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    ZZuRRa reacted to @Eunjung4eva in [13.04.27] Video - Princess T-ara Ep 2   
    Yeah, I believe that should be the reason more or less. Also, in this particular video, Boram seemed to be tired as well. KKS is making them work like slaves. No wonder Hyomin asked for a vacation as if she was just faking it... They are definitely having hard time and they have still long way to go.. CB for TN4 and CB as a whole group during summer..
    Haha, Please dont mention anything about TN4 teaser and that interview, I will start "Nose Bleeding" if I remember Jungiee and her costume*cough*.. Whatever or however Jungiee presents herself, she is Drop-Dead Gorgeous
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    ZZuRRa reacted to craZy in [PICS] T-ara N4 Group Photo (04/18)   
    The editing in the first pic is so terrible I want to cry.
    In fact, excuse me...
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    ZZuRRa reacted to tieuyeunu in [OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10)   
    judging from their clothes and the name of the song, it might be an fish out of water concept where a bunch of punk girls go to the country side. it'll be funny.
    Is it me or is she wearing mesh and her bra is showing?
    isn't that too provocative? she is very young.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to Felixng in [OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10)   
    Wow, that's quick. We've just talked about the rumour about Hyomin shopping outfits for the sub-unit and today we already get to see the concept a photo. This is going to be a hot sub-unit. I still remember those big neck chains they wore when they performed IGCBOY, and you could hear the clanging noise when the metal pieces of the chains hit one another when they danced. For me, that noise adds power to their perfs. I hope they could come up with a cool and edgy concept this time.
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    ZZuRRa reacted in [OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10)   
    I'm so confuse .. the Tittle of the song and the concept are way mismatch ((((((
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    ZZuRRa reacted to Sleeping Ham in [13.04.03] T-ara to release 2nd Japanese album on July 31st!   
    Budokan, July.. LAst year also in July also Budokan stadium.. HEllo, doesnt anything rings a bell to any of you? While you guys are happy for being able to see them on stage again in Japan (well, I do too) but I'm praying that last year history DO NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!
    I Hope after the Budokan stages this year, good news will be released, or even no news or whatever. I hope no bad news will be release like last year. *traumatized* I had enough, T-ara had enough suffering. So let's all pray for the good after Budokan.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to eunjungshi in [13.03.01] Video HD - T-ara's "Bunny Style" MV   
    I love their line distribution here and how the MV doesn't change frames every seconds...t-ara daebak!!!!
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    ZZuRRa got a reaction from 3inthemorning in [13.02.11] Video - KBS Beauty and The Beast - Hyomin Cuts   
    WHOA,WHOA...I'm a girl but I prefer this kind of dance rather than dancing cutely,doing aegyo and stuff like that.It makes a girl look 10 times hotter..Or,is it just me??
    Aaah...They are starting to appear in variety shows faster than I've expected though..
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    ZZuRRa reacted to vervainify in [13.02.07] YeIn E&M's Apology about Eunjung and Five Fingers   
    It takes almost 6 months to state an apology letter..sigh. What can be done. The damage is done. Hope this will be a lesson for the other companies so they won't easily accept rumors and kick someone out like a boss without mercy =='
    But then again, this industry is indeed harsh.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to @Eunjung4eva in [13.02.05] T-ara donate 100 sacks of rice + will hold ricecake event with SPEED   
    Well this event will cause war. Basically, it will just give haters another chance to bash Eunjung and nothing. Knetizens dont care about charity or donations when it comes from T-ara. They are more like T-ara anti campang with a title" lets hate T-ara with our all". CCM isnt helping at all
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    ZZuRRa got a reaction from babybooboo in Order T-ara's バニスタ (Banisuta) on YesAsia!   
    Oh wait...It's already taken by our Baby Dino,lol
    Okay,let's be serious.Ahem.. I don't think they gonna do the tiger,leopard or something like that because it's belong to the same "category" which is cat.LOL,why T-ara always transferred into an animal?
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    ZZuRRa got a reaction from Sleeping Ham in Order T-ara's バニスタ (Banisuta) on YesAsia!   
    Oh wait...It's already taken by our Baby Dino,lol
    Okay,let's be serious.Ahem.. I don't think they gonna do the tiger,leopard or something like that because it's belong to the same "category" which is cat.LOL,why T-ara always transferred into an animal?
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    ZZuRRa reacted to danohio in [13.01.29] T-ara's Eunjung and f(x)'s Amber to debut as MCs on MBC Show Champion   
    From what I understood its not that everyone hates them in Korea, its mostly younger population. And since younger ones are more present in forums it gives wrong impression that their opinion represent opinion of the while country. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to Sleeping Ham in [13.01.26] Video HD - T-ara backstage at M! Countdown's Smile Thailand concert   
    Soyeon, you love Malaysia so much? Well, MYqueen's love T-ara alot too..
