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  1. life has to move on despite what (may) have happen. hyomin fighting!
  2. this is completely true! T-ara need our supports the most in these kind of times
  3. Those pics look intense. Really can't wait for it. Hwaiting!!
  4. Soyeon looks so pretty in that last picture. And boram looks funny. Lol
  5. That looks a little bit awkward. And now I feel a little bit jelly.Lol
  6. Thanks for sharing! Great seeing them having fun at the set.
  7. She looks so happy. Of course, because there's food there. Lol
  8. Smart move Hi-Mart! Smart move indeed. Now they are going to sell a lot cause of T-ara. Lol
  9. Eunjung!! She looks so womanly in here. Good to see you on stage agains.
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