) to do the intros for remix version,she wore different outfit to match other dancers during the intros.However,I you had noticed,Soyeon also wore slightly different outfit than others a couple of times though since she is the leader.
  25. I hope KKS won't troll us again.Remember back when most of us (although I want 6-ara,to be honest) were against the addition of Areum and demanded a 7-ara?So,being as the biggest troll in KPOP history,he kicked out Hwayoung and keep Areum - for now.Now in a few weeks Dani is going to join T-ara as a 8-ara group,I hope he won't kick out any 6 members of T-ara and keep Dani and Areum.Voila,we still have a 7-ara!! I can still recall when Hwayoung was added in 2010,everyone complaint that they were confused and tired to learn the new choreography of EACH song. They have to face this not once not twice but thrice
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