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    ZZuRRa reacted to xbot in [13.01.22] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Just friends talking about friends, not celebrities"   
    On one hand its really sad & ironically unfair that a conversation with friends could be turned into a widely reported scandal. (Netizens gossiping about Soyeon 'gossiping'? Please... and did she actually said anything mean?) And now no matter what CCM say or do not say, the buzz is already on.
    On the other hand.. I totally agree, Soyeon & the other members should've learn by now: DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS especially with a bunch of no-life net-buzzards constantly circling around you trying to find any slight mistake.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to Toan in [13.10.20] Video HD - T-ara at the 27th Golden Disk Awards   
    Enjoyed all the performances, except Roly Poly. DIdn't like how they completely changed the feel of the song by adding the "house/electro" whatever you called it to this particular performance...but that's just me.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to Sleeping Ham in [13.01.11] Video - T-ara @ Hanyru Fondue   
    1st question is abt complexity.
    Areum: Is a maknae but no aegyo.
    Hyo: cant sleep at night.
    Ji: her _______is weak. (which you can see Boram and others protesting ..LOL)
    Eunjung: Smtg about time off with her family or smtg..
    Qri: Boyfriend.
    The rest need to wait for subs.. ><
    and dang Qri's ending speech shocks everyone including me. xD
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    ZZuRRa got a reaction from lillollipop12 in [12.12.28] T-ara named top 10 beloved K-Pop singer in 2012   
    Yes,this survey was made AFTER the controversy took place and yet they still managed to be in the Top 8.Actually,what surprised me even more is that they rank higher than last year after seeing how T-ara's days starting from the middle of this year was "basically over" as claimed by haters.
    (Off topic but even IU who was apparently "the biggest scandal in 2012" as said by netizens was rank at #4.Congrats to all winners )
    But then,the number of participants were quite low though....
    Can someone tell me what is the meaning of that?
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    ZZuRRa reacted to Zocat in [12.12.28] T-ara named top 10 beloved K-Pop singer in 2012   
    Short version: It's about how the survey was done (from a math perspective).
    Bit longer (also more math):
    2 stratified means (iirc) that you have your poll results (1st sample) and then select a 2nd sample from within the first sample and use this 2nd sample for your statistic. This is done to prevent a certain bias from your selection method.
    i.e. if you did your 1st sample at 10am in a supermarket, you would probably get almost no children (they're at school), and not a lot of the working population (they're at work). So to be still representative you select your 2nd sample to be certain age groups, certain occupations, gender, and randomly chose people fitting those criterias from the 1st sample.
    "Sampling Error: ± 1.5" Just is the possible error which can occur when using your polled population. So it's i.e. possible that T-ara (which are listed at 5.5%) could actually be as high as 7% (5.5+1.5) or as low as 4% in the reality. This also applies to everybody else in this poll. But the actual result is very likely (see below) to be within 7% and 4%.
    95% confidence interval means, that the result is correct in 95% of cases. Keep in mind they only asked 4,157 people and they're extrapolating from those people to the whole population. In 95% of cases of a survey done with the same method (asked population, result, ...) is going to be a correct representation of the whole population.
    95% is a normal number for confidence intervals, others are 99% (or even higher if it's something critical, where i.e. lives depend on it). You can fit in a higher confidence interval by increasing the asked population.
    It basically just says "We're 95% sure that our result is correct".
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    ZZuRRa reacted in [12.12.28] T-ara named top 10 beloved K-Pop singer in 2012   
    Gallup Korea, the biggest research company in Korea, revealed 2012 the most beloved K-Pop singer in Dec 28th. T-ara ranked top 10 for two consecutive years (No.8 in 2011, No 7 in 2012). Here's the result.
    Summary of Survey
    - Surveyed nationwide (except Jeju Island) only 13 to 59-year-old men and women total 4,157 people
    - Survey methods: individual interviews (face-to-face investigator interview)
    - Period: May 2nd - 16th, September 12th - 26th, Nov 15th ~ 30th
    - Sampling Cluster Sampling: two stratified
    - Sampling Error: ± 1.5% (95% confidence level)
    - Authority commissioned Gallup Korea conducted its own investigation
    2012's most beloved singers (rank / artist / % / title song)
    1 PSY 2 SNSD 3 Big Bang 4 IU 5 Jang Yoonjung 6 Sistar 7 T-ARA 8 B2ST 9 Tae Jinah 10 Busker Busker

    No matter what haters say, many K-peoples still keep supporting our girls. Keep it up t-ara!
