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  1. It is hard to believe what a lier says. He clearly does not care about protecting Hwayoung. He wants to protect himself and T-ara (his asset). While probably only T-ara members know the actual truth I do think there was some kind of isolation from the other members to Hwayoung. It is only natural to be closer to the original members who they spent more time with. They grew with each other and eventually made T-ara popular. Adding a new member is probably prone to cause a problem. If a group reaches success through hard work why would they want to share the spot light with a new member? Especially when the member is instantly put in the spot light. I have no idea how hard Hwayoung worked but the other members of T-ara put in a larger amount of time as T-ara. I can see the possibility of jealousy stemming from a new member being added to an already established group. I think it is only natural for people to have these emotions. I believe people have stated that Hwayoung was very close to Areum. Now this is all my speculation but I think adding new members took some pressure off of Hwayoung. Hwayoung probably can also relate to Areum since she was added to a group when it was peaking in popularity. I wonder if Hwayoung mentioned anything to her and how it would effect the future of T-ara.
  2. I highly doubt that these two PD's are just banning t-ara for no reason. They probably have more "insider" information and thus feel that they do not want to work with T-ara because of moral reasons (bullying).
  3. If the rumors are true about her being bullied than having her realize her wrongs make no sense. Seems like this guy is just putting all the blame on 1 member so the group can progress.
  4. If the bullying incidents are true such as hyomin poking her in the eye, boram breaking her umbrella, eunjung shoving food down her mouth, and soyeon giving her candy that she dropped on the floor T-ara members definitely need some changes. I feel like removing hwayoung is simply a scapegoat move in trying to protect T-ara, but I think it is a ridiculous move.
  5. I have high expecations for the new dance. T-ara always seems to have cute choreography that is simple enough to follow, yet always eye catching.
  6. Areum seems very talented. She seems to be a very versatile singer. Hwayoung was my favorite part in both songs. She really knows how to flow the rap.
  7. The movie mad max is kind of a weird thing to replicate as a girl group but I will wait to see how it is fully developed.
  8. As much as I still want to love T-ara I do not know if I will be able to. Yes sure I will love the older members without a doubt but I think it is safe to assume that the group's overall image and music style is going to change. The music is going to have to be more "tame" to accomodate having a ridiculously young minor in the group. I really dislike change and boy do I feel that adding a 14year old kid is going to ruin group chemistry even if the the group says otherwise to the public. As an older person younger kids and especially teenangers can be down right frustrating with trying to please or entertain.
  9. I was originally against adding an additional two members but now i am completely against this entirely. Why would they try to add a 14 year old to a group with much older members. Some of the concepts will now be "risque" since it is a essentially a little kid performing.
  10. That is a very unfortunate scenario that occured but why did it even happen in the first place. I am not quite sure why they need to have that much money on them at that time. As others have said why was it all in one bag which it should have been distributed. Surely these ladies can afford some sort of extra security as well. Also the article mentions that it was lost and also robbed near the end but are people really sure about what exactly happened? Sometimes things get misplaced which may make things that seem deliberate were actually accidents.
  11. Big commitment spending almost 10 days in countries where they do not speak your language. Nice to know hyomin isn't alone.
  12. Good for them they deserve it, but it is a little too late especially if they are going to dissemble part of the group. Hopefully the group stays in tact...
  13. I do not like this idea at all. Like others have said, T-ara is on the rise and this is going to change the roster and chemistry. Yes they are professionals, but as fans you grow to love the group as it is. Removing and adding more members is going to annoy people. Even if the additions are possibly more talented the group will no longer be T-ara.
  14. The third and fourth picture make it look like the cafe is entirely based on t-ara. Is that correct? If so that must be a great way to meet other fans in a relaxed environment.
  15. They all look so beautiful wearing that simple outfit. I like So yeon's nonchalant look.
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