    Source : Gallup (http://www.gallup.co...&searchKeyword=)
    Source : http://www.asiae.co....122813493612665
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    ZZuRRa got a reaction from CurryQri in [12.10.12] T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together   
    Pfft,is it even legal to say a 14 year-old girl as sexy?And yes,they have been doing a lot of sexy concepts and very few cute and bubbly (which is suitable for her,LOL) and seeing a girl doing sexy dances is just...ahem,I'm sorry but,it's disgusting to be honest.Ugh,I can't even...
    Nope,not at all.In fact,most QUEEN'S (including myself) and non-QUEEN'S are hoping that it didn't happen too but I doubt it.Oh gosh,I'm started to feel sorry for saying trash to a person who is about to join a girl group whom I love the most.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to 427o in [Info] T-ara on "Top 100 Popular K-Pop Idol Stars" J-Chart this week   
    I found this on twitter http://twitpic.com/bo5t1q
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    ZZuRRa reacted to CronoDroid in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    Look, stop being a KKS apologist. He obviously has a problem with the talent defying authority, which is why he acted like a gigantic douche about the Kara controversy.
    The reality is, idols are treated quite poorly. They don't seem to be paid very well, they're constantly being overworked and because these ones (Kara and T-ara) happen to be female, they get further discriminated against because Korea is a conservative, patriarchal society. This latest episode just seems to me like KKS is doing all he can to take a jab at Kara because he's afraid that his talent might get upset with him one day and leave, like Kara tried to. He isn't a fan, he's a very unscrupulous businessman. He knows that dissent amongst idols spreads, hey, if a big girl group like Kara can have issues with their management and try and revoke their contracts, maybe T-ara will try that!
    This is a classic diversion strategy. "Oh, but Kara did it too, so why are you blaming T-ara?" Well, they didn't. And even if they did, does that absolve T-ara from blame? Not that I even think T-ara deserve "blame" for doing this. They don't, they're mostly adults, they can advertise whatever they want without netizens getting on their back. But dragging Kara's name into this was low. It definitely smells like he still has a grudge.
    What BUGS me is that KKS and CCM are once again both lying, AND making idiots of themselves, at the expense of T-ara. All they had to say was "it's our group, our company, we can promote however we want, shut up." Why bring up other actors? Why bring up Kara?
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    ZZuRRa reacted to xJin in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    "Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines."
    Dunno how this is somehow related and makes everything okay.
    I also don't know how just because they are friends with each other this means it's impossible for KKS to hate KARA. You can be friends with people your parents hate. It's the same thing. During the controversy with KARA where they were threatening to leave their company, DSP, due to poor management there, KKS was denouncing anyone supporting them and a news site his company controls were among the first to release negative stories about the KARA members.
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    ZZuRRa reacted to jknlet in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    T-ARA needs to leacve CCM ASAP, is imposible fot T-ara to build up again their image with retarded pig KKS braging for his imaginary money endorsement CFs and taking decitions just for money without thinking about the girls.
    everything that has happend is CCM fault, if from the begining T-ARA had explain the situation and CCM wouldn´t kick out Hwayoung from the group(i don´t miss her, she wasn´t anything extraordinary) this wouldn´t became such a horrible scandall. And after all the hate T-ara received and continue receiving, KKS doesn´t give them a year or half year hiatus JUST BECAUSE OF MONEY, he doesn´t care if the grils are loosing their health and are depressed and strugling to smile many times, he doesn´t care if stupid netizens hurt them for nothing, HE ONLY WANTS MONEY, HE IS squeezing them like oranges, i can´t imagine how the girls are suffering i´afraid for them.
    And besides this stupid CCM/KKS bad management, Knetizens are retarded, don´t have a life and are pushing the girls to the limit. Stupid loosers behind their keyboards being brave because nobody knows who they are, doing this just for fun because they will never be anybody and envy T-ARA success and plus another groups fans who are afraid of T-ARA because they know very well T-ARA is the best girl group in Korea, and this scandall gave them the oportunity to stop T-ara success.
    The problem is that CCM/KKS were braging yesterday about not accepting that alcohol CF, because of T-ARA image toward tenagers. THAT WAS THE PROBLEM, if they weren´t braging (as always) no one would care the pachinko or they wouldn´t have a reason to criticize T-ARA , and the worst is that KKS and CCM are not the ones who are loosing here, they are earning their money anyway that is what they care in the end, but the worst is that T-ARA members image is being suffering more, and CCM don´t care as long as they can keep doing money with them.